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Our experience as an international student in UK || Nepali Student life in UK || 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧


I hope this video will help you to know little bit more about Uk. Good luck if you are planning to apply UK. 👍❤️ Follow me on Instagram:- 🤍

Salary VS Expenses in UK | How to apply for Job? Nepali Student in UK


There are many websites where you can apply for jobs in the UK. And also, these expenses are based on the average situation of international students so it might not be precisely the same for everyone. Job Links: 1. 🤍 2. 🤍 3. 🤍 4. 🤍 You can apply for digital banking, Revolut Bank via this reference: 🤍 and you will receive your card within 2-5 days, then you can use that bank card everywhere. And you can pay the fee by working full-time on summer vacation but check your installment deadline whether you can get a chance to work full-time or not. If you wanna connect with me on LinkedIn: 🤍 Tiktok: 🤍

Income in UK | Average salary in UK


In this video i have tried my best to give actual figures about the monthly earning of most of the nepalese international students in Uk especially inside London. Do like, comment and dont forget to subscribe my chanel. related topics: Income of Nepali Students in U.K | Per hour Nrs.1500 ? Study in Uk 2022 Study in the UK Can International Students Earn University Fee In UK 🇬🇧 | Students Income? UK मा विद्यार्थीको कमाइ कती ? Student Income in the UK INCOME & EXPENSES DETAILS || STUDY IN UK || [ARE STUDENTS ABLE TO PAY FEES BY PART-TIME JOBS?] Nepali in australia Monthly Expense in London for International Students, Monthly income in uk as a student, Wage system in uk, Study in the UK 🇬🇧 Bachelor Student's Experience from Nepal : Roehampton University London, Income of Nepali Students in U.K | Per hour Nrs.1500 ? Study in Uk 2021| Nabin Bhusal|, Study in the UK from Nepal University of East London (Bachelor’s degree), Study in the UK : Student / Dependent Visa Couple Interview Earning? Jobs, UK जानु अगाडि बुझ्न पर्ने ८ कुराहरु | Study in the UK | Bideshma Nepali, Can bachelor student pay their own Tuition fees in Uk ?, study visa, uk study visa process, uk study visa interview without ielts, uk study visa process without ielts, Study in the UK 🇬🇧 Bachelor Student's Experience from Nepal : Roehampton University London, Income of Nepali Students in U.K | Per hour Nrs.1500 ? Study in Uk 2021| Nabin Bhusal|, Study in the UK from Nepal University of East London (Bachelor’s degree), Study in the UK : Student / Dependent Visa Couple Interview Earning? Jobs UK जानु अगाडि बुझ्न पर्ने ८ कुराहरु | Study in the UK | Bideshma Nepali, Can bachelor student pay their own Tuition fees in Uk ?, How much i earn a month in uk?K kam garxu?Youtube ouney🤍Nischal LMC 🤍TIR vlog uk, UK Border Interview Preparation - Discussion Nepali Student Deportation Case Explain to Student, Study in the UK 🇬🇧 (Nepali Student’s Experience -2020) +447412675477 WhatsApp or Viber for more info, How to Get UK Student Visa from Nepal ? A Complete Guide, Study in UK - Your Questions & My Suggestions to Nepalese Students - September 2022 Intake, INCOME & EXPENSES DETAILS || STUDY IN UK || [ARE STUDENTS ABLE TO PAY FEES BY PART-TIME JOBS?], Study in the UK Nepal🇦🇺 अस्ट्रेलिया देखि किन म यूके आए ? MUST WATCH PART 1, Uk nai padhnu kin auney?Aus/Can/jap kin najaney?Uk kasto thau ho students lai?, Study in the UK - University of Greenwich from Nepal (MSc Data Science), Things to be Considered Before Applying to Study in UK 🇬🇧- Nepalese Student Guide 🇳🇵, London Bridge Vlog - Nepalese Students in UK, Yes ! International Students Can Work More Than 20 Hours In UK 🇬🇧 | Full Time Work Allowed | #uk, Study in the UK : Student's ! Don't come in the UK IF ......FOR 5 REASONS, nepali student in uk, 12 Best Countries to Study abroad in 2022, University tour|university of west london|Nepalese students in uwl, Don't come to study in the UK without IELTS, Nepalese in Birmingham Uk - Ghumgham Vlog, How was nepalese students life at UK🇬🇧🇬🇧??All everything in one video, Study in the UK : What next after post study visa in the UK?, UK Student Visa September Intake Current Scenario : के Dependent फर्किनु पर्छ ?, Nepalese students in uk🇬🇧||Q/A sections-alone struggles-independent life, University College Birmingham Graduation – 4.00pm. Friday 17 September 2021, Nepal Cup 2022 | Kathmandu Cup| Aldershot, London | Nepali mela | Family, || BPP University || SI-UK || Study In UK || Visa Granted Student || Sworup Budhathoki ||, A DAY IN A LIFE OF INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS IN UK. (Work Day) #nepal #uk #internationalstudents, vlog | Nepalese favourite jobs in UK😂My work place(vlog#26), Cable Car in London | O2 emirates airline, International student in south Korea. My personnel experience And experience of my seniors.#nepal, Study in the UK Greenwich University (Our student got Distinction👩‍🎓 ), What should be your abroad study destination - Australia or UK ???, Nepalese at Ulster Uni-London branch Campus, Monthly Expense in London for International Students, Team Soul🇮🇳 Big Dropclash in Miramar and Sanhok PMWI😮 How many Crores Prizepool🔥 India OP University College Birmingham (UCB), Student Visa Rejected in Australia & Can you apply now in UK?, राता रात चमत्कार धन 💸दौलत लटरी, 4 राशिलाई, सुर्य र शुक्रको युति, 31 दिनमा अर्ब पति हुँदै, Earnig UK Student Visa Checklist : Uni Ladder Processing Charge : I am coming Nepal next week Nepali Student Life In UK | Real Truth | Personal Experience | BN Vlo,

Harsh reality of international students in the UK #nepalistudentintheuk


Hi everyone, I’m Prince and this is my first ever video on youtube (except the shorts). I have had many friends asking me about the student life in the UK, that’s why I decided to make some videos related to that. I will post more on this topic in coming days. If you have any questions about this, feel free to comment. I will try to cover all that in next video. Thank you.

Students life in UK 2022 | My own experience |Nepali Students|


Hello Everyone, Welcome to Hyaaa Vlog1. On this video, you can find out about lifestyle in UK 🇬🇧 as International Students. I tried my best to deliver you precious information which might help you. How to apply? How much it cost? How much can we earn and save? Everything you can find on this Video. If you guys need more info or any kind of help then you can dm on my Insta. (🤍_hyaaaaa_). This video’s soul theme is to help any students who wanna apply in UK university. On this video, Various Sound are used from CapCut app and from TikTok sound and music.(Credit) Follow for more; Insta-🤍 FB- 🤍 Thank you . Subscribe for more. #hyaaa #bikramgiri #uk #internationalstudents



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Gurkha Life in the UK for Nepal's Brave Veterans Documentary


Subscribe and 🔔 to My YouTube Channel 👉 🤍 2020 .Short documentary highlighting the Integration & Adaptation of Veteran Gurkhas in Aldershot Town, UK.

Study in the UK 🇬🇧 (Nepali Student’s Experience -2020) +447412675477 WhatsApp or Viber for more info


Feel free to get in touch with me via What's App or Viber. My mobile number is +447412675477. Kind regards Ganesh Khadka

Uk Seasonal Job For Nepali New Update Video | UK Not Hiring Nepali For Seasonal


बैदेशिक रोजगार सम्बन्धी A to Z जानकारी दिन एक मात्र च्यानल Prawash TV Youtube Channel especially targeting the Expat Nepali Population living across the globe. We are discussing the various issues and challenges faced by the Overseas Nepali Community bringing them to the attention of the concerned stakeholders and bringing out the hidden talents of our brothers and sisters and bringing them into the limelight. * Content of the chanel:- 1. Foreign employment oppertunities for Nepali 2. Visa Processing, immigration system, required documents in details 3. Nepal airport, customs, tax, and laws, news update . 4. Nepal to Europe travel guide 5.Visit visa,student visa,work perment and others visa for Nepali from Nepal 6. Baideshik Rojga Breaking news 7. Basic information of countries and Cost of living Salary details and others cool facts in Nepali Language . 8. How to go europe from Dubai,Qatar,Saudi,Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain,Malasia and others country 9. Career advise and Others details for foregin employemt यो च्यानलमा के के पाउँन सक्नु हुन्छ ? १ . बैदेशिक रोजगारका मागहरु २. कुन देश कस्तो हो, त्यहाँ जाने कसरी? खर्च कति लाग्छ ? एक महिनामा कति खर्च हुन्छ र कति कमाउँन सकिन्छ जानकारी ३. बैदेशिक रोजगार सम्बन्धी डिम्यान्ड सत्य हो कि होईन जानकारी लिन सक्नु हुने छ ? ४. बैदेशिक रोजगारमा हुन ठगिबाट बच्न सक्नु हुने छ । ५. यो च्यानलबाट कुन देश जान के के कागजपत्र चाहिन्छ थाहाँ पाउँन सक्नु हुने छ । ६. बिदेशबाट कसरी नेपालमा लगानी गर्ने र पैसा कमाउँने भन्ने बारे जानकारी पाउँन सक्नु हुने छ । ७. यो च्यानलबाट बायो डाँटा बनाउँने, अन्तबार्टा तयारी गर्ने तथा अंग्रेजी भाषा सिक्न सक्नु हुने छ । * Contact for : Professional cv/Cover letter making Online English Language Class Interview Preparation Class Interview Question and Answer set Our Contact : Email:- Prawashtv🤍 Whats App- 971568654801 Tiktok id:- prawashtv Instragram:- nepalji00 Keywords of the chanel :- baideshik rojgar news 2022 baideshik rojgar ka abasarharu baideshik rojgar bibhag buddhanagar kathmandu baideshik rojgar demand update 2022 baideshik rojgar essay in nepali baideshik rojgar anil adhikari baideshik rojgar by basanta nepal baideshik rojgar news nepal baideshik rojgar ma Nepali haru Nepali in Dubai Shram Swikriti Online Working in Foreign Country - Shram Swikriti/Labour 🤍 online form nepal embassy bur dubai earn and lead shankar gurung nepali in portugal work permit in portugal how to get work permit in portugal how to go portugal from nepal poland work visa malta work visa work in finland workpermit in belgium work permit in norway work permit in germany work permit in europe schengen visa easy europe visa schengen visa from india schengen visa from nepal europe workpermit from india how to go europe? malaysia to europe dubai to europe qatar to europe reentry request nepal embassy uae dubai Can I get foreign employment in Nepal? How can I get international work permit in Nepal? Epassport Nepal how to get europe visa from dubai how to get europe visa from nepal baideshik rojgar news 2021 baideshik rojgar bibhag buddhanagar kathmandu baideshik rojgar demand 2021 baideshik rojgar interview baideshik rojgar news 2021 dubai baideshik rojgar essay in nepali baideshik rojgar live baideshik rojgar anil adhikari baideshik rojgar news 2020 baideshik rojgar news 2021 live baideshik rojgar loan baideshik rojgar new update baideshik rojgar israel uk seasonal work visa from nepal,uk seasonal work visa,uk seasonal visa,uk seasonal work visa 2023,seasonal work visa uk,uk seasonal work visa salary,uk seasonal work visa new update,how to apply uk seasonal work visa,uk seasonal work visa from nepal 2023,uk seasonal work visa from nepal 2022,uk work visa,how to apply uk seasonal work visa 2023,seasonal worker visa uk,how to apply uk seasonal work visa from nepal,uk seasonal work visa 2021 Disclaimer of my channel म कुनै पत्रकार,मेनपावरको एजेन्ट या नेपालीहरुलाई बिदेश पठाउँने मान्छे होईन । ५० लाख नेपालीहरु बैदेशिक रोजगारमा छन र जाने क्रम ब्यापक बढ्दो छ उनिहरुका समस्याहरु र उनिहरुका लागी आफुले देखेको र भोगेका ज्ञान बाढ्ने मेरो उदेश्य हो । यस च्यानलका भिडीयो हेरेर तपाईले कुनै पनि निर्णय नलिनु होला । यसबाट पर्न जाने हानि नोक्सानीको म जिम्मेवार हुने छैन । -Basanta Nepal Channel Host * Thanks for watching and subscribing our channel

Income in UK | Nepali Student| International Student Income


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Uk Seasonal work visa new latest Updates|Seasonal work visa|Uk work visa|Seasonal work visa uk 2023


Uk Seasonal work visa new latest Updates|Seasonal work visa|Uk work visa|Seasonal work visa uk 2023 Telegram : 🤍 DIGITAL MARKETING_ CONTENT MARKETING 👇 🤍 FACEBOOK MARKETING👇 🤍 AFFILIATE MARKETING 🤍 _ Creat verified PayPal account👇 🤍 Transfer PayPal to Nepali Bank Account👇 🤍 _ FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Instagram: 🤍 Facebook:🤍 Blog :🤍 OUR SECOND CHANNEL:: 🤍 HOW TO EARN ONLINE MONEY: 🤍 DIGITAL MARKETING COURSE: 🤍 YOUTUBE TIPS AND TRICKS: 🤍 Don't forget to Subscribe this YouTube channel Link:🤍 #uniquetechguru #EarningApp #earningwebsite - I am Hari Prasad Aryal. I am a Digital Marketing Enterpreneur, Digital marketing Export and Trainer. I Make videos Full time jobs, Part time jobs, freelancer jobs And All types of online earning tips and tricks videos. So if you are a job seeker, an employer or Evan a house wife and want to earn money online from the comfort of your home, you are at the right place. So Please subscribe to start Learning and Earning for free right now! For any Business inquiries fell free to ask at. businesstech1987🤍 Disclaimer The information available on this YouTube channel is for educational and information purpose only. This YouTube channel does not provide financial advise. There is no guarantee. that you will be able to generate income by using the idea mentioned in this video.Your level of success in achieving results. as mentioned in this video. will depend on your skills, hard work and knowledge. we have taken reasonable precautions to ensure that information in this video is accurate. but we can not ensure that the website/mobile applications mentioned in this video are free from errors. You expressly agree not to rely upon any information given in this video channel. This YouTube channel strictly advice viewers to never pay any fee/charges to any Freelancing site/companies/individuals to get part time/full time works. #ukseasonalvisa #earningwebsite #coverletter #europeworkpermit

Our Nepali House Tour | Nepali Family | Brand New Full House Tour UK | Nepali Couple home Tour


Music Credit: Music: Morning Musician: LiQWYD #housetour #Newhometour #nepalihome

Can I make £200 in single day ? Delivery Job in Uk | Nepali boy in Uk


Can I make £200 in single day ? Delivery Job in Uk | Nepali boy in Uk #delivery#povubereats #delivery #uberdriver #bike #biker #ebike #bikelover #doordash #deliverydriver #justeat #justeats #iphone13promax #delivery #foodman #food #london #folkestone #folkestonekent #uk #foodjob #deliveryjob #foodhustle #vlog #bike #cycle #cyclevlog Work Smart not Hard #bike #ebike #delivery #doordash #dasher #outdoors #fyp #uber #ubereats #uberdelivery #cycling #bikepacking #gopro #messenger #strava #ultracycling #courier #challenge #24hour #bikes #bikelife #messlife #london #dayinthelife #vlog #cyclecourier #bikecourier #bikemessenger #fixed #fixedgear #fixie #uberlondon #ubereatslondon #stuartdelivery #uberdeliverylondon #justeat #justeatdelivery

Shopping in UK | Cheaper than Nepal | A day in a Life of Nepali Student | Work & Shopping | PRIMARK


Please don't buy many clothes in Nepal, take only the important ones. You can buy it at an affordable price in the UK. Especially for the International Students who are coming to the UK for higher studies, do some research about the weather, clothing prices, living expenses, and so on. Background Music: 🤍

Nepalese market in London, local shops and Nepali people - Nepalese in Uk


Hey guys welcome to our channel. we went to shops our Nepalese food around the woolwich market london and tried to explore as much as possible. Hope you guys enjoyed our video. Don't forget to subscribe our channel and see you in next vlog. Nepalese market in London, local shops and Nepalis people around must watch video! Follow me on Instagram :- 🤍 Follow me on LinkedIn :- 🤍 Find us on Facebook page :- 🤍 Follow me on Twitter 🤍 #Nepaleseinuk #nepalesestudentinuk #nepalistudent Our experience as an international student in UK

Missing Nepal | Life in the UK for Gurkha grandparents | Nepali Times


Watch video of the British Gurkha grandparents as they share their grief of living in a foreign land. After retirement, they do not have much to do in London, miss their family and the place they were born in. Visit their living spaces and hear stories of what keeps them in the UK. Story: 🤍 Keep in touch : Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍

Study in UK from Nepal Without IELTS


Study in UK without IELTS

नेपाली Student ले UK मा कति कमाउछन त ? | Average Salary In Uk | Uk Students Income & Expenses


नेपाली Student ले UK मा कति कमाउछन त ? | Average Salary In Uk | Uk Students Income & Expenses copyright disclaimer under section 107 of the copyright Act 1976 allowance is made for ''fair use" for purpose soch as criticism, commenting, News reporting, Teaching, Scholarship and research. Fair use is a user permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing Non- Profit educational or personal use tips the balance in favour of fair use. ) #uk #Study uk visa earning in uk salary in uk average salaryin uk income and expenses in uk

Nepal to UK Vlog | Fly Dubai - KTM to Dubai | Emirates Airlines - Dubai to London.


Nepal to UK | KTM to Dubai | Dubai to London. Watch my next video : 🤍 Facebook page : 🤍 Instagram Page : 🤍 Hey guys, thank you for watching. Please kindly like, comment , suscribe and share and do not forget to hit the bell icon to never miss new videos. Thank you. :)

How was nepalese students life at UK🇬🇧🇬🇧??All everything in one video


Hello guys Welcome back again with new video❤️ kxa kastoxa tpyharuko i hope you all are fine.Like share subscribe comment saboi gardim kexara❤️ 🤍afnaita Honi This video is all about nepalese students life study job struggles at uk.This video was taken at rickmansworth park at 12:00 by vivo y20s.i have trying to cover most of the things as my experience point of view.This vidro was supported by Baburam bk. If you have any questions or problems regarding uk application or uk study,feel free to contact me. Follo me on facebook:🤍 tiktok:🤍 instagram:🤍 whatsapp:+4407586058932 if you have any enquiries for business purposes do email me at:thaxoenkmalai922🤍 If you like the video and find informative please so some love support and share. Do subscribe my channel. Thank you for watching the video.

HOUSE TOUR | Rental House in Exeter | Nepali in UK


HOUSE TOUR ALERT!!! After a long time, I am back with another house tour video. Aman and I rent this place in Exeter for £700 pm, which is highly convenient as it is located in the city's heart. I want to extend my gratitude to all our friends and family for massive gifts and support throughout our stay in the UK. Life is so much easier when surrounded by wonderful people. Thank you Aman for filming and making this house a home. I hope you give this video as much love and support as you showed in my Kathmandu house tour video. Music by Lucydafirst, Ej Hoffman - 🤍 Furniture: Thrifted and IKEA Ciao

How we got skilled worker tier-2 Visa in UK - Nepalese in Uk


Hi guys we have explained about how we got our tier- 2 skilled worker visa. Our experience regarding visa and what are the documents needed for the application. Hope this video is informative for those who are looking for skilled worker visa in the United Kingdom. Also, who wants to settle down. #nepalesestudentinuk #skilledworkervisa

Gurkha Life in the UK for Nepal's Brave Veterans Documentary Part II


Subscribe and 🔔 to My YouTube Channel 👉 🤍 2020. This is a documentary highlighting the language & cultural barrier faced by many veteran Gurkhas in the UK. Follow me on Facebook✌️: 🤍

Nepali Job Vacancy Uk London || Job Vacancy Uk London || Nepal Embassy Job Vacancy In Uk ||


🙏WEL-COME TO 🙏 KURMITECH Youtube चैनल Hi I am ramsukh raut welcome to my youtube channel kurmi tech About this vedio Dosto aap vedio ko dekhiye or video achha lage to ise like kijiyega share or comment kijiye mai app kaa comment kaa jabab deneki puri kosis karunga Thank you so much _ Click here 🤍 MY OFFICIAL COKING WEBSITE = 🤍 Nepal Embassy Job Vacancy In Uk Nepali Job vacancy Uk London Job Vacancy Uk London job in London for foreigners job in London for indian job in London part time urgent jobs London looking for job London jobs in London 2021 job in central London retail job London malta job vacancy for nepali 2020 how to apply job in uk from nepal British embassy nepal job nepal embassy London job embassy nepal vacancy embassy jobs in nepal 2020 uk work visa for Nepalese job in Poland for nepali 2020 vacancy in embassy in nepal 2021 British embassy nepal vacancy 2020 swiss embassy in nepal vacancy Australia embassy in nepal vacancy norwegian embassy nepal vacancy nepal embassy uk contact number British embassy nepal vacancy 2021 #kurmitech #ramsukh Our some othe vedio links How to imo account without no. 🤍 How to check dubai bus card bailence 🤍 How to qr cord gernate 🤍 The best vpn in dubai saudi qatar oman 🤍 Wifi password 🤍 Shaho hindi movei 🤍 How to download fecbook messenger audio 🤍 What is google drive 🤍 How to add photo in dilpaid 🤍 Social media link _ Youtube 🤍 Fecebook 🤍 Fecbook page 🤍 Instagram id Ramsukh1992

Traveling as a student from Nepal to UK.. | Uzal’s Vlog |


Dreams do come true but never stop working hard..

My work-life in UK | Nepali Barista


Hello everyone, this is my first actual vlog(subtitles included). In this video, i just want to show you my work life and give you an idea how it is here to work as a barista in UK. I have tried to film as much as i could use for a informational purposes. Hopefully, you all will enjoy watching the video. Please, constructive criticisms are always welcome, so don't forget to comment. I believe, it will help me grow. Thank you. Stay safe. #baristavlog #costa #nepali Music: Daily (Prod. by Lukrembo) Lo-fi Type Beat - Moon

Top Nepali Brands in the UK - UNBOXING


Thank you to all the incredible brands that worked with me on this video. To find out more about them click the links below! If you think I have missed any brands let me know in the comments. Enjoy Follow me Instagram: 🤍 All the amazing brands below….. SEWA | Scrunchies & Masks Instagram: 🤍 DM to order! _ Chitra Instagram: 🤍 DM to order! _ WilderDream Instagram: 🤍 DM to order! _ Pari Cosmetics Instagram: 🤍 Website: 🤍 _ Hempnath Instagram: 🤍 Website: 🤍 _ Nnush Instagram: 🤍 Website: 🤍

Study in the UK Nepal🇦🇺 अस्ट्रेलिया देखि किन म यूके आए ? MUST WATCH PART 1


This information is brought to you by Uni Ladder Consultancy. All the information in this video is for general information purpose only and does not purport to be comprehensive or to provide legal advice. Whilst every effort is made to ensure the information is current as of the date of publication it should also be stressed that, due to the passage of time, information may not reflect the present legal position. Uni Ladder Consultancy accepts no responsibility for loss which may arise from accessing or reliance on information contained in this video. For current up to date information, please do not hesitate to contact Ganesh Khadka(+447412675477) for one to one counselling.

Bye Bye UK🇬🇧*Here we Come NEPAL 🇳🇵* why we left UK ?? Travel VLOG Uk to Doha | NICK & ROSIE


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|| NEPAL TO UK || PART-1 Nepal To UK Vlogs नेपाल देखि यु के (alone yatra gariyo ) 3 ota plane change garnu parne 👌👌 #NEPALTOUK #NEPAL_TO_UK #NEPAL_DEKHI_UK #Nepal_To_Uk #firstvlogsonplane #vloginplane #travelvlogs #ukvlogs #nepaltoukvlogs #nepal_to_uk #ukvlog #nepali_in_uk #ukulele #uk

Nepali UK YouTuber's Meet-Up (First Time) - James Shrestha


Nepali YouTuber's James Shrestha, iamsega, Zac Rai Vlogs, Rob Kaleido, Singer's: Jay Author & Kokomyan, Johan Shrestha & Team Madesire gather together for a collaboration in Derby, United Kingdom. This is the Day 1 vlog with a lot of comedy and trolling. What do you think about the gathering? Do you want to see more collaboration? 🔴 Follow James Shrestha: ▶ Facebook: 🤍 ▶ Instagram: 🤍 ▶ Follow SoltisSquad on Instagram: 🤍 Thanks to the team for making this happen: 🔴 Follow iamsega : ▶ YouTube: 🤍 🔴 Follow ZacRai : ▶ YouTube: 🤍 🔴 Follow Rob Kaleidoo : ▶ YouTube: 🤍 🔴 Follow Team MADESIRE : ▶ Instagram: 🤍 ▶ Instagram: 🤍 🔴 Follow Jay Author: ▶ YouTube: 🤍 🔴 Follow Johan Shrestha: ▶ Instagram: 🤍 🔴 My Setup ▶ Camera Used: Canon 80D with Canon 10-18mm Lens ▶Video Editing Software Used: Sony Vegas Pro 13 - 🤍 🔴 Background Music Song: Valence - Infinite [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Video Link: 🤍 © James Shrestha Unauthorized downloading and uploading on YouTube channel is Strictly Prohibited 🚫 and will attract punitive measures from James Shrestha. Embedding to a website is allowed ✅.

What £7,000,000 House Looks Like In UK | Nepali Vlog


What £7,000,000 House Looks Like In UK | Lamborghini Ride | Nepali Vlog I would like to wish Happy birthday to sis Arati and bro Jason and thank you for organising lit party. Also huge shoutout to the owners of the house [MOULTONGRANGE] for being a super host. House we stayed: 🤍 Supercars provided by: 🤍 🤍 FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM GDIIPA: 🤍 SEGA: 🤍 Follow our brands 🤍 on instagram and facebook 🤍 We team GUNDA recently launched our new released glasses. Visit our GUNDA's website 🤍 to find out more. Get 15% offer using the code: gunda15 on our website. AND 🤍pari.cosmetic on instagram Visit our PARI's website 🤍 Through GUNDA, we hope to emphasise the positivity through negative. Because as humans, we tend to focus on the negative things more than the positive ones. WE ARE BAD! BUT GOOD BAD!

Experience of Nepali Student in UK | Work-Life-Study


Hello friends, welcome to another video of the experience of a Nepali student at UK. We have talked about expectation vs reality, work, busy life, study, friends and so on. Please excuse me for any mistakes or out of topic conversation, I will really appreciate your suggestions and guidance. I am trying to improve my videos day by day, hope you are getting help from my videos.

nepali student in uk


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