fgw stands for "Full Game Walkthroughs". The channel was formerly named fhdgw. I upload gameplay, either as an entire playthrough in one video (or multiple if longer than 10 hours) or as first glimpse sort of deal. There is no commentary, just raw gameplay. This was originally done for my own archival purposes (to see how I played through a game originally), but I thought others might like it as well. As of October 2015, I have replaced the word "walkthrough" in many of my video titles to "playthrough" in order to better reflect what this channel is about (unedited videogame playthroughs, usually first-time playthroughs). I initially started this channel as a way of archiving the footage of my initial playthroughs of various games and I can see how that can be frustrating to be used as a walkthrough, hence this change. Thank you for subscribing and viewing!

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