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Law & Crime is the leading multi-platform network that covers live court video, high-profile criminal trials, crazy crime, celebrity justice, and smart legal analysis. Created by TV’s top legal commentator and attorney, Dan Abrams, Law & Crime brings common sense written and video analysis to the often confusing and always intriguing world of the law. The network's team of journalists and lawyers provide real-time news updates along with live courtroom coverage of the most fascinating trials and legal stories. Watch the courtroom drama unfold live by tuning in at 9am ET each morning M-F. Watch Law&Crime Network NOW on YouTubeTV: Watch Law&Crime on over 50 different video platforms: READ MORE GREAT ARTICLES FROM LAW&CRIME NETWORK HERE: A Dan Abrams Production.

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Judge Scolds Alex Murdaugh's Lawyer for Repeatedly Thanking Him

Judge Scolds Alex Murdaugh's Lawyer for Repeatedly Thanking Him

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