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Takagi & Ketra feat. thasup, Salmo - BUBBLE (Official Video)


#takagi #ketra #thasup #salmo #BUBBLE Ascolta Bubble qui 🤍 Una produzione Overclock Srl Regia a cura di Giulio Rosati Assistente Creativo: Giacomo Barbieri Dop: Stefano Bella Producer: Alessandro Salerno Prod. Manager: Noemi Bella Prod. Coordinator: Bejna Hoxha Prod. Coordinator: Radha Trentin 1AD: Gabriel Reyes Junior Prod. Ass: Chiara Franco Junior Prod. Ass: Elisa Deufemia Operatore Steady: Mauro Gianesini Focus Puller: Roberto Bassignana 2AC: Sara Di Natale VTR/DIT: Riccardo Pompili Gaffer: Marco Drago Elettrico: Alessandro Bella Aiuto Elettrico: Gianluca Cavalieri Key Grip: Luca Massa Macchinista: Filippo Testa Macchinista: Matteo Corti Scenografa: Veronica Molteni Scenografa: Chiara Marazzi Attrezzista: Daniele Campagnano Stylist: Elena Serafini Ass. Stylist: Alessia Guizzardi MUA: Valentina Petris MUA: Francesca Piampiani Ass. MUA: Elisa Petris Nail artist: Luna Paghini Operatore Drone: Diego Orel Stunt: Stefano Pribaz Stunt: Massimo Bellai Color Correction: Fabiana Messina ATTORI E COMPARSE: Melissa di Cianni Anitaal Singh Carmen Luongo Marco Osnaghi Rita Giannoccoli Munoz Perez Alva Vitoria Fatima Koanda Livia Khaiu Ethan Bodian Matteo Giavatto Simone Bonino Davide He Tchegne Kouang Nediou Gennaro Mele Si ringraziano: Dudù Car Wash di Osnago Gasi garage Comune di Cornate D’adda Face and Place Start up Management Casting Up Marina Kids

Blowing Bubbles + MORE D Billions Kids Songs


00:00 Blowing Bubbles 01:30 Touch your Nose! 03:42 Amazing Journey 05:26 Wrong talking puppets 07:12 Play a game with Puppets! #DBillions Copyright AWA LLC 2022. All Rights Reserved

Bubble | Official Trailer | Netflix


In a Tokyo where gravity has broken, a boy and a girl are drawn to each other... The story is set in Tokyo, after bubbles that broke the laws of gravity rained down upon the world. Cut off from the outside world, Tokyo has become a playground for a group of young people who have lost their families, acting as a battlefield for parkour team battles as they leap from building to building. Hibiki, a young ace known for his dangerous play style, makes a reckless move one day and plummets into the gravity-bending sea. His life is saved by Uta, a girl with mysterious powers. The pair then hear a unique sound audible only to them. Why did Uta appear before Hibiki? Their encounter leads to a revelation that will change the world. Streaming worldwide from Thursday, April 28, only on Netflix. Director: Tetsuro Araki Screenplay: Gen Urobuchi Character Designs: Takeshi Obata Music: Hiroyuki Sawano Producer: Genki Kawamura Production Studio: WIT Studio Opening theme song “Bubble featuring Uta” by Eve Voice Cast: Jun Shison, Riria, Mamoru Miyano, Yuki Kaji, Tasuku Hatanaka, Sayaka Senbongi, Marina Inoue, Shinichiro Miki, Alice Hirose SUBSCRIBE: 🤍 About Netflix: Netflix is the world's leading streaming entertainment service with 222 million paid memberships in over 190 countries enjoying TV series, documentaries, feature films and mobile games across a wide variety of genres and languages. Members can watch as much as they want, anytime, anywhere, on any internet-connected screen. Members can play, pause and resume watching, all without commercials or commitments. Bubble | Official Trailer | Netflix 🤍 In an abandoned Tokyo overrun by bubbles and gravitational abnormalities, one gifted young man has a fateful meeting with a mysterious girl.

Парень Даши Дошик пришел на шоу с КОЛЬЦОМ! Кросс и Каграманов. Кто твой подписчик?


В шоу «КТО ТВОЙ ПОДПИСЧИК» Карина Кросс и Рома Каграманов проверяют насколько известные блогеры и артисты знают своих подписчиков. В этом выпуске с данной задачей пробует справиться Даша Дошик. Карина Кросс: 🤍 Рома Каграманов: 🤍 Даша Дошик: ​🤍 BubbleGun VK: 🤍 BubbleGun TG: 🤍 По вопросам рекламы и коммерческих предложений, пожалуйста пишите на bubblegun🤍internet.ru #ДашаДошик #Кросс #Каграманов

Кай Гетц, Владимир Яганов | Про актёрские работы, эмоции и "Трудное детство" | BUBBLE Подкаст


Смотрите "Гром: Трудное детство" только на Кинопоиске: 🤍 В новом выпуске Bubble Подкаста Кай Гетц – исполнитель роли Игоря Грома – и Владимир Яганов – исполнитель роли Игната Шпунько в фильме "Гром: Трудное детство"! Какой путь привёл Кая и Володю к ролям в фильме "Гром: Трудное детство"? Что было самым интересным на съёмках, а что самым сложным? Какие планы у ребят на будущее? Ответы на все эти вопросы – в новом выпуске Bubble Подкаста! 00:00 Интро: Кай Гетц и Владимир Яганов в Bubble Подкасте! 02:29 Как Кай Гетц и Владимир Яганов попали в проект "Гром: Трудное детство" 04:50 В каких проектах участвовали Кай и Володя? 10:00 Как Кай и Володя готовились к своим ролям? 14:27 Что есть общего у актёров со своими героями 20:58 Планируют ли Кай Гетц и Владимир Яганов быть актёрами в будущем? 25:07 Про съёмки фильма "Гром: Трудное детство" 30:13 Какие моменты съёмок были самыми тяжёлыми 32:28 СПОЙЛЕРЫ! Про съёмки самых эмоциональных сцен фильма 37:44 Как жилось в 90-е Артёму Габрелянову (все рассказывают свои истории) 53:20 Квиз по 90-м 54:26 Плакали ли Кай и Володя при просмотре "Трудного детства"? #bubblecomics #громтрудноедетство #bubbleподкаст Кинопоиск в VK: 🤍 Кинопоиск в TG: 🤍 BUBBLE Studios: 🤍 BUBBLE в TG: 🤍

Bubble Crash Course for Beginners (2022)


🎓 My complete Bubble course (45+ hours of lessons) 👉 🤍 IN THIS VIDEO Learn the fundamentals of Bubble by building a simple second-hand goods marketplace from scratch. 🔥 Mega tutorial on Responsive Design: 🤍 ⌚ TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction - 00:00 The Bubbling mindset - 00:45 Creating a new app - 04:48 Setting up our first page - 05:36 Adding visual elements - 09:50 Collecting user input - 13:01 Your Bubble database - 19:40 Improving the UX of our form - 37:30 The debugger - 39:00 Retrieving data from the database - 42:26 Groups - 48:58 Repeating groups - 56:02 Pushing data between containers - 1:01:20 Editing data things - 1:09:46 Combining our edit and create forms - 1:19:05 Only when rules - 1:23:43 Yes/no statements formatted as text - 1:29:23 Pages - 1:31:28 Inter-page navigation - 1:35:53 Reusable elements - 1:38:54 Users - 1:46:22 User sign up - 1:47:22 Conditional statements - 1:59:25 Custom states and forking logic - 2:05:22 Creating our login/signup form - 2:29:48 Data relationships - 2:41:03 Privacy rules - 2:49:49 Creating a ‘favorite products’ list - 2:56:20 Closing remarks - 3:04:49

Bubble - Coldsun Full Album Continuous Mix


A continuous mix of all songs from the album Coldsun by Bubble Track list: 1. Clone 2. Daydream 3. Extra Worm 4. Timeless 5. Made In Japan 6. Days 7. Duduk 8. Plastic 9. Coldsun 10. Abu Gosh 11. It´s Too Far 12. Different Story Genre: Goa, Psytrance

Bubble.io Tutorial: How to Build an App on Bubble in 2023


If you're building a no code app on Bubble, this complete Bubble.io crash course for beginners will help turn you into a successful no code app entrepreneur. That said, if you're already well into development, use this as your guiding compass to make sure you're approaching development correctly (and leveraging Bubble to its fullest). In this full Bubble breakdown video, you'll learn... - All about Bubble's capabilities and limitations - Answers to every frequently asked question we've gotten about Bubble - How to navigate Bubble.io - Important development methodology to help you leverage Bubble correctly - How to approach structuring a Bubble database - How to understand Bubble's responsive editor - How to approach workflow creation in Bubble - How to build features like sign up forms, expense trackers, inboxes, shopping carts, and more - How to test and deploy your Bubble app - Advanced Bubble capabilities - And SO much more... Dig into this complete Bubble walkthrough, save it to your favorites, and come back again and again as you build your own custom no code app. This is your full masterclass to help you finally launch that big app idea you've had, all without coding. 00:00:00 - What You're About to Learn 00:00:56 - Bubble Capabilities 00:08:59 - Bubble FAQs 00:14:56 - Learning Bubble 00:20:20 - Navigating the Bubble Editor 00:25:38 - 3 Pillars of App Development 00:27:07 - Database Structuring (for Performance) 00:35:30 - Responsive Design 00:44:15 - Custom Workflow Logic 00:47:16 - How to Build a Sign Up Form 01:32:16 - Dynamic Expressions & Data Sources 01:42:02 - How to Build an Expenses & Budget Tracker 02:11:14 - How to Build a User-to-User Chat 02:38:32 - How to Build a Shopping Cart 03:02:09 - Testing & Deploying Your App 03:06:27 - Advanced Bubble Capabilities 03:11:55 - Next Steps 💥 In-Depth Training on How to Build a Bubble App: - 🤍 - 🤍 - 🤍 💥 Work Directly With Us to Launch Your App & Start/Grow Your Business: - 🤍 💥 Free Stuff: - In-Depth Workshop on No Code App Development: 🤍 - Facebook Community for No Code App Entrepreneurs: 🤍 - How to Scope Your No Code App: 🤍 - In-Depth Bubble Guide: 🤍 - Template for Testing Your No Code App: 🤍 - Costs & Budget for No Code App Development: 🤍 - No Code App Development Beginner Quick-Guide: 🤍

LEO - "The Practical Bubble is Out of Control" FEBRUARY 13TH - 19TH


LEO EXTENDED : 🤍 Welcome to ALI's Tarot. *I DO NOT DO PERSONAL READINGS These are free GENERAL/LOVE readings. If you would like to donate, it would be greatly appreciated. Please note "donation" in the "+Add a note" section: 🤍 Please DO NOT send money for private readings or for answering questions, because I repeat: I DO NOT DO PERSONAL READINGS AT THIS TIME(Please Respect that) TAROT & ORACLE Decks Used TAROT: STEAMPUNK TAROT - by Barbara Moore 🤍 MODERN SPELLCASTERS TAROT - by Melanie Marquis, Scott Murphy 🤍 TAROT IN WONDERLAND - by Barbara Moore, Eugene Smith 🤍 WITCHES TAROT - by Ellen Dugan,Mark Evans 🤍 TAROT ILLUMINATI - by Kim Huggens, Erik C.Dunne 🤍 Mystical MANGA TAROT - by Rann, Barbara Moore 🤍 TAROT GRAND LUXE - by Cirro Marchetti 🤍 THE LIGHT SEER’S TAROT - by Chris-Anne 🤍 EASY TAROT - by Josephine Ellershaw, Cirro Marchetti 🤍 OTHERKIN TAROT - by Siolo Thompson 🤍 TAROT made EASY: Your Tarot Your Way - by Barbara Moore, Eugene Smith 🤍 PANDA TAROT - by Severino Baraldi, Lo Scarabeo 🤍 SANTA MUERTE TAROT - by Fabio Listrani 🤍 SHADOWSCAPES TAROT - by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law, Barbara Moore 🤍 LEGACY OF THE DIVINE TAROT - by Ciro Marchetti 🤍 WIZARDS TAROT - by Barbara Moore, Mieke Janssens 🤍 THE LAST UNICORN TAROT - by The Last Unicorn 🤍 VICEVERSA TAROT - Massimiliano Filadoro, Davide Corsi 🤍 GILDED TAROT ROYALE - by Ciro Marchetti, Barbara Moore 🤍 REVELATIONS TAROT - by Zach Wong 🤍 WHITE FLY TAROT - by Danilo Sanino 🤍 & 🤍 ORACLE: MYSTICAL SHAMAN ORACLE - by Alberto Villoldo, Colette Baron-Reid, Marcela Lobos 🤍 BARBIERI ZODIAC ORACLE - by Paolo Barbieri, Barbara Moore 🤍 ORACLE OF THE UNICORNS - by Cordelia Francesca Brabbs 🤍 ALICE: THE WONDERLAND ORACLE - by Lucy Cavendish, Jasmine Becket-Griffith 🤍 THE UNIVERSE HAS YOUR BACK - by Gabrielle Bernstein, Micaela Ezra 🤍 THE PSYCHIC TAROT FOR THE HEART ORACLE - by John Holland 🤍 ORACLE OF THE FAIRIES - by Karen Kay, Ginger Kelly 🤍 THE ORACLE OF E - by Pam Grout, Colette Baron-Reid 🤍 THE ENCHANTED MAP ORACLE - by Colette Baron-Reid 🤍 SPIRIT OF THE ANIMALS ORACLE - by Jodi Bergsma 🤍 THE SPIRIT ANIMAL ORACLE - by Colette Baron-Reid 🤍 WORK YOUR LIGHT ORACLE - by Rebecca Campbell 🤍 THE SOUL’S JOURNEY LESSON CARDS - by James Van Praagh 🤍 SACRED TRAVELER ORACLE - by Denise Linn 🤍 BEYOND LEMURIA ORACLE - by Izzy Ivy 🤍 CONTACT: EMAIL: contact🤍alistarot.com WEBSITE: 🤍alistarot.com INSTAGRAM: 🤍Ali_Tru2You Thank you for watching! * LEGAL DISCLAIMER* Be advised that all tarot readings are for Entertainment Purposes ONLY. Readings may not be 100% accurate. The Viewer is responsible for their own life and decisions. ALI’s Tarot is not qualified to give Medical, Legal or Financial Advice.

The New Guppy! Full Episode w/ Zooli | Bubble Guppies


It's time for Bubble Guppies! Meet Zooli, the new Guppy, in this full episode of Bubble Guppies! The Sea Witch steals the Guppies' magical jewels so she can rule the Seven Seas! Will the Guppies get their jewels back and stop her before it's too late? You can find more of your favorite shows weekday mornings on Nickelodeon, and everywhere you find Nick Jr. #BubbleGuppies #Zooli #NickJr Kids can watch full episodes of their favorite Nick Jr. shows weekdays on Nickelodeon and all week long on the Nick Jr. channel: 🤍 Watch More Blaze and the Monster Machines on YouTube: 🤍 Watch More Blue’s Clues & You! on YouTube: 🤍 *ADVERTISEMENT* SUBSCRIBE NOW: 🤍 Nick Jr. Full Episodes Playlist: 🤍 About Nick Jr: You can enjoy Nick Jr. shows and games everywhere you are. Watch full episodes of PAW Patrol, Shimmer and Shine, Blaze and the Monster Machines, Bubble Guppies, Team Umizoomi, Ricky Zoom, Peppa Pig, and more, anytime and anywhere, with the Nick Jr. App and at Nickjr.com. Watch full episodes, play games, and more in the free Nick Jr. App and at NickJr.com. iTunes: 🤍 Google Play: 🤍 Amazon: 🤍 NickJr.com: 🤍 Watch Paw Patrol, Blue’s Clues & You!, Bubble Guppies, Blaze and the Monster Machines, Ricky Zoom, Peppa Pig, Paddington and Dora and Friends! , and more weekdays on Nickelodeon or all week long on the Nick Jr. Channel: 🤍 Stream full episodes for FREE in the Nick Jr. App on Roku and Apple TV or download episodes. Follow Nick Jr: WEBSITE: 🤍 INSTAGRAM: 🤍 FACEBOOK: 🤍 TWITTER: 🤍 The New Guppy!' Full Episode w/ Zooli | Bubble Guppies | Nick Jr. 🤍 Nick Jr. 🤍

Bubble feat.Uta - MV Eve


Bubble feat. Uta - Eve Music Video 映画「バブル」OP主題歌 <劇場版>5.13全国公開 <NETFLIX版>4.28全世界配信 ▼Streaming / DL 🤍 ーーーー 映画『バブル』 重力が壊れた東京を舞台に描く、圧巻のグラビティアクション新体験映画 🤍 感想投稿企画はこちら 🤍 【STAFF】 監督:荒木哲郎/脚本:虚淵玄//キャラクターデザイン原案:小畑健 音楽:澤野弘之/制作スタジオ:WITSTUDIO ーーーー ◆Eve Live Tour 2022[廻人]開催決定!! ◆日時・会場 4/8(金):石川・本多の森ホール 4/17(日):福岡・北九州ソレイユホール 4/22(金):愛知・愛知県芸術劇場大ホール 4/24(日):広島・広島文化学園HBGホール 4/28(木):大阪・大阪国際会議場メインホール(グランキューブ大阪) 5/4(水祝):東京・東京ガーデンシアター 5/5(木祝):東京・東京ガーデンシアター 5/23(月):兵庫・神戸国際会館こくさいホール 【振替日時・会場】2022/5/20(金) 宮城・仙台サンプラザホール 『Adam by Eve: A Live in Animation』 🤍 ライブ映像×アニメーション×実写映画が一体となった新感覚音楽映画 2022年3月15日(火) Netflixにて全世界独占配信! A music film that blends live performance footage, animation and live action film to create a one-of-a-kind cinematic experience is coming to theaters near you! 2022.03.15 Worldwide release in streaming on Netflix ◆Eve New Album『廻人』 2022.3.16 release!! 【廻人盤】【初廻盤】【通常盤】の3形態による全14曲を収録。 CD収録内容:(全仕様内容共通) 01. 廻人(instrumental) 02. 廻廻奇譚 03. 夜は仄か 04. 遊生夢死 05. 暴徒 06. 平行線 07. YOKU 08. 蒼のワルツ 09. 心海 10. 群青讃歌 11. 言の葉 12. 藍才 13. 退屈を再演しないで 14. アヴァン ☑️GOODS [廻人盤(初回限定・特製BOX仕様)]:無限廻段(金属製ZINGAIフィギュア・アクリル製台紙付き), and more ☑️Blu-ray (初廻盤):Music Video集 ☑️早期予約Blu-ray (全形態):Eve LiveFilm Blu-ray「廻廻奇譚 / いのちの食べ方 / ドラマツルギー」 ▶️ Tie up 廻廻奇譚 / TVアニメ『呪術廻戦』オープニング主題歌 蒼のワルツ / アニメ映画『ジョゼと虎と魚たち』主題歌 心海 / アニメ映画『ジョゼと虎と魚たち』挿入歌 平⾏線 / ロッテガーナチョコレート『Gift』テーマソング 遊⽣夢死 / 個⼈制作アニメーションの祭典「Project Young.」主題歌 群⻘讃歌 / プロジェクトセカイ カラフルステージ! feat.初音ミク アニバーサリーソング 藍才 / Spotifyまとめ/プレミアム TVCMソング 退屈を再演しないで●Adam by Eve: A Live in Animation 劇中歌 暴徒●Adam by Eve: A Live in Animation 劇中歌 YOKU●「KATE欲コレクション」インスパイアソング 言の葉● NTTドコモ U30ロング割「あの恋をもう一度」テーマソング アヴァン●スマートフォンゲーム『呪術廻戦 ファントムパレード』主題歌 ▼特設サイト 🤍 Vocal:Eve / Uta (りりあ。) Lyrics/Music:Eve Arrangement:Numa ◇Music Video Staff Director : 依田伸隆 Motion Graphics : 10GAUGE          松木大祐          小林敦史          牧野圭亮 Special Thanks : 荒木哲郎 WIT STUDIO アニメ映画「バブル」製作委員会 ©2022「バブル」製作委員会 inst:🤍 lyric はりぼての飛行船の正体を 心の中に描き映した 抗うように思い出のアイロニー 明日を正しく迎える為 立ち止まることも知らない この軌道上に居なくとも 道しるべになるような この旗は折れることはない 遠い過去の情景を いつまでも見れるよう 叫んでいこうぜ 飛び越えて 舞って 弾けるこの想いも泡になって 君となら僕はまだ この夜も超えてみせると 確かな声で 大地を蹴って 引力は僕たちを離さないまま 恐れないで 手を振るよ 銀河の隅っこから応答して 探してゆけるから 触れることもできなくて 引かれ合う心はなぜ 夢の中を彷徨って ただ歌うことをやめないで 特別なことなんていらない 伝えなくてもわかるように 二人だけの音が この心を一つにした 想い描いた情景を いつまでも見れるよう 叫んでこうぜ 確かにある 目に映る 僕たちを繋ぐコンパスが 不確かな 目に見えない 心の奥をノックした まだ 怖いから 離さないでね ずっと ただ 君と 手を伸ばして ずっと 合図を待って 声の呼ぶ方へ 今ゆけ 惹かれあう引力で 叫んでいこうぜ 飛び越えて 舞って 弾けるこの想いも泡になって 君となら僕はまだ この夜も超えてみせると 確かな声で 大地を蹴って 引力は僕たちを離さないまま 恐れないで 手を振るよ 銀河の隅っこから応答して 探してゆけるから



Caleb And Mommy and Dad Play Outside with our new bubble blaster and Find REAL BUGS! Watch more Caleb and Mommy Videos: 🤍 ❤️Thanks for watching our video❤️ Please Subscribe- 🤍 Fun and Crazy Kids Channel- 🤍 Last weeks Video Here: 🤍 Today mommy, daddy and caleb go outside and play with our new bubble blaster toy and search for bugs! This cool bubble toy makes 1000's of bubbles that are colorful and giant. While we blow bubbles caleb and dad also search for bugs! We find all kinds of bugs like beetles, dragonfly, spiders, ants, grasshoppers and more! What's your favorite bug. This was a GREAT day! Do you like bubbles and bugs? We love your letters! Caleb Kids Show PO Box 1959 Sand Springs, OK 74063 Our Other Channels: Aubrey Swigart: 🤍 #calebkidsshow #bughunt #bugs

Most Daring Rescues w/ Gil, Molly, and Baby Mia! | 60 Minute Superhero Compilation | Bubble Guppies


Whether they're dressed up as superheroes, on a dinosaur adventure, or saving lost baby animals, Bubble Guppies are experts at rescuing their friends. You can always count on Gil, Molly, Mia, and the rest of Bubble Guppies to save the day! #BubbleGuppies #Superhero #Kids #Rescue #Baby Subscribe to the NEW Bubble Guppies YouTube channel for weekly videos with Molly, Gil, and all your favorite Guppies! And remember to turn on notifications to never miss them! You can find more Bubble Guppies weekday mornings on Nickelodeon and everywhere you find Nick Jr.! ADVERTISEMENT Subscribe to the OFFICIAL Bubble Guppies YouTube Channel: 🤍 Watch more videos on the OFFICIAL Bubble Guppies YouTube Channel: 🤍 Watch Bubble Guppies full episodes FOR FREE on the Nick Jr. App: iTunes: 🤍 Google: 🤍 Amazon: 🤍 You can also download premium apps featuring Bubble Guppies: iTunes: 🤍 Google Play: 🤍 Amazon: 🤍



Bubble OST by Hiroyuki Sawano. Soundtrack Cover by Samuel Kim. Vocals by 🤍lorien_lra 🎧 Stream on Spotify, Apple Music & More! ► 🤍 🎧 Support my work on Patreon (HQ Mp3 & Wave) ► 🤍 👍 Buy me some Coffee ► 🤍 🎧 My Music is Available Here 🎧 ► Spotify: 🤍 ► Apple Music/iTunes: 🤍 ► YouTube Music: 🤍 ► Deezer: 🤍 Connect With Me on Social Media! ►Instagram: 🤍 ►Twitter: 🤍 All copyright belongs to their respective owners. Bubble OST by Hiroyuki Sawano. Cover Arranged & Produced by Samuel Kim Vocals by 🤍lorien_lra #BubbleAnime *DO NOT RE-UPLOAD on YouTube or other platforms (Soundcloud, TikTok, etc.) It is strictly prohibited to use my covers/arrangements for Podcasts (Spotify/Apple Podcasts) Also DO NOT make remixes using the audio file of my covers, and DO NOT illegally distribute my music to streaming platforms. If you want to use my music for your YouTube videos, please visit: 🤍

Tape bubble 🫧 BOOM!


Wabaal - Episode 23 [𝐂𝐂] - Sarah Khan - Talha Chahour - Merub Ali - 5th February 2023 - HUM TV


Check out the new Pakistani dramas 2022, on HUM TV's YouTube channel and watch all the latest episodes! Wabaal - Episode 23 - Sarah Khan - Talha Chahour - Merub Ali - 5th February 2023 - HUM TV 🤍 Subscribe To HUM TV’s YouTube Channel! Written by Qaisera Hayat Directed by Amin Iqbal and Produced by Momina Duraid. CAST : Sarah Khan Talha Chahour Shagufta Ejaz Merub Ali and others. #humtv #WabaalEp23 #PakistaniDrama #sarahkhan

GIANT BUBBLE FAMILY GAME | Enjoying with Family | DIY Soap Bubbles | Aayu and Pihu Show


Kis kis ko mazza atta hai bubbles banane mein? comments mein zarur batana! Video pasand aaye to like aur share bhi kar dena. Homemade Bubble Solution:- 1 Liter water 100 ml Dish Liquid Soap 1 tablespoon Baking Powder 1/4 Cup Corn Starch 20 ml Glycerin Mix well and your homemade bubble solution is ready! Aayu Ka Camera Video - 🤍 Aayu and Pihu Show - 🤍 Hindi Family show on YouTube, new videos every Thursday on Short movies, Challenges, Comedy, Fireless Cooking, Games, and Good Habits. You will learn, enjoy, play games, sing songs, cook, and dance with us. Parent-friendly, happy family show If you like our videos please share. Our Family Channels Ruchi and Piyush - 🤍 Aayu and Pihu Show - 🤍 Our video collection Pihu Ki Stories 👧 - 🤍 Aayu Ki Stories 👦 - 🤍 Family Challenges 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 - 🤍 Thanks for watching, suggestions are most welcome. Love you, friends :) Copyright 🤍 Aayu and Pihu Show. Any unauthorized reproduction of this content (videos / small clips/pictures) in any form will result in immediate action against the concerned video/channel. #aayuandpihushow #aayupihushow #aayupihu

Quiet Classroom Music For Children - Calming Sensory Bubbles - Morning music for class


Quiet classroom music for children may assist students to be calm and focused. Calm Kids Classroom’s instrumental morning music for class may be used to encourage your students to ‘be ready to learn’ in a variety of classroom settings and lessons. Teachers and home schooling parents can utilise our relaxing and quiet classroom music for children, including kindergarten, the elementary classroom, middle school students and high school students. Consider subscribing to our channel 👉 🤍 Thanks for watching and may your classroom be calm! _ 🎆FOR TEACHERS & HOMESCHOOLING PARENTS🎆: ✨ If you are enjoying our videos and would like to support this channel and a fellow teacher parent with a very small donation, consider ‘buying me a coffee’ here ☕: buymeacoffee.com/calmki ✨ Check out unique teacher merch & resources at our store 👕 ‘Teacher Confetti’ here 👉: bit.ly/TeacherConfetti _ ABOUT CALM KIDS CLASSROOM Created by an early years teacher, Calm Kids Classroom instrumental music videos may be used in a number of ways to benefit your students or children, such as having circle time or starting the day with quiet morning music for the classroom, calm music for studying, quiet reading music for silent reading time, relaxing music for settling after lunch or play time, a calm ‘brain break’, sleep time at preschool, background music during writing time and more! Calm Kids Classroom has created numerous styles of videos for different classroom needs. Your students may enjoy watching a quiet classroom music video of an aquarium during morning circle time to start the day in a calm way, but what if you need music only or a video with less visuals during writing time to ensure your students are not distracted? Calm Kids Classroom has created both still shots/low visual music videos AND calm engaging moving music videos! Our growing video library also contains calming sensory videos to assist your students with special needs. Contact us: calmkidsclassroom🤍gmail.com _ CREDITS Audio track used under creative commons licence.



Provided to YouTube by KVZ Music Ltd. Bubble · Dim4ou Bubble ℗ Flamant Released on: 2017-06-13 Composer: Иван Бояджиев Lyricist: Димчо Харалампиев Music Publisher: Flamant Publishing Auto-generated by YouTube.

Yemi Alade & Spice - Bubble It (Official Video)


“Bubble It” Available to download / stream in all digital stores worldwide 🤍 Effyzzie Music Group presents the official video for “Bubble It” Performed by Yemi Alade and Spice. Lyrics Yemi and spice From.a Queen to a queen Ok! alright! You already know From a queen to queen Jamaica to Africa Chorus Bubble it wiggle it bubble it Me wanna wiggle it wiggle wiggle it Yemi! Spice! Intro : Right yah so now ,Ready waist Verse 1 Bubble it bubble it Bumba watch me wabble it Like a ball mi a juggle it Every man wah fi cuddle it So mi jiggle it juggle it this no big ano puddle it So mi couple it bubble it , muscle it when you trouble it Drop it desso , clap it loud it echo fluffy like Marshmallow a the two Queen say so This ano waffle no eggo body no soft like Jello Gal you fi wine wid yuh hand pan yuh knee don’t leggo Squat like a yoga so mi bubble like a can a soda Look how mi hotta dan a cup a capachino mocha A so mi siddong and a wine like Mi deh pan a sofa While have mi Bumpa spinning round deh like a roller coaster Sweet like sugar Sweet like sugar Sweet like Sweet like sweet sugar Sweet like sugar Sweet like sugar Sweet like Sweet like sweet sugar Verse 2 (Where d gyal dem dey) Take your waist to ground and your hands on your back ,wiggle it around, give a man a heart attack Bring it up so slow, Bend down low Kack it kack it up some more Wiggle wiggle on d floor When we link up link up It's a stick up stick up Bout to get my freak on Lemme get my liquor Anabella ,get on your feet and shake your bumbumbum That your waist line, break like a tom tom tom Usain bolt on beat me ah instrumental beast Running through your speakers like I'm looking for a feast With my ice like wow, bad to the bone It's a stampede when me pull up on the scene Cos me sweet like sugar sweet like sugar, sweet like sweet like sweet like sugar Me sweet like sugar sweet like sugar Me tasty me sweet me sweet like sugar #YemiAlade #Spice #BubbleIt #EffyzzieMusic 🤍

Wabaal - Episode 22 [𝐂𝐂] - Sarah Khan - Talha Chahour - Merub Ali - 29th January 2023 - HUM TV


Check out the new Pakistani dramas 2022, on HUM TV's YouTube channel and watch all the latest episodes! Wabaal - Episode 22 - Sarah Khan - Talha Chahour - Merub Ali - 29th January 2023 - HUM TV Drama 🤍 Subscribe To HUM TV’s YouTube Channel! Written by Qaisera Hayat Directed by Amin Iqbal and Produced by Momina Duraid. CAST : Sarah Khan Talha Chahour Shagufta Ejaz Merub Ali and others. #humtv #WabaalEp22 #PakistaniDrama #sarahkhan

Flying Magic Heart Bubble Maker Toy - Product Link in Comments!


🔗 You can find the product on: 🤍 💎 Find more - 🤍MaviGadgets ⁠ 📱 Download our mobile app - 🤍 🔗 Visit 🤍 to discover unique and amazing products⁠ 🎯 Sell your products on Mavigadget - Visit our website for more info!⁠ 💰 Become an affiliate and make money! - Visit our website for more info!⁠ 📣 Use #mavigadget to get featured!⁠

Biggest Bubble Machine Review 2021 - Rocket Boom Bubble Gun


❤Biggest Bubble Machine Rocket Boom Bubble Gun ❤Get it Now:🤍 (Rocket Launcher) 🤍 (Bazooka) ❤50% Off Today. ❤Free Worldwide Shipping. ❤LIMITED Quantity Available. bazooka bubble gun rocket launcher bubble gun Rocket Boom Bubble Gun 60 Hole Automatic Gatling Bubble Machine Biggest Electric Bubble Gun 【Novel Rocket Launcher Shape】Conventional bubble machines have fewer holes, less smooth bubbles, less power, sticky bubbles and a more homogeneous shape. This rocket launcher shape bubble maker has 60 holes, clear bubbles and no stickiness, innovative shape, reinforced and durable housing. 【Multi-hole Bubble】There are 60 holes for simultaneous bubbling and the bubbles are distinct and not sticky.Made from ABS material, reinforced shell, drop and impact-resistant, durable. 【Convenient Handle Design】Portable handle, easy to carry and the grip can be adjusted in position at will. One-handed and to take everywhere with you. Strap Design: The strap is designed to prevent the bubble machine from falling out of hand. 【Long-lasting Battery Life】Long operating life with lithium batteries, rechargeable, environmentally friendly, and durable. Easy To Clean: One tray for easy cleaning without sticky hands. Exquisite DIY Sticker: Come with exquisite DIY stickers, you can design your own bubble maker. 【Easy To Clean】One tray for easy cleaning without sticky hands. you can design your own bubble maker. The rocket launcher shape and streamlined design make it even more enjoyable for children.

Michael Bublé - Feeling Good [Official 4K Remastered Music Video]


Get the new album 'higher' NOW at 🤍 Listen to Feeling Good on the album "It's Time": michaelbuble.lnk.to/itstime Directed by Noble Jones Connect with Michael: Website: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 TikTok: 🤍 "Feeling Good" Lyrics: Birds flying high You know how I feel Sun in the sky You know how I feel Breeze driftin' on by You know how I feel It's a new dawn It's a new day It's a new life For me And I'm feeling good I'm feeling good Fish in the sea You know how I feel River running free You know how I feel Blossom on a tree You know how I feel It's a new dawn It's a new day It's a new life For me And I'm feeling good Dragonfly out in the sun you know what I mean, don't you know Butterflies all havin' fun you know what I mean Sleep in peace when day is done That's what I mean And this old world is a new world And a bold world For me For me Stars when you shine You know how I feel Scent of the pine You know how I feel Oh freedom is mine And I know how I feel It's a new dawn It's a new day It's a new life It's a new dawn It's a new day It's a new life It's a new dawn It's a new day It's a new life It's a new life For me And I'm feeling good I'm feeling good I feel so good I feel so good Michael Bublé It's Time Caught in the Act

Yakuza 0 Opening OST - Bubble


English Opening: 🤍 Panpii yarou ga Saturday Night Ranbata Odocchatte dasakunai? Hito ni kobin no mo suki ja nai Ore wa kono machi shikiru gurentai Gokumi ni nita gokujou no gal Disuko no VIP de haberakasu Muragaru geinoujintachi no yokogao wo satsutaba de hippataku Bodikon wo nameru dandy Shanpan no ame furu ban ni Sekai wa marude candy Amai mitsu no aji Oh oh oh Kabukitachimon no party night Oh oh oh kudaranee imeeji to Taishouteki na show wa Oh oh oh haguruma kurutta kono jidai Oh oh oh Heisei yosou koto naku Ride on Maiyo maiyo maiyo maiyo Wasshoi! Mata taimai hataite sawaide ha Aji mo wakarazu Yoi ni makaseta Chidoriashi no ginza wa dare mo ga kisotta No.1 Kane de kaeru no sa Ai demo nan de mo Gehin na warai koe ga katsute no "soboku na boku" no Oku no oku wo "Dou suru no?" To nokku suru Kono mama de ii no ka? Bukubuku to futotta yokubou ga massugu na kokoro hinmageruShikushiku naiteru tinkaaberu Ano hi yume mita no wa kousou biru kara mioroshita Konna keishiki nanka ja nai kedo omoidasenai Keiki wa amakute Danger Muragaru aritachi ni wa Delicious Nihon ga sekai seiha Kane de katta heiwa Oh oh oh Kabukitachimon no party night Oh oh oh kudaranee imeeji to Taishouteki na show wa Oh oh oh haguruma kurutta kono jidai Oh oh oh Heisei yosou koto naku Ride on Maiyo maiyo maiyo maiyo Wasshoi! Moyakashi no yoru yoku ga shitataru Furete wa naranu akuma no kajitsu Awa ni mamireta utakata no yume Hajikete mieta Jidai doko e Mada kore kara sa orera no Party Kesshite dare ni mo mane dekinai Ikizama de dohadeni Dancing Koukai dake ha shitakunai Michi naki michi wo kirihiraki Ore dake no kotae kono te niRyuu ga gotoku yozora wo mai Hokori wo kake sakebe mirai ni Wasshai! Oh oh oh Kabukitachimon no party night Oh oh oh kudaranee imeeji to Taishouteki na show wa Oh oh oh haguruma kurutta kono jidai Oh oh oh Heisei yosou koto naku Ride on Maiyo maiyo maiyo maiyo Wasshoi! Oh oh oh Maiyo maiyo maiyo maiyo Wasshoi!

How to Make a Bubble Machine with Motor at home


How to Make a Bubble Machine with Motor at home

ЗЛОЙ ЧЕБУРАШКА Охотится за Нами! **Чебурашки в реальной жизни**


Ксюша оказалась большим фанатом чебурашки, но девчонки не представляли что им придется столкнуться с Чебурашками в реальной жизни! Чем это закончилось смотри в новом видео на канале Double Bubble! По рекламе и сотрудничеству double_bubble🤍wildjam.ru Мои соц сети : Telegram : 🤍 Vk : 🤍 Rutube: 🤍 Zen: 🤍 Likee: 🤍 TikTok: 🤍 Я в YouTube: 🤍




Bubble Bounce! Mindfulness for Children (Mindful Looking)


🧠Slow your racing mind and improve your focus. 👩🏼‍🏫 Educators! I have created new resources to go alongside this video. 🧑‍💻They’re available to download from my website: 🤍thementalhealthteacher.com Resources: 📜Mindful looking scripts (age 3-5) (age 5-11) so you can do some mindfulness wherever you are with no prior knowledge needed - simply read it out. ✏️ Mindful Looking worksheets - ‘Record & Reflect’ - for children to use after this video or after the script is read to them. (Age 5-7) (age 7-11) 🔖 Mindful Looking Instruction Card - so that children can do their mindful looking independently. Links: 📜🔗 🤍 📜🔗 🤍 ✏️🔗 🤍 ✏️🔗 🤍 🔖🔗 🤍 👩‍🏫I am a one-woman band 🥁 so any support you can give me - via a SUBSCRIBE or a LIKE - would be AMAZING and really appreciated 😌 It will help me to get my resources to more teachers, more schools and ultimately, more children. 💛👦🏿🧒🏽👧🏻 💙If you liked this video, try 'Snowy Sensations': 🤍 ➡️See my other animated relaxation practices on my channel: 🤍

Dhurata Dora - Bubble (Official Video 4K)


Song available on: iTunes: 🤍 Deezer: 🤍 Spotify: 🤍 Follow Max Production on: ►Instagram: 🤍 ►Facebook: 🤍 ►Website: 🤍 Follow Dhurata Dora on: ►Instagram: 🤍 ►Facebook: 🤍 Music: Alandy Max audio Lyrics: Dhurata Dora, Gent Fatali

Bubbles Song | Little Angel Kids Songs & Nursery Rhymes


Yay Bubbles! Baby John, Jack and Jill make a crazy bubble machine that makes bubbles of all kinds of colors! But watch out, the bubble machine gets out of control. Luckily Mommy is there to help. Watch this 3D Sing-Along by Little Angel. #littleangel #littleangelnurseryrhymes #babyjohnsongs (🔔) Subscribe to Little Angel for New Videos ►► 🤍 Song Lyrics: Bubbles bubbles We can’t stop Make them bigger ‘Til they pop! Bubbles bubbles Blow them up Up up up It’s so much fun! What about colours? What about colours? We can make colourful, colourful bubbles For each other! Colourful bubbles! Colourful bubbles! We can make colourful, colourful bubbles For each other! Bubbles bubbles We can’t stop Make them bigger ‘Til they pop! Bubbles bubbles Blow them up Up up up It’s so much fun! Popping the bubbles! Popping the bubbles! We can pop so many, so many bubbles Here together! Popping the bubbles! Popping the bubbles! We can pop so many, so many bubbles Here together! Bubbles bubbles We can’t stop Make them bigger ‘Til they pop! Bubbles bubbles Blow them up Up up up It’s so much fun! Really big bubbles! Really big bubbles! We can make soapy, soapy water for our bubbles! Really big bubbles! Really big bubbles! We can make soapy, soapy water for our bubbles! Bubbles bubbles We can’t stop Make them bigger ‘Til they pop! Bubbles bubbles Blow them up Up up up It’s so much fun! Too many bubbles! Too many bubbles! Mom: We can pop so many, so many bubbles here Together! Too many bubbles! Too many bubbles! Mom: We can pop so many, so many bubbles here Together! Listen To Little Angel Nursery Rhymes on Spotify: 🤍 Listen to Other Little Angel Songs: Safety At The Mall | Good Habits ►► 🤍 Camping Song ►► 🤍 Watch Out For Dangers At Daycare ►► 🤍 Construction Workers Song ►► 🤍 Kids Songs and Nursery Rhymes in 3D ►► 🤍 These rhymes for children help teach basic skills and improves their ability to comprehend and follow directions. Nursery rhymes and kid’s songs accelerate phonetic awareness improving children's word comprehension, reading and writing skills. Animations by: Moonbug Inc. Copyright 2022 Moonbug.

Gummibär - Bubble Up - Song and Dance - The Gummy Bear


Bubble Up music video by Gummibär aka Osito Gominola, Ursinho Gummy, Gumimaci, Funny Bear, The Gummy Bear, etc. Good clean fun! Visit 🤍 PuRCHaSe On iTuNeS: 🤍 PuRCHaSe On AMaZoN: 🤍 Wenn sie in Deutschland wohnen und dieses Video nicht sehen koennen klicken sie bitte auf folgendes Link: - 🤍 Sign up for the Gummibär mailing list to win great prizes! - 🤍 GUMMIBÄR T-SHIRTS AND MERCH: 🤍 PLAY GUMMIBÄR (THE GUMMY BEAR) GAME: 🤍 VISIT ON FACEBOOK: 🤍 FOLLOW ON TWITTER: 🤍 VISIT ON MYSPACE: 🤍 FOLLOW ON PINTEREST: 🤍 SEND A GUMMIBÄR ECARD: 🤍 GUMMIBÄR JAPAN: 🤍 OSITO GOMINOLA: 🤍 Everyone's favorite animated dancing and singing gummy bear!

Vir: The Robot Boy | Bubble Man | As Seen On HungamaTV | WowKidz Action


Mad Max had made a bubble in which Timbuktu can enter and control the bubble. Timbuktu generates bubble and give direction with sensor gun so that bubble can capture VIR. Timbuktu creates more bubble and one bubble is targeted to vir, vir is captured by b CLICK - SUBSCRIBE, SHARE, LIKE. #wowkidz #virtherobotboy Follow Wowkidz: Blog- 🤍 Facebook- 🤍 Instagram- 🤍 Twitter- 🤍 If you read this then comment "I am a Wow Kid" :) Subscribe to our other channels: WOWKIDZ RHYMES & SHOWS: bit.ly/wowkidzrhymes WOWTEENZ: bit.ly/wowteenz WOW KIDZ COMEDY : goo.gl/HQtaCG

Юра Насонов ❘ Про "Майор Гром: Чумной Доктор", комиксы и поцарапанный Lamborghini ❘ BUBBLE ПОДКАСТ


На этой неделе у нас в гостях побывал Юра Насонов - актёр театра и кино, сыгравший Кирилла Гречкина в фильме "Майор Гром: Чумной Доктор". Вместе с Артёмом Габреляновым они обсудили подготовку Юры к роли, вспомнили несколько историй с проб и съемок, поговорили о комиксах и раскрыли тайну истории с Ламборгини. А ещё Юра ответил на главный вопрос: кто ему ближе - герои или злодеи? Промокод PODCAST — скидка 5% на печатные комиксы и мерч на сайте 🤍 Не распространяется на товары с уже имеющимися скидками и электронные комиксы. 00:00 - 01:19 - Интро и вступление 01:20 - 02:26 - Успех "Майор Гром: Чумной Доктор" на Netflix, подписчики из Мексики 02:26 - 06:21 - Подготовка Юры для роли Кирилла Гречкина, театр vs. окрашивание волос для роли 06:22 - 8:54 - Съемки Майора Грома, знакомство Юры с Олегом Чугуновым, ​две версии Кирилла Гречкина 8:55 - 13:29 - Самые необычные пробы на проекте, история Юры 13:30 - 19:44 - Сравнение проб с фильмом, процесс съемок, Олег Трофим 19:45 - 21:40 - История про Ламборгини, съемки с Сергеем Горошко 21:40 - 22:52 - Опасные моменты съемок, ощущения от реального огня, Анна Невская 22:52 - 27:34 - Жизнь Юры после съемок, что было после выхода трейлера МГЧД? История из театра 27:34- 34:30 - Волна популярности после выхода фильма, поддержка фанатов, фанатское творчество 34:30 - 36:36 - Жизнь фильма за пределами экрана, обратная связь с создателями, реалистичность Майора Грома 36:36 - 39:40 - История про Эпик Кон, «демпинг» в мире звездности 39:40 - 40:45 - Будущий Комик Кон, энергия фестивалей 40:46 - 43:45 - Отношение Юры к комиксам, гик-культуре, Человек-Паук и все-все-все 43:46 - 50:20 - Компьютерные игры, Death Stranding 50:21 - 55:50 - Сюжетность и драма в современных проектах, история про Dungeon&Dragons 55:51 - 58:30 - Настоящие и будущие проекты Юры 58:31 - Какой суперсилой хотел бы обладать Юра Насонов? А Артём Габрелянов? = BUBBLE в других частях Интернета: Наши комиксы: 🤍 VK: 🤍 TG: 🤍 Одноклассники: 🤍 #bubblecomics #майоргромчумнойдоктор #майоргром #мгчд #юранасонов #чумнойдоктор #netflix #majorgrom #MajorGromPlagueDoctor

Uta's Song - Bubble OST - Parkour Duet Edit


Uta singing from the Netflix animated movie, Bubble. AMV [[[SPOILER]]] Edited version of Uta and Hibiki parkouring. CLEAN / OFFICIAL SOUNDTRACK EDITION: 🤍 The official soundtrack is out: For the first part here is the link: 🤍 For the second part here: 🤍 I don't own any of the content. Loved the movie, loved the song. Thanks to Hiroyuki Sawano, Netflix and everyone involved in the making of this movie. Bubble - Rewrite The Stars AMV: 🤍 For more AMV's: 🤍

Colbie Caillat - Bubbly (Official Music Video)


REMASTERED IN HD!! Official Music Video for Bubbly performed by Colbie Caillat. Listen now to “Bubbly” 🤍 Follow Colbie Caillat: 🤍 🤍 🤍 Hear All Your Favorite Colbie Caillat songs 🤍 Don’t forget to Subscribe! 🤍 YouTube view counts pre-VEVO: 33,373,788. (C) 2007 Universal Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc. #ColbieCaillat #Bubbly #Remastered

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