lviv city walk


Hello everyone, my name is Sergey. Welcome to my youtube channel of virtual walks. lviv city walk is a channel on which you can feel as if you are walking through cities, in particular Lviv. Lviv is a very beautiful city! And for some reason you can't visit our glorious, ancient city, but you just want to walk around it with me. Then this channel is for you. I also accept orders for virtual walks, but if it does not concern critical infrastructure or military facilities, I will be happy to help you, write the location under the last video. Many thanks to everyone who helps and supports the channel! This video is thanks to you! Thanks to everyone who watches, likes and comments! For the development of the channel monobank 5375 4141 3909 6837 Support via PayPal - Please do not use my videos without my permission. Thank you! Let me know about your thoughts by sending an email to:

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Львівські панянки

Львівські панянки

lviv city walk
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Львів. Ретро-потяг

Львів. Ретро-потяг

lviv city walk
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