The No B.S. Way to Get Lean (WORKS EVERY TIME!)



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If you ever wished you had a no b.s. way to get lean because things you have tried in the past to lose body fat just haven’t worked, then this is for you. In this video, I’m going to go over the simplest way to lose weight and get lean by dropping body fat levels the right way. There are things you can do with your nutrition and your workouts that are going to help, you just have to know the proper ones to focus on. It all starts with the four most important words when it comes to losing fat and getting lean. Those are calories in, calories out. The law of thermodynamics states that we need to be in a net energy deficit in order to lose fat. This comes in the form of two approaches, or most successfully, with a combination of both of them. First we can talk about the calories out part of the equation. This refers to your exercise, or as I like to call it, training. Training is exercising with a purpose. Most of the time people focus on cardio and conditioning in an attempt to lose weight fast. The problem here is that the amount of caloric burn, while helpful, is never enough to offset a poor nutrition plan. It is so important to look beyond the treadmills and elliptical machines as a way of burning off calories and fat. The better focus of the plan should be on strength training and the use of weights. Now the actual workouts that involve weightlifting are generally not going to result in any significant calorie burn either. That isn’t where their benefit comes from however. They instead, will help you to build muscle which is metabolically more active tissue, so even at rest your body will consume more calories allowing you to lose fat easier. The best type of workouts for getting lean are going to be the ones that allow you to build the most amount of muscle and focus on the multi-function, multi-muscle group exercises. These are often in the form of total body splits and push pull legs splits. If you are very short on time you may want to focus on turning these workouts into either complexes or circuits to get some additional conditioning benefits. Keep in mind however that these latter two approaches are not as effective for building or burning as the traditionally performed versions of each. When it comes to the calories in part of the equation we are talking about your nutrition. Here, is where all the changes come when you really want to get lean. It is also the harder part of the process since the discipline required to get your nutrition right is going to require much more diligence throughout the day than getting a workout in. It’s important that you realize that not all foods are created equal however. Different foods have different levels of satiation. Some foods you can eat and they make you feel full while others seem like you can eat them forever and never fill up. Since portion control is ultimately going to have a major impact on your total caloric intake, you’re going to want to be wise about the food choices you make. High fiber foods help you consume less calories because they tend to be more filling. Also, you have to ask yourself if your long term goals are health or just to lose body fat and get lean. If it is truly only short term, then it doesn’t really matter what you eat as long as you stay within your daily caloric allotment. Make sure when making your cuts that you don’t take away too much protein if possible. This is going to be needed to maintain the muscle mass you have and support the calories out part of the process. Take instead from fats, especially if your diet is already too high in them. At twice the caloric density of carbohydrates and proteins on a gram per gram basis, the decision is the most economical. Try not to overdo your depletion of carbs though. This is only going to set you up for long term failure when the reality of the restriction overcomes your desire to make a change to your body. If you’re looking for a step by step meal plan that will get you lean and ripped and stay that way year round, head to via the link below. Choose the program that best suits your current goals and start training like an athlete. If you’re looking for a full day of eating video or nutrition videos for how to get lean, be sure to subscribe to our channel via the link below and remember to turn on your notifications so you never miss a new video when it’s published. Build muscle and strength like Jesse here - 🤍 Subscribe to this channel here - 🤍

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The No B.S. Way to Get Lean (WORKS EVERY TIME!)
The No B.S. Way to Get Lean (WORKS EVERY TIME!)
The No B.S. Way to Get Lean (WORKS EVERY TIME!)
The No B.S. Way to Get Lean (WORKS EVERY TIME!)
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Frank Kelsay
2023-01-27 16:12:14

Is there a estimated number for carbs and fat per lb like protein? Ive ser alot of people saying over all 50% protein, 40% carbs, 10% fat. Fat seems high if trying to lose fat especially when you are starting over again 50lbs over weight.

Dr Ron.
2023-01-23 18:19:08

Isn't it 1 gram of protein per kg of bodyweight? Kg = your weight ÷2.2

2023-01-22 19:25:56

Does being in a Sauna hep with a lean look, and burning calories?

عبدالله عتيق
2023-01-22 06:23:32

When he said( no more gummy bears)
I truly thought that he talking to me 🤣🤣.

2023-01-22 03:31:51

Basic, simple plain truth. Cut out the crap and decrease the calories. Can you have a cheat meal in the week? Yes. Can you have a cheat evening with friends and go out? Yes. But that's just a cheat day in the week or a cheat evening in the week. For the rest of the week? Be disciplined and the results will show week after week.

Scott Kelley
2023-01-22 03:15:11

Diet is your biggest contributor. I went ketogenic and have been able to drop lbs quick while maintaining my muscle mass. Protein, Vegis, low carb two meals a day in a 8 hour window = lean.

2023-01-21 13:14:37

I'm 35 and I don't know if its the sudden onset of wicked bad motab due to age, but at the beginning of last year i told myself "i'm gonna smash the core workouts this year", pumping out 120 situps, plus rolling on my back throwing my feet straight up into the air 2x10, planking 1x1min and holding onto a chinup bar and lifting my hips and knees infront of me and circling them 2x4 one way and 2x4 the other in most gym session 2-3x a week.. i'd of course then come home to a protein shake and a healthy meal. 12 and a bit months later my belly is like all i've ever done this year is drink beer.. its bigger, rounder and harder than ever before whilst at the beginning of last year it was relatively flat. I'm now scrapping the situps/crunches and going to do more planking as per the advice from the internet, instead of 1x1min it will now be 3x1min daily in the lower position on forearms rather than raised on hands, and being much better with meal prep rather than making lots of toasted cheese sandwiches late in the night. it really really really sux though that i don't feel like i've made much progress this year despite a monumental increase in effort and dedication to the gym. It's not going to stop me going though because I love it anyway!! :D. But my chest is still fairly flat even though i've gone from benching 60 to 70kg, particularly on the top part of the chest but my lower chest looks like i've got b cup breasts lol, arms are still feeling small despite curling 3x8 15kg freeweight (from 10kg) and yeah! my big belly! that's like my trophy! it's given me a fresh take on what i've seen tones of in lots of karate clubs where often senior ranks over 40 have big bellies but still kick ass in karate moving like the wind with sharp crisp and powerful technique. I hope one day I can see the shape I've longed for my whole life

2023-01-21 12:39:56

I see, to be Lean is to do the Repetitive Cardio, to be Bulk is to do the Power Burst..

2023-01-21 06:45:05

Helping a guy out since 2014

Austin Cole
2023-01-19 03:19:58

I'm 13 years old and want to slim down but build strength for football but don't really have and option of what i eat what should I do

Dale Quale
2023-01-19 02:17:24

I've been on Mark Sisson primal template some 16 months and counting. 235 lbs to 210, great blood work and almost daily paleo activity. <100 grams of carbs 2X meals, intermittent fasting, I'm 67 and the ONLY thing that has worked for me.
My last puzzle piece is my nightly 🍺. Thanx Jeff, your lifting videos have been empowering. 🙏💪

gb whitewarrior
2023-01-18 03:02:16

No, I agree with her overall about how to stay on a diet but you’re so wrong on the area of calories and calories out the old Thermo dynamic model has been disproven over and over. I Gotta do is look at Dr. Atkins book new diet revolution which he wrote into 1978 and listen to Ben Beckman, Brigham Young University on insulin resistance both agree you can take in 2 to 300 more calories than you burn and not get any fat at all because of the metabolic pathway of burning fat for fuel. There’s no such thing as an essential carbohydrate you can live without them, you’re so far off from the science that what you’re saying is clearly juvenile just because you’re an Ektomorf and you can burn fat doesn’t mean that everyone else especially Hannah Morris can do that. It’s not calories in calories are never has been never will be you give false information this way I do like your channel give it some innovative ways but when you mess up so bad like this makes you want to turn you off and unsubscribe. Do a better job of studying on what day it really does and Wood burning fat means.

2023-01-17 15:14:36

Is it 1g protein per lb or per kg?

Violet Adams
2023-01-15 04:58:59

I am 8 cups of salad and veggies, 4 eggs and either chicken, beef or steak . And a protein shake. One meal a day 7 days a week . God Bless

Jake Heppleston
2023-01-13 06:48:39

JS8RgIDSSwQ&t=9m12s 9:12
I don’t understand how a .366 batting average translates into getting out once every 6.5 times at the plate.
If he got out once every 6.5 plate appearances, that would give him a .846 OBP, which is much higher than his career .432 OBP.

Someone needs to eat a snickers (or that carrot cake) your blood sugar might be a bit low 😂

Sorry, my OCD forced me to say something

Kenny Casey
2023-01-12 01:18:42

What do you suggest for a Type 2 diabetic, who's had 3 strokes and who's already on a keto diet to help control blood sugar? I'm using many of your videos as part of my physical rehabilitation, to rebuild muscle mass and strength while getting leaner. Your YouTube videos are crucial in helping me correct the damage done by years of foolish health choices, bad dietary decisions and a previously unhealthy life style. It's sad that my head-in-the-sand approach to my personal health has left me disability retired at an early age, but I'm putting in the work (as much as I can) to correct the damage. Any advice you could give would be greatly appreciated.

Danny J
2023-01-10 18:07:54

I knew this... I was hopping for something easier

2023-01-10 06:36:59

It's really just a formula...Consumption and Expenditure. Expend more than you consume creating a Deficit. The surplus will be wiped out in no time. The question how badly do you want it?

Bald God
2023-01-08 17:12:12

Eat less and burn calories— video over

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