The Fair-Weather Fans of Jesus - Bishop Barron's Sunday Sermon

Bishop Robert Barron

Bishop Robert Barron

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Friends, there are a lot of people today who might be intrigued by Jesus. They find him interesting, remember him as a spiritual teacher, or have warm feelings about him. But in today’s Gospel, Jesus is saying to his fair-weather fans—those who are following him because he’s fascinating and charismatic—that being his disciple is not a walk in the park; it is something of supreme spiritual and moral importance. SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel to watch every Sunday Sermon: 🤍 ———VIDEO LINKS——— The Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist // Bishop Barron at 2020 Religious Education Congress: 🤍 Understanding the Present Moment #4 (Michel Foucault): 🤍 Join me at “Wonder: A Conference on Faith and Science”: 🤍 ———WATCH——— Subscribe to this Channel: 🤍 Word on Fire Institute Channel: 🤍 Word on Fire en Español Channel: 🤍 ———WORD ON FIRE——— Word on Fire: 🤍🤍 FREE Daily Gospel Reflections (English or Español): 🤍 ———WORD ON FIRE INSTITUTE——— Join Bishop Barron and over 20,000 evangelists inside the Word on Fire Institute at 🤍 ———SOCIAL MEDIA——— Bishop Barron Instagram: 🤍 Bishop Barron Facebook: 🤍 Bishop Barron Twitter: 🤍 Word on Fire Instagram: 🤍 Word on Fire Facebook: 🤍 Word on Fire Twitter: 🤍 Word on Fire en Español Instagram: 🤍 Word on Fire en Español Facebook: 🤍 Word on Fire en Español Twitter: 🤍 ———SUPPORT WORD ON FIRE——— Help Bishop Barron continue to produce videos like this: 🤍 Word on Fire Store: 🤍 Pray: 🤍

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The Fair-Weather Fans of Jesus - Bishop Barron's Sunday Sermon
The Fair-Weather Fans of Jesus - Bishop Barron's Sunday Sermon
The Fair-Weather Fans of Jesus - Bishop Barron's Sunday Sermon
The Fair-Weather Fans of Jesus - Bishop Barron's Sunday Sermon
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The Alchemist
2022-09-24 12:14:22

Catholic leadership such as yourself, as well as most Christian denominations, continually implore us to be on the look-out for Jesus, thereby, making a mockery of Daniel as being a false prophet. In your opinion, is Daniel a false prophet, and do you believe the return of Jesus will proceed the events as written in (Daniel 12:1)? For Jesus did offer that he "did not come to bring peace, but a sword", leaving the door open to the idea that perhaps his intent was to awaken one "Who is like God?" before he returns; (no big deal, just food for thought).

Are you certain we are not misled, and to be on the look-out for Michael, instead?

Steve Agnew
2022-09-22 17:03:32

Bishop Barron uses Luke 14:26 to say that fair-weather fans of Jesus are those who do not hate their fathers, families, and lives. This is Semitic exaggeration according to Barron for, in order to love Jesus, Luke says you must hate your life so much that only by following Jesus will you then love your life.

Of course, all Religions say the same thing about being fair-weather fans, including secular Religions like atheism. Being a foul-weather fan means that the misery and suffering that are a part of life are also therefore a part of following any Religion as well. So the bottom line is that in this passage, Jesus says the same thing about following him as all other Religions say, including atheism.

Bojan Nikolic
2022-09-22 01:39:38


Jeffrey C. McAndrew
2022-09-19 17:51:14

Perhaps the most radical command is "Love one another!" Profound and true.

Jacey Durland
2022-09-19 03:48:31

If that's what Christ really meant then why didn't he just word it that way? Why did he word it so irresponsibly? To basically hate everybody except for him. Seems like there could have been a whole lot fewer misunderstandings if he just said it in a way that makes sense. It’s like we have to pick up the pieces of what he says and try to make sense of it, which leads to multiple interpretations, which leads to conflicting views, which leads to disunity. God is love, and love is defined as unity within multiplicity.

Representative dot in a theoretical circle
2022-09-12 01:07:17

Like people who call themselves Christians yet refuse to read the Nag Hammadi scriptures.
Fair weather fans.

Lucy Hidayat
2022-09-11 06:21:14

I come from pentecostal background & still part of the denomination. But love hearing bishop Barron preaching the Word. I believe just like written in apostle Paul's letter all of us who believe in Christ as our Saviour & Lord will be united through this faith, no matter the denominations.
When we love Him first & foremost, we can then love others much better. Loving Him is unlike us loving everybody else, loving Him guides us on how to love like He loves. My prayer for my brothers & sisters in Christ is that our love for Him grows & that the first love we have for Him remains. Thx bishop Barron & God through His HS enable you to speak boldly & truly of His word🙏🏽

Joeli Mischke
2022-09-10 16:47:22

Why doesn't Bishop Barron direct this sermon directly at Pope Francis?

L Avery
2022-09-10 13:18:14

The Letter J. History? When added?
What Symbolism? Fish, moon?

Banks, liquidity, current..currency
And a Fish?
Or shepherd?

Shepherd for Animals correct?
Who treat who like what?

Talk about taking the office back home

Walk on Water? It Frozen
Call it NHL.
Feed 3,000. Who got credit?
McDonalds dollar menu...

Once upon a Time. Like moon shine
Or Timeless, like sun shine.

Truth, self Evident, evidence plane as

Who delusional?
Lunar = moon = Yah = lunatics
Sol = Sun = Rah = soulful.

Lunatics vs Sun Kissed
Its classic...
So deep seeded.
Who seed? Seed not Liquid, it stationary

State this clearly... who will K.I.S.S.

Who teach who?
Who auTHOR?
Who say own land? RealTOR
These acTORs, move like puppets
Trace them back to there masTOR.

Back to TOR-ah
Apologies for the PUNishment
Excuse the TOR-ment.

Naga, negro, niger, negus, Nigeria etc
Kebra/Cobra Nagast king of kings
Sanskrit for snake?
King Cobra eat what....

Symbolism such a Hollow Cause.
They were men, women, kings and queens, even Gods and Goddesses

Now look what they are....

Caught in the Mist of Myths....
Well Hellow Mister, Misses and even the Mistresses...

Phonetics linguistics, who teach who?
Peons? European. Again. Yes.
Learned the word, but not know WORDS

Symbolism. Who of Darkness.
In the Dark they have to Feel there way
They will Feel, Emotions, Heart string Hustlers....

Well is it FACT or Faith.
Darkness or light of life.
Even a blind man could feel the winner.

It might not be Mutual, no the fact is its Perpetual.

Lighten Up. Look Up.
Suns up...

Spirit Undefeated
Peace and Prosperity
Power is Selfsufficent not selfish
Energy is everywhere be aware

Your Prophets need your Profits?
Where they orphans and Illiterates, no less around africans...hilarious

Phenotype, who love Sun
Who burns in it... hence
Freaks come out at Night... lmao
And the TORches.

Weak light. Low energy. Moon or TORch
Symbolism, such a Hollow cause...

Even when they in the way...
See and Salute the Halo.

Plane as day.

Corrupt the things Men make, but never what Creator truly created
A veil of reality some might say,
Others say Cult. Say, yes again...

Delusions of Grandeur.
Spirit Undefeated

Mark Ballantyne
2022-09-10 07:36:23

Or love everyone as if they are Jesus,

Christian Madden
2022-09-10 05:55:41

Hate is a word that I’m confused with in the gospel

Matt Farrell
2022-09-10 05:29:50

Why would Jesus need us to hate anyone? I thought we were supposed to love the person and hate the sin. Also if Jesus came to end our suffering why would he want us to take up our cross and seek out suffering over loving our own lives?

2022-09-09 10:53:41

'great crowds' 'popstar' hahaha, seriously! and no Roman writings of this superstar at the time jesus was doing the popstar thing, hahaha. This man's ability to talk absolute rubbish is brilliant.

Armando Hajos
2022-09-09 09:55:16

it really is the end of the world it is since 2000 years when jesus first came now is just at its peak, for god 1 thousand years is a second and a second is 1 thousand years! the sign 666 will be keeping sunday as day of worship! you heared me right! the 4th comandement in the ten laws is keep my sabats ,that shall be a sign between me and you, it was refering to the jews, but the bible has 100 precent actuality and 100 precent do as god said no matter the times! the godgiven day of worship the sabath is saturday not sunday! sunday was the first day of the weak, vatican and the popes changed it , claiming they have is autorityn as the pope is god on earth, ruler of heavens earth and hell! now this is the bigest blasphemy somone claiming hes god! the pope already met with all worlds leaders, political-religious-and the 1precent wealthiest people on earth the illuminatis A class luciferian puppets! they met saying they discuss the climate change problem! what happened when jesus was crucified , saying that is better for one man to die than the whole people to be in disagreement, this is text book what will happen these days, youl hear this soon enough,! as inflation and economy, the famens the climate calamities , wile keep growing in intensity, whatever they do it by harpp projects or some ar really god let to happen, as its all predicted in Daniel prophet and apocalypse! the fear the teror the need for a solution will expend, ! all this problems will be blaimed on those who refuse to worship sunday , the sign of the pope, and everything will be blamed on this few people who refuse to bow in front of vatican (sunday)! text book what happened with jesus will happen to those who refuse popes autority who claims he is god, and all this wrath is beacouse this public enemys refuse to listen to him! but lucifer was defeated in heavens, was defeated at the cruce, and will be defeated in the end! for those who understand jesuses died for all sins , and all sinners, no man is reedemed by his deeds but by gods grace, and the holy spirit who strenghtens those who care only about what the bible says , and refuse to worship a man given day! evrything is mad for people to be blind to this: "ego" "music" "brandi love", its all made to sell you a false sense of utopia and comfort, meanwille you neglect this most precious times ever on earth! i cant reply back to anything as youtube deletes my replys most of the times, even if i respond from another acount, pray and have faith , jesus is right with you, have faith! dont doubt god a second, imma pray for you to, do aswell! read ISAIAS 55 and 56 , and 31 !!! and you can find the ten comandemnts in exodus 20!

2022-09-09 00:29:27

I’n all honestly the more I get into the Bible and going back to the Catholic Church, the more confused I sometimes get. Why, because I hear different interpretations from different Priests. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️. I understood this to be hyperbole. There is an order to this idea. God comes first and above all love and people, then comes everyone else for the sake of God. I don’t think God wants us to “hate anyone”. Jesus commands us to love one another, to honor our mother and father, but in everything He comes first. Even before us and our own lives. We have to be willing to die for Christ if need be as so many did.

Joseph Caristo
2022-09-08 17:48:51

This runs contrary to everything acceptable in the USA. We look to escape from adversity, pain, discomfort and any health issues. Food, pleasure, and comfort become foremost in our life. All the saints minimized comfort, pleasure, their own wills to follow Christ's will and teachings. Lord give me just a small portion of that mentality and help me to follow you correctly.

Sherri S.
2022-09-08 15:35:13

I always thought the word "hate" in the first description was not translated correctly or something...seemed too harsh or off putting, esp when we are to love our neighbor, etc. The second description makes more sense to me....basically saying to put Jesus first and make him the center of our lives....the absolute good. Great podcast, Fr Barron

2022-09-08 14:40:25

I had the “shift”. I see it and I get it. Peace above all.

2022-09-08 10:59:39

And He did the same for us and the Father. Great video as always, God bless you Bishop Barron.

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