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Today’s’ fast-paced life, hectic work schedules and less time for household chores can sometimes lead to mishaps if proper care is not taken. Safeguarding against the hazards LPG gas proves very important in every household. Technology and little awareness can avoid most of the kitchen mishaps resulting from gas leakage or other similar gas related problems. GasSafe India Ltd. beholds the same view and endeavours to safeguard lives of those who use LPG gas through its innovative fire safety devices.

Introduction to Gas Safe Register


The Gas Safe Register is the official list of gas engineers who are legally allowed to work on your gas appliances. Gas Safe Register can help you find a local Gas Safe registered engineer and tell you if they're qualified for the type work you need them to do. Call the free helpline on 0800 408 5500 or go to 🤍

10 GAS QUESTIONS EVERY GAS ENGINEER SHOULD KNOW without using the books, training aids or internet.


Derek gives us another ten gas questions to test our gas knowledge without sousing books training aids or the internet. Check back next Monday for the answers. TEN GAS QUESTIONS EVERY GAS ENGINEER SHOULD KNOW, THE ANSWERS 🤍

Gas Safety Week 2020 The Ripple Effect Film


To mark 10 years of #GasSafetyWeek and highlight the importance of gas safety within our homes, we've created a short film to tell the story of what happens on Gale Close when a gas explosion rips through a terraced house with devastating consequences. Watch now to find out what caused the explosion and the #rippleeffect that one innocent gas safety slip can have, not just on your family and loved ones, but also within the community around you….

Gas Safe? Not in My Book


After reading the reports from the recent gas explosion at a bakery in central Paris, Roger talks about staying safe with gas cookers, gas safety devices and tests his own gas hob to see if it cuts out properly. #gas #explosion #cooker = Tell us what you like: 🤍 Get in touch, send us your pictures and videos: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Out of respect to our channel sponsors and the wide variety of people who watch our videos, we will remove comments that do not follow common standards of politeness and decency.



Derek gives some very important information to gas safe registered engineers and engineers about to become gas safe registered on the process of reassessment and initial assessment and the process of the current gas safe inspections made by the gas safe register which is carried out over the phone.. #gassafe #gastraining #heating

Gas Safety


As a landlord, you're required by law to have a Gas Safety Check for each appliance and a Gas Safety Record for each property. This video takes a look at what these are and how British Gas can help you be on the safe side. Find out more at: 🤍



Welcome to our first video in a series of videos we'll be doing about our latest van conversion! This video shows how we installed our gas system and got it signed off by a Gas Safe engineer. The video doesn't go through every detail of how to do all of the connections so it's important to seek the advise of your Gas Safe engineer. We hope you enjoyed the video, please Like and Subscribe for more regular content! CHECK OUT OUR ROAD TRIP TO LITHUANIA: 🤍 CHECK OUT OUR OLD SPRINTER CONVERSION: 🤍

We're proud to be Gas Safe


We are Gas Safe. Working together to provide a gas safe home for everyone. We’re always striving to find new and innovative ways to share information to ensure the best possible outcomes. If you’d like to work with us please email us at stakeholders🤍 Find out more information about Gas Safe Register, visit 🤍

ACS Gas Training - What's involved in your ACS Gas Assessments.


#GasTraining Gas Training. ACS GAS TRAINING AND ASSESSMENT. What’s involved in your gas Training. ACS Gas Training Assessment. My name's Allen Hart, and in today's video I'm at Viva Training Academy. And we're going to look at what's involved in your ACS Gas Assessments. Your ACS assessment is, as a gas engineer, it's something that we need to do to make sure that we're safe to work on gas appliances. So when you become a gas engineer, you need to go do your ACS. And every five years, you also then need to go reset your ACS as well, to make sure that you're up to date with all the current regulations. In this video today, I'm going to go through your ACS, or some of what's included in your ACS, when you go for your ACS training and your assessments. First of all, I'm going to invite Richard from Viva Training Academy. And Richard can tell us what ACS actually means, what ACS is. Yeah, what is it? What is ACS? What does it stand for? So, let's invite Richard in. Thanks, Allen, and welcome to Viva Training Academy. What is the ACS? So the ACS is the Accredited Certification Scheme, which anybody wanting to become a gas engineer or is a practising gas engineer, takes every five years. It's also known as the CCN1, or more commonly known as And so what does it all entail? So the core gas safety aspects of this, it's the gas safety regulations, it's your gas pipe work, it's combustion, tightness testing and purging, including lower pressure metres and medium pressure metres, chimney systems and testing, ventilation, gas controls, the flue gas analyzer, and now from this month, it's now going to include safe isolation, which from this month is going to be a self-certified safe isolation. And then I think in September, it's going to be a practising test within that area. So we're going to take you through some of the things that you will find, as Allen said, around the appliances. So back over to you, Allen. Thank you for that, Richard. And in no particular order, the first thing we're going to look at is gas pipe work and what you'd be expected to know and what you'd be looking out for with gas pipe work. So you'll be expected to carry out a tightness test. And if there's a leak, you'll be expected to trace and repair. We're also going to visually inspect the gas pipe work. Make sure there's no damage. Make sure it's got clips on and it's got the correct clips on. Also, make sure that clipping distance is correct. Also, the correct pipe size and material. The correct fittings. And nothing obvious, or there's nothing obvious wrong, such as too close to sockets or open ends. There's also other things we'd be checking. So we checking ECV, Emergency Control Valve, make sure it falls off in the correct way. So when it closes, it doesn't fall downwards. So if it was off, you wouldn't be able to knock it and knock it on. So that would be on, and that would be off. Also, things like labels on the pipeline, to make sure that it's labelled correctly so it shows the on and off on the labels. On the metres, make sure the meter's secured correctly. Also, the label on the front for the emergency service. So if there were a gas leak, there's a number on there for the customer to be able to call if they had any issues with gas leaks, et cetera. Bonding, another thing that you'd need to check as well. Make sure the bonding is currently installed, the right size and the right distance away. So that's something for you to read upon as well, to make sure that you know all them distances. So the bonding within the first 600 millimetres or before the first tee. We have done another video on tightness testing as well. It's not a comprehensive list that. There will be other things and different training centres will ask different things. What we're doing now, I'm going to move on to appliances, and we'll have a look at some cookers. So, let's have a look. I've got some cookers here, but what I wanted to do, want to show you a cooker with a fold-down lid. So I'm going to pass you over to Richard from Viva Training Academy, and he's going to show us a cooker with a fold-down lid. And he's going to go through things that you check or you'd need to know about on your ACS Gas Training Assessment. Thanks, Allen. Covering some good stuff, which brings us onto cookers. So one of the appliances during your ACS assessment, during the so regardless of whether you're taking it as an appliance or not, you're going to be covering your cookers. So when you coming in for your cookers, you're going to be looking at the location of the cooker. You're going to be looking at distances from combustibles. As you can see, there's a make-believe worktop that this cooker's too close to, and there's some scorching there. You're going to be more than likely looking at a cooker that has a glass top. Now what's important with a glass top is certainly while doing this tightness test, is this is open, because obviously this is a safety device of the coo

ID, AR, NCS THE IGEM :G: 11 QUIZ. gas unsafe situations procedure what gas engineers need to know.


Derek in part 1 of 2 gives us a quiz on the unsafe situations procedure IGEM /G/ 11. in this video you can class the situations as ID, AR, NCS and do you need to riddor the situation.. #gastraining #plumbing #tomkatgastraining 🤍 Link to part 2

GAS SAFETY CONTROLS IN COOKERS part 1. A gas tutorial on how controls work and how to test them.


Derek shows us how to check the safe operation of all gas safety controls on different gas appliances. this video part 1 covers all the controls on gas cookers and hobs.

Why Become a Gas Engineer?


View gas courses: 🤍 - Gas isn't being turned off! - An aging workforce will need to be replaced with a new generation - A respected industry Find out why a career as a gas engineer is much more than just fitting and fixing boilers. ABOUT VIVA TRAINING At VIVA Training Academy, we provide a range of #gas engineering, #Heatpumps, and #plumbing courses. From our location in Halifax, we provide certification for gas operatives throughout England via bespoke courses that match your needs. So whether you’re an engineer who has enrolled onto our ACS course to remain up to date with the latest changes in the industry, or are a complete novice who has joined our Managed Learning Programme to start your journey to becoming a gas safe registered engineer, we want to give you the insights, skills, knowledge, tools and techniques to help you truly thrive. CONNECT WITH US Website: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍

Natural gas safety


What should you do if you think there's a gas leak? How can you make sure your appliances are working safely? What gas lines should you have inspected? This video has answers to many common safety questions. Get more answers at

Compressed Gas Safety


This video covers the safe handling of compressed gas cylinders. It presents detailed guidelines used by industry, it reviews the hazards associated with compressed gases, and outlines a series of best practices for compressed gas safety. It also presents Best Practices related to compressed gas safety in a commercial laboratory setting. It is part of a continuing education course for professional engineers on compressed gas safety. Learn more at 🤍

Keeping gas safe


Noah, age 5 reminds us what we should be doing to keep ourselves and our family safe.

Logic4training | Become A Gas Engineer In 4 Steps


Become a fully qualified Domestic Gas Heating Installer at Logic4training. 🤍 On our training course, you will learn all the basic skills and knowledge to be a domestic heating installer, including health & safety, principles and theory, pipework skills, hot and cold water systems, energy efficiency, basic gas safety and controls, basic electrics, various H&S modules. Logic4training is the leading training and assessment provider for the building services sector, encompassing gas, electrical, plumbing, oil, renewables, air conditioning and new entrants courses. Training and assessment is delivered from our high-spec facilities in Northolt, Basildon, Luton and Sittingbourne. You can always call us for free and friendly course advice on 0208 845 7222 or visit our website at 🤍



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Trailer: Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Gas Safety Awareness Training


To know more about the Product: 🤍 Our training and awareness movie works on a global scale and yet connects with people locally. It meets the best practices and training norms of any organization facing such a challenge. Program includes: • 3D animated movie; which is rich in content, slick in pace and a visual treat • Thorough booklet with information on H2S & assessment questionnaire • Movie in multiple global languages ★ Features ★ ► Audio-Visual appeal ► Interactive Experience ► Addressing multi-lingual needs ► Highlighting Processes and Relationship ► Usage of Modern Techniques ► Applicability ► Skill & Ability Improvements ► Consistent

Gas safe aware


Do you know the signs of deadly carbon monoxide? Watch this video from the Gas Safe Register to find out. Video provided by the Gas Safe Register as part of Gas Safety Week.

Dangerous Gas Boiler A day in the life of a Gas Engineer / Plumber


Dangerous and badly installed gas combi boiler. Gas engineer. Plumber. So, I've been called out to a Baxi boiler. 2 YEAR OLD BAXI BOILER INSTALLATION So, it's been capped off as being unsafe. This boiler's about two years old. Apparently, it was installed by a Gas Safe registered engineer but I'm gonna have a look at all the paperwork. I'm gonna ring Gas Safe and just see what's going on here. So, what I'll do now is we'll have a look and I'll show you the faults with this and I'll show you the reasons why it's been capped off. And then from that, I'll rectify some of the issues and then we'll hopefully get it back up and running again. So, let's have a look now and I'll show you around the boiler. So, this is a Baxi Duo-Tech boiler. In my opinion, this is one of the best boilers of all time. Really bulletproof boiler and it just does what it says on the tin. So, if we have a look ... Have a look underneath at this first so we can just see it's been capped off there and then if we have a look, the boiler is just ... there. So the boiler was just plugged in. So there's no spare on the boiler. And then if we have a look at everything else, it all looks like it's all okay. And then if we go into this room here, so I'll just put light on in here, see if I can see a bit better. If we go into here, we can see the flue. It goes through. There. If we have a look, it's got part of the flue missing. So it's only got ... I don't even know what that is. We'll take that off shortly and we'll have a look at that. We'll just have a look outside. And then we'll look outside. We can see ... I don't even know what type of flue that is. But we'll pull it out and then we'll have a look. So when we actually look inside this, it's had some it's actually that insulation board put in. Just to pop it up, just to sort of like hold it up. I'll take this off now and then we'll have a look a bit better. So there's no paperwork for this boiler as such, so there's no benchmark. So normally you'd have a benchmark booklet, and that'd have all the readings in of the emissions and all the bits and for when it were installed. So there's none of that here. There is some paperwork. There's a gas safety certificate that's dated March 2018, and there's also something here to suggest that it was fitted on December 2016. I'm going to ring Gas Safe up and I'm just going to just double check about that. But yeah, so let's have a look at the boiler. I'll take this flue off and yeah. Let's go and have a look at it now. I'll cut this flue out now. And we'll have a look, see if we can see what type of flue it would be. So we've obviously got an issue there with how the flue falls as well, because it's got water in the flue. So we'll have a look now. So I'll just pull this flue out. That actually looks like ... Looks like it is a flue. So that on there, that's just loose is it? I don't know what type of flue that is. It's obviously some sort of kit, it'll be a multi plume kit. So when I'm looking at this, that looks like that is the normal flue. Because that's got the weathering in there, so if it drips water from outside, it runs off. And it's got the screws in there. Another thing to point out with this is the PRV pipe is there, so I'm just wondering if the builder's moved this. So I've just gone and got a new flue. It's got that written there. And it's got the screw points there, the screw holes. So I'm wondering if the builder has taken the end off, this end off here, and then just put some sort of plume kit up inside of there. I'm going to take flue off top of boiler now, I'm going to totally renew this flue, just so that I know that it's all correct. This part of the flue, as you can see from there, it's all cemented in. So this part's been done, installed well. Now if you compare it to that bit, it seems very different. My belief is a builder has extended this and not the original gas engineer. But I'm still going to check with Gas Safe and we've still got no benchmark. The old customer could've taken that with them. Because this is somebody new now that lives in this property. So this looks not too bad in here really. They've made an effort of sealing it with cement. So I'm just going to remove this elbow now. Just one thing I have noticed there, the flue actually falls away from the boiler, so it falls down to what would be outside, so that's why it's had water in the flue. So the flue should always fall back to the boiler. So that's. So as I can see now, that's just the standard telescopic flue, and this were all cemented in, really well, as I say, it's took some getting out Baxi Boiler Installation. 🤍

Gas Safety Device | Benefits | How To Use Demo | Hindi | Mr.Growth 🔥


Buy Link:- 🤍 Gas Safety Device | Benefits | How To Use Demo | Hindi | Mr.Growth is video main dosto aapke sath gas safety device ko kaise use karna hai and keya iska benefit hai share kia hai mujha umeed hai is video ko dekhne ke baad aap asani say gas safety device use kar payenge or iske benefits bhi samjh payenge पार्ट टाइम कमाई, घर बैठ कर करना चाहते हैं?? तो यह वीडियो जरूर देखो Real Part time job-Work from home (1st Video) 🤍 - Mr.Growth Official Telegram Channel For Online Loot Offers:-🤍 - #mrgrowth #phonepe #fraudcall Any Business Inquiry Mail:- mrgrowth88🤍 Disclaimer- Some contents are used for educational purpose under fair use. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. All credit for copyright materiel used in video goes to respected owner.

Kids and Natural Gas Safety


AGA created this video to help educate youth about the importance of natural gas safety in the home. The animated video, aimed at elementary and middle school aged children, explains which appliances use natural gas, how to identify a natural gas leak and what to do if a leak occurs. These key safety messages are not only critical to family and caregivers, but the next generation of utility customers.

"Save gas for safe winter" package


Read-out of the College meeting / press conference by Ursula von der LEYEN, President of the European Commission Frans TIMMERMANS, Executive Vice-President of the European Commission in charge of the European Green Deal, and Commissioner for Climate Action Policy Kadri SIMSON, European Commissioner for Energy Thierry BRETON, European Commissioner for Internal Market For more information, please see: URL: 🤍 Watch on the Audiovisual Portal of the European Commission: 🤍 Subscribe to our channel: 🤍 Follow us on: -Twitter: 🤍 -Instagram: 🤍 -Facebook: 🤍 -LinkedIn: 🤍 -Medium: 🤍 Check our website: 🤍

Tightness Tight, Gas Rate, Let-By and other Gas Safe Preparations


Disclaimer: Please "Like" and Comment on our videos but accept that we simply do not have the time or resources to respond to questions asked or comments made. We encourage viewers to help each other and promote a better world. Our videos are for training purposes only. We accept no liability for injuries or losses resulting from their use. We reserve the right to edit any comments that are found to be abusive, offensive, contain profanity, serve as spam, are self-promoting or contain text links for inappropriate content. Thank you.

Regulation 26.9 Gas Engineer Safety Checks | NGCFE


Regulation 26.9 is a section of the Gas Safety Installation and Use Regulations that provides guidance on what checks an engineer should carry out when working on an appliance. The regulation states the following. National Gas Centre For Excellence NGCFE “(8) No person carrying out work in relation to a gas appliance which bears an indication that it so conforms shall remove or deface the indication. (9) Where a person performs work on a gas appliance he shall immediately thereafter examine – (a) the effectiveness of any flue; (b) the supply of combustion air; (c) subject to sub-paragraph (ca), its operating pressure or heat input or, where necessary, both; (ca) if it is not reasonably practicable to examine its operating pressure or heat input (or, where necessary, both), its combustion performance;1 (d) its operation so as to ensure its safe functioning, and forthwith take all reasonably practicable steps to notify any defect to the responsible person and, where different, the owner of the premises in which the appliance is situated or, where neither is reasonably practicable, in the case of an appliance supplied with liquefied petroleum gas, the supplier of gas to the appliance, or, in any other case, the transporter.” The checks can be easily remembered using the abbreviation FAGS, which stands for flue, air, gas and safety devices. These checks must be carried out as a minimum when working on an appliance. Should you wish to attend the centre for training or wish to discuss your needs further, then please contact hello🤍 or call 01924973260

Gas Safe Safety Device (Code:7109) DEMO VIDEO 14893


Gas Safe Safety Device (Code:7109) To place your order WhatsApp : 🤍 Call 📞 : 0922-001-5000 Visit :🤍 Product Details of Gas Safe - Safety Device Gas Safe - Safety Device Gas Safe - Safety Device is a fire safety device which is one time investment to ensure the safety of your home and family from any fire hazards caused due to leakage of LPG cylinder. Made of brass body, nozzle and pressure gauge, it is highly durable and safe to use. It has large dial to give a clear view of the gas level and shut-off indication and has similar open and close tap as the regulator. You can quickly install it as you don't need any other tools. Gas Safe - Safety Device is a must have device in your kitchen to avoid any accidents due to fire leakage. Model Type: Vertical Material: Body - Brass+Mix metal, Pressure Gauge & Nozzle - Brass Safety: Auto shut off on major leak of GAS Indicator: Low level of gas in cylinder Life Cycle: 25 years Weight: 364 g Size/Dimensions: 7.8 x 8 x 8.1 cm Product Highlights: Durable made by Brass Upto 20% GAS can be saved Approved by underwriters laboratories of American 3 Years replacement warranty For domestic LPG cylinders only Ready to use & maintenance free Three Step Installation: First put the Gas Safe Device on Cylinder Then Put the regulator on Gas Safe Device Then Switch on the gas safe by double press the gas indicator Package Contents: 1 x Gas Safe - Safety Device 1 x Manual cum Warranty Card Lets Connect! Like Naaptol on Facebook: 🤍 Follow Naaptol on Twitter: 🤍

The Shirt - Gas Safe Register


Short video for our 2022 / 2023 Winter Campaign activity

Become a gas engineer diary: Career opportunities


Learn how to be a gas installer 🤍 After 9 weeks of training in-centre and on-site Toby is now well on his way to becoming a gas safe registered engineer. In this video he discusses the career prospects and the opportunities of a career in gas. ABOUT VIVA TRAINING ACADEMY At VIVA Training Academy, we provide a range of #gas engineering and #plumbing courses. From our location in Halifax, we provide certification for gas operatives throughout England via bespoke courses that match your needs. So whether you’re an engineer who has enrolled onto our ACS course to remain up to date with the latest changes in the industry, or are a complete novice who has joined our Managed Learning Programme to start your journey to becoming a gas safe registered engineer, we want to give you the insights, skills, knowledge, tools and techniques to help you truly thrive. CONNECT WITH US Website: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍

How To Fill Out A Landlord Gas Safety Check CP12 GGIUR 26.9


Completing landlords / homeowners gas safety certificates is a part of everyday life when working in the gas industry. Landlords require one to be completed annually while homeowners may require one to be completed when selling a property etc. Despite there being clear instructions on how to complete these documents in the form of TB55, the GSIUR and various other industry documents, there is definitely huge disparity when it comes to the standard to which different engineers complete them. This video is a tongue-in-cheek attempt to offer some form of standardisation for any engineer who wishes to understand the correct way of completing the forms. Gas installer / Trading title: The trading name of the company that is carrying out the inspection Name: The company name of the company completing the inspection Address: The address of the registered business Gas safe register no: The registration number of the company Gas installer ref no: The licence number of the engineer completing the certificate Date/ Time of issue: The date / time of the inspection Engineers name: The name of the gas safe registered engineer completing the inspection Tenant / Homeowner details: As described Landlord / agent details: As described Appliance location: The part of the property that the appliance is installed in e.g., kitchen Make: The manufacturer name from the appliance Model: The model name / number for the appliance Type: The type of appliance Flue type: Is the appliance open flued, room sealed closed flue, flueless or vertex flue? Operating pressure: Either burner pressure or inlet working pressure Heat input: Gas rate (gross or net depending on appliance) always best to specify Safety device correct operation: Does the relevant safety devices operate properly and within the allowed timeframe? Ventilation adequate: Does the appliance have the required ventilation? CO Alarm fitted: Is a CO alarm fitted (requirement in Scotland)? CO Alarm tested: If tested, did the alarm pass its operational test? Flue flow test: If tested, was the test successful or did the test fail? Spillage test: If tested, was the test successful or did the test fail? Termination satisfactory: Does the flue termination comply with regulations and MI’s? Visual condition: Inspect the flue throughout its length. Is it fully supported and secure and installed as per MI’s? Combustion performance ratio: CO/CO2 ratio Appliance safe to use: Has the appliance passed all relevant 26.9 checks and is it safe to use? Landlords’ appliance: does the appliance belong to the landlord? Inspected: Has the appliance been inspected? Details of any faults: Have any faults / defects / unsafe situations been identified during the inspection? Please list Remedial action taken: If any of the above have been identified, what action was taken by the engineer on site. This can be making safe in line with GIUSP or carrying out remedials on site to rectify the issue Details of work carried out: Detail howe the remedial action was carried out or the work carried out on site Label / warning notice issued: Was a warning notice or label attached / issued? Outcome of installation pipework visual inspection: Did the installation pipework conform to regulations? Outcome of gas supply pipework visual inspection: Did the gas supply pipework supplying the meter conform to regulations? Is the emergency control valve access satisfactory: Is the ECV accessible, local and in good working order? Outcome of tightness test: If tested, did the installation pass a let-by, stabilisation and tightness test? Is the equipotential bonding satisfactory: Is the bonding within 600mm of the meter outlet, before the first tee and of at least 10mm diameter? NOTES (best practice): Always write “No other appliances tested” below the last appliance on your certificate Always note all appliances, even if they are only visual inspections Should you wish to attend the centre for training or wish to discuss your needs further, then please contact hello🤍 or call 01924973260

Radio ad 2022 - The Sign of legally registered Gas Safe engineers


The Gas Safe Register is the only official list of engineers qualified to carry out gas work. So, when you need a gas engineer, don’t take chances. Find or check your local engineer is Gas Safe registered at 🤍

Boiler service to new building regs part L. will gas engineers comply and will customers pay for it.


Derek in this video services a gas boiler to the new part L of the building regulations. in the video Derek strips the boiler and cleans the heat exchanger and tests the central heating water quality.

Gas Safe Register


IS your GAS Safe in your CAMPER/RV??? - Part 20 - How To Build/Convert A Camper Van


Complete how to series on building your own camper van! Follow us on; Instagram // 🤍 Facebook // 🤍 Music Channel // 🤍 Website // 🤍 In this video, we go through some key safety features in your van to keep you gas safe. The most important thing to remember is to get someone qualified to install/sign off the work for you but hopefully, this will give you a few tips. If anyone has any top tips they would like to add, please leave them in the comments If you like my music and would like to hear some on your next road trip, then you can listen to my first album on Spotify here: 🤍 or follow this link to pick up a physical copy of that album 'Keep On Running' - 🤍 Also, for a bit of fun, you can watch me whizzing around the highlands on a 1970's moped during the music video for the title track 'Keep On Running' :D : 🤍 Below are some links to both the tools I used to complete the conversion as well as many of the parts used such as hob units, solar panels, split charge relay etc. Let me know if there’s anything else you’d like to know about. They are affiliated links but you won’t be charged any extra for using them, they’ll just allocate a small percentage of the original sale price to the channel which will help to keep projects up and running, thanks in advance for your support and as always, let us know if you have any questions, happy building! Amazon UK Links Parts Used LWB Van (Citroen Relay) Smev 9222 sink and hob unit: 🤍 12v Fridge with removeable freezer: 🤍 Propex 12v Gas Heater: 🤍 Solar Panel + Charge Controller (Great, helpful company for installation): 🤍 Leisure Batteries: 🤍 Sargeant Power Management Unit: 🤍 Seitz Mini Heki Roof Light: 🤍 600w Microwave: 🤍 Swivel Bases: 🤍 Deer Antler Coat Hook: 🤍 Foil Insulation: 🤍 Insulation Boards: 🤍 Side Window (Bonded + install kit): 🤍 Rear Windows (Bonded + install kit): 🤍 SWB Van (Piaggio Porter) Split Charge Relay: 🤍 Waeco Coolbox: 🤍 Hob Unit: 🤍 Folding Table Brackets (For table above spice rack): 🤍 Leisure Batteries: 🤍 Sargeant Power Management Unit: 🤍 Micro Roof Light: 🤍 Roof Rack: 🤍 Foil Insulation: 🤍 Insulation Boards: 🤍 Tools Used: Makita Flipover Saw : 🤍 Dewalt Drill: 🤍 Kreg Jig - For Pocket Hole Joinery: 🤍 Kreg Clamp: 🤍 Mouse Detail Sander: 🤍 Makita Drill Bit Set: 🤍 Makita Circular Saw: 🤍 Scroll Saw (For cutting the wooden map) : 🤍 Jigsaw : My grandads ancient jigsaw that’s still going strong Makita Router: 🤍 Crimping Tool: 🤍 Battery Cable Crimping Tool: 🤍 Camera Used: 🤍 Amazon USA Links Parts Used LWB Van (Citroen Relay) Smev sink and hob unit: 🤍 12v Fridge with removable freezer: 🤍 Seitz Mini Heki Roof Light: 🤍 700w Microwave: 🤍 Foil Insulation: 🤍 SWB Van (Piaggio Porter) Split Charge Relay: 🤍 Waeco Coolbox: 🤍 Hob Unit: 🤍 Folding Table Brackets (For table above spice rack): 🤍 Leisure Batteries: Couldn’t find an exact link but they were 110ah batteries from xplorer Micro Roof Light: 🤍 Foil Insulation: 🤍 Tools Used Dewalt Drill: 🤍 Kreg Jig: 🤍 Kreg Clamp: 🤍 Mouse Detail Sander: 🤍 Makita Drill Bit Set: 🤍 Makita Circular Saw: 🤍 Camera Used: 🤍 Happy Camping! Joe

Gas Safety Certificates for Landlords in the UK


Today we're completing gas safety certificates for our lovely clients. In this video we give you a short rundown of our Gas Safety Certificate service, which is included in Quinnergy's Landlord Compliance Package. Use the timestamps below to find the part you are looking for quickly! 0:00​ Intro 0:14 Checking the gas appliance in the property 0:54 Gas-meter checks 1:16 Gas-tightness test at the meter 2:03 Further visual inspection 2:46 Gas-tightness test at the boiler 3:06 Checking the carbon monoxide alarm 3:35 FGA test (Flue Gas Analysis) 4:48 Checking for gas-leaks + finishing job 🔨 Tools for the Job Flue Gas Analyser: 🤍 Gas Test Gauge: 🤍 iPad Mini: 🤍 #LandlordCompliance #GasSafety #GSC - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - We are Quinnergy. We are Landlord Compliance Specialists. We do Heating, Electrical, & Plumbing Coverage for Home Owners, Landlords & Letting Agencies. 💰 Landlord Services + EICR - Electrical Installation Condition Report + EPC - Energy Performance Certificate + GSC - Gas Safety Certificate + LRA - Legionella Risk Assessment + PAT - Portable Appliance Testing + FFE - Fire Fighting Equipment + Smoke Alarm Checks Website Link: 🤍 🏠 Homeowner Services + Complete Homecare Package + All Heating Package + All Electricity Package + All Plumbing + Annual Servicing + Priority Breakdown Cover + EICR - Electrical Installation Condition Report + PAT - Portable Appliance Testing + GSC - Gas Safety Certificate + FFE - Fire Fighting Equipment Website Link: 🤍 💎 Premium Service: 24hr Emergency line Unlimited callouts No price hikes! We also offer a complete 24hr home-care package, starting at 35p per day, meaning you have access to all of our services, all the time! If you want to ensure your home/property remains in its best possible condition, give us a call, or head over to our website for a quote. 🌐 Website: 🤍 ✉️ Email: admin🤍 📞 Phone: 01355 201206 Quinnergy is based in Strathaven, UK. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 📱 Follow the story: ► LinkedIn: 🤍 ► Twitter: 🤍 ► Instagram: 🤍 ► Facebook: 🤍 ► TikTok: 🤍 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 🎵 Music Credits - Quinnergy accepts music submissions! Reach out to 🤍Quinnergy_Video_Dude on Instagram! Intro Song: Nostalgie by Dj Mick4 Artist Link: 🤍 Song Link: 🤍 Background Song 1: VOYAGER 1 by John Tasoulas Artist Link: 🤍 Song Link: 🤍 Background Song 2: Space Navigator by Sarah, The Illstrumentalist Artist Link: 🤍 Song Link: 🤍 Outro Song: Nostalgia by Teto Artist Link: 🤍 Song Link: 🤍 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 📌 TAGS #PropertyManagement #PropertyMaintenance #Gas #Boiler #FGA #PropertyCare #Appliances #Glasgow #Property #Landlords #Contractor #Specialist 🔎 SEO Glasgow, Business, UK Business, Landlord Compliance, Landlord compliance UK, UK Businesses, Quinnergy, How do Quinnergy Work, Quinnergy Ltd, Glasgow landlord, Glasgow Landlords, Glasgow landlord compliance, UK Landlord compliance, Scotland landlord compliance, Fixing properties, property Improvement, Services for businesses, Checking my property, Ensuring gas safety, Landlord Problems, Landlord Solutions, landlord problem solving, property check, Glasgow Businesses, Inside glasgow businesses, Quinnergy does a Gas Safety Certificate, Quinnergy does a GSC, Garry Quinnergy, Quinnergy Glasgow, Quinnergy Landlord Services, Quinnergy Home care, Quinnergy property maintenance, Monthly care package, Quinnergy monthly care package, Gas test, Testing Gas, Gas Experts, Greater glasgow area, Gas services, Gas services for landlords, Safety check, Property letting, Multidisciplined engineers, Quinnergy engineer, Gas Safety Cert, Gas Safety Certificate, Performing a Gas Safety Certificate, Checking Gas Safety, Checking Gas Tightness, Performing an FGA test, FGA test, Flue Gas Analysis, Gas Safety UK, Gas Safety Certificate UK, Gas Safety for Landlords, Gas Safety Certificate for Landlords, Do I need a Gas Safety Certificate, Property Gas Safety, Landlord Obligations

Rules regarding landlords report (gas safety checks) a quick guide on the rules and must do’s .


Derek in their short video shows us the rules and regulations of carrying out a landlords report or gas safety check.

ACS Gas Training - Fast Track Plumbing - Train To Be A Gas Safe Engineer


Become a Gas Safe Engineer with Viva Training Academy. Learn to be a Plumber. Trainee gas engineer installing gas boilers. Servicing gas fires. Testing cookers. Doing Landlord Gas Safety Certificates. CP12. Gas and Plumbing training. Fast Track Plumbing / Gas Training. How to train to be a gas plumber.



LPG cylinder safety tips. Visit our channel to watch the full video


LPG cylinder safety tips. Visit my channel to watch full video. video link- 🤍

A Day in the Life of our Gas Engineer


In light of Gas Safety Week, we followed around one of our gas engineers, Joanne. Each year Together Housing carry out their annual gas safety checks, this check could save your life and the lives of your friends, family and neighbours.

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