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Hidden Gems | Ep.6 | Tautavel (The French Chilam Balam)


For this episode, we're heading to the wonderful Tautavel! Tautavel is an historical place here in France, close to the Spanish border. There is one particular sector, with an impressive route. It looks like the famous Chilam Balam, a prow of tufas climbing folowed by an amazing wall. It's a esthetic line for sure. This route was bolted 30 years ago by Manu Da Silva and it has been waiting for a First Ascent since that time. Manu joined us for this episode, and shares the history of the crag with us. With just two days, would I have enough time to send the route? Send or no send, this place is beautiful, with a great atmosphere. Thanks to Thibaut Marot for the cool footage.

Nordic Marathon


This was simply one of the craziest ideas I've ever had : crossing the huge cave of Flatanger, through the steepest part of the roof. Adam Ondra shared this vision with me before I went there, and I was really excited to check out this mega project. I'm now really pleased to share the video of this huge First Ascent of 130m with you. I called the route Nordic Marathon, and proposed the 9b/+ grade. I also managed two other hard repeats of existing routes during this trip : The first repeat of Iron Curtain, proposed as 9b by Adam Ondra. I think it more 9a+ with Kneepads. And I did the third ascent of Change, the world first 9b+. I proposed the 9b/+ range using kneepads. But, the trip wasn’t just about sending. Everything was perfectly in harmony to make the many successes of this trip happen. My physical shape, the perfect projects, the best partners, the conditions, and the luck. I am so grateful to live such beautiful moments. This kind of trip does not happen that often in a climber’s life. Thanks to everyone who contributed, near or far, to this one.

Black Diamond Presents: Beyond Integral (9b/+) with Seb Bouin


BD Athlete Seb Bouin finds one of his hardest projects yet. Only this time it was right in his own backyard.

Reel Rock 17 Official Trailer


Reel Rock 17 is coming this spring! Premiering on March 4, Reel Rock 17 will be touring to hundreds of cities around the world. Three heart-stopping new films, featuring athletes Babsi Zangerl, Jacopo Larcher, Seb Bouin and more. Stay tuned for tour calendar and ticket sales, coming soon! Reel Rock 17 is presented by The North Face and supported by Black Diamond and Yeti. Want to bring Reel Rock 17 to your community? Book your own show now at 🤍

Seb Bouin's Journey To Climb La Rage D'Adam 9b/+


Check out EB's Climbing Shoe Range AT EPICTV: 🤍 The Verdon Gorge is Seb Bouin's favourite place to climb, its where he has climbed many of his hardest routes and some of the hardest routes in France. 4 years ago his journey began trying to climb what he would go on to climb La Rage D'Adam, the cruxy overhanging route which he has now made the first ascent of and given a grade of 9b/+ , making it one of the hardest sport climbs in France. And after his recent history of climbing Move 9b/+, Patanics, 9a+/b and Mamichula 9b we reckon he might be onto one... Check us out on Instagram: EPICTV CLIMBING: 🤍 EPICTV SHOP: 🤍 EPICTV FRANCE: 🤍 Check out Seb: 🤍 Seb Bouin's Journey To Climb La Rage D'Adam 9b/+

Seb Bouin has climbed the world's 2nd 9c! | The Ticklist


In this week's episode of The Ticklist, we talk about Seb Bouin's ascent of his long-term project which he named DNA and graded 9c. If confirmed, this would be the world's second of the grade after Adam Ondra's Silence. Read the full report here: 🤍 #UKClimbing #SebBouin #9c

Hidden Gems | Ep. 5 | Ailefroide


We're sticking around in the French Alps for this episode. Facebook is a sector of Ailefroide, near Briançon. It's a little gem in the middle of the mountains. A piece of granite that looks like it's been cut with a knife. The lines are really pure and beautiful. The goal was to repeat some of the routes from Yann Ghesquier (alias 'Diego'). There was one special hard route I was looking for: 'Crotte de Geek' 9a. It's kind of the line of this crag and crossed the whole wall. Enjoy,

Adam Ondra #82: Meet with Seb Bouin / La Moustache qui Fache 9a+


ENGLISH SUBTITLES AVAILABLE IN THE VIDEO SETTINGS ČESKÉ TITULKY JSOU DOSTUPNÉ V NASTAVENÍ VIDEA After weeks of specific preparation for Briançon, it was time to take advantage of being in Briançon region which is full of high quality crags. I went to Entraygues with a specific goal of trying La Moustache qui Fache 9a+ first ascended by Enzo Oddo. I was lucky to have my friend Seb Bouin telling me all the beta, I felt strong so it seemed it was all set for a nice send. Check it out in the next episode! Get yourself amazed by beautiful pictures in my photobook - AO Book: 🤍 Have you seen this video of mine ?! 🤍 Thumbnail picture by: Petr Chodura Credits: STORY BY ADAM ONDRA DIRECTED BY LACO KORBEL CAMERA PAVEL KLEMENT LACO KORBEL EDITED BY PAVEL KLEMENT PRODUCTION JAKUB PÍNA SUBTITLES BY JARKA MARČEKOVÁ EXECUTIVE PRODUCER PAVEL BLAŽEK SONGLIST Klaus Hergersheimer - Omnipresence Klaus Hergersheimer - Elmwood Ends Klaus Hergersheimer - Palindromes Klaus Hergersheimer - Into the Fog Colorfilm Music - Ocean in the Sky © 2020 AO PRODUCTION S.R.O. #climbing #rockclimbing #9a+ #flashattempt #briancon #france

Hidden Gems | Ep.1 | Thaurac


After rediscovering climbing history with my Vintage Rock Tour, meeting the legends of the past, and climbing the routes which made our history - it's now time to go forwards, to discover and develop new routes and see what the future will bring to us. We will write the next chapter - bolting, climbing, and discovering some of France's true Hidden Gems. The goal is easy, let's find the hidden gems. We live in a such beautiful country for rock climbing, but we have so many crags and routes which are almost unknown. For this first episode, join me as I visit a crag close to my home, with a lot of potential - Thaurac!

Hidden Gems | Ep.4 | French Yosemite


The next step of our Hidden Gems tour is a new crag, in the French Alps - Champsaur. This wall is one of the most stunning and scary I've seen. It looks like Yosemite, but it's sandstone ... During a climbing trip in Ceuse, we were passing in this valley of Champsaur. I immediately saw this wall. It looked far away in the mountain. But you know, curiosity can bring you far away 😁. After spending an afternoon to find a path to get to the wall, I was amazed by this place and the rock. I had to come back to bolt the first line here. Watch the episode to see how we got on. Let us know what you think in the comments. Will you be visiting Champsaur soon? See you there.

Seb Bouin - Chilam Balam


Follow Sebastien Bouin, actual French leader Climber, in the process of "Chilam Balam". #malaga 🧗 Seb Bouin 📹 🤍tchaloproductions8945

Seb Bouin: Akira


For 25 years, Fred Rouhling’s masterpiece sat nearly untouched. Dust and cobwebs covered the holds. The chalk, once a beacon of light in a dark cave, both figuratively and literally, was fading. But in 1995, while Rouhling cared for his wife Celine who was recovering from a serious spinal cord injury, this cave was a refuge for a worried man. Located just 200 meters from his parent’s home, this limestone cave gave Rouhling a few hours of escape every day during his wife’s recovery. A place where he could relax his mind and let his body flow through 65 feet of overhanging crimps and pockets. When he completed the route, he called it Akira and proposed the unprecedented grade of 5.15b. Considering that was two letter grades harder than anything in the world at the time, many considered Rouhling an eccentric who was out of touch. But after all these years, this route, which was once a mental sanctuary for a distraught husband, was left waiting for someone who could also find meaning in the movement. Fortunately, BD Athlete Seb Bouin was intrigued and journeyed to the village of Vilhonneur to uncover the mythical Akira. Join the Black Diamond Community: 🤍

Hidden Gems | Ep.3 | La Mortice


For this third episode, we are going into the French Alps. La Mortice is a new crag, at 2500m. It's the most stunning place I've ever seen. It looks like another country. La mortice was, for me, the discovery of the year. It felt so good up there, the rock was so perfect and nothing there had been climbed before our trip. It was amazing to discover all the new routes, without thinking about grades. Just going at the most inspiring lines. Laurent Perez bolted all the routes on La Mortice. And it's a huge job due to high elevation and approach. This is a true 💎 On day 1, we were discovering the crag alone, jumping between one beautiful line and another. On day 2, Lolo joined us up there. Some hard lines were not bolted yet. I just to show them to Lolo, before he was quickly up there with his drill. He bolted "Hidden gems" 8c on day 2. I did it the same day. He bolted "Mythique" 9a on day 3, and I had to come back to send this one. Hope you guys enjoy, let me know in the comments :)

Hidden Gems | Ep.2 | Seranon


Welcome to Hidden Gems Episode 2. For this second episode, we are going to visit an amazing wall in the south east of France, Seranon. It's a perfect winter crag, with bags of potential. We met one of the crag's developers Christophe Louis for this episode who showed us all the local gems. There is a special route I wanted to do : "Comité d'accueil" 9a. Enzo Oddo made the FA of this one. Let's see if I manage to make the first repetition during this episode. Overall, beautiful lines, a good fight and nice locals. Hope you guys enjoy, please let me know in the comments :-)

Seb Takes On The Hardest Most Exposed Routes In Verdon | Seb Bouin's Vintage Rock Tour Ep.2


Get Ready To Go Outside With The EpicTV Shop: 🤍 In the 2nd episode of Seb Bouin's Vintage Rock Tour we travel to Seb's backyard of Verdon. Home to some of the hardest rock climbing in France as well seeing a huge role in the development of sport climbing in France, Verdon is a place not only steeped in beauty but swathed in history as well. Stories of fierce rivalries and dodge tactics are rife, and the climbing is not so bad either. Featuring the legend that is Jibé Tribout, plus a whole bunch of other legendary routes, this is an episode we rckon you might enjoy...a lot. Miss Episode 1?? Watch it here: 🤍 Fancy a pair of EB Climbing Shoes?: 🤍 Check us out on instagram: 🤍epictvclimbing: 🤍 🤍sebouin: 🤍 The Hardest Most Exposed Routes In Verdon | Seb Bouin's Vintage Rock Tour Ep.2

BD Athlete Seb Bouin: MOVE


When choosing a project far from home, Seb Bouin realizes the challenges associated with distance: Not only when it comes to the difficulty of the route, but also in terms of motivation, focus and personal growth. But Move 9b/9b+ in Flatanger, Norway, was the perfect challenge and he couldn’t resist. Now Seb’s fully committed, and on to what he calls the “logical next step” of his progression. Join the Black Diamond Community: 🤍

Seb Takes On The Unrepeatable 9a's | Seb Bouin's Vintage Rock Tour Ep.4


Fred Rouhling's Iconic Trio of 9a's at Les Eaux Claires is the site for the 4th episode of Seb Bouin's Vintage Rock Tour....and the challenge of repeating the unrepeatable awaits... Psyched? Check out the Winter SALE at the EpicTv SHop: 🤍 In the 4th episode of The Vintage Rock Tour, Seb takes on the classic crag of Les Eaux Claires, On the west coast of France. Famous for its trio of Fred Rouhling 9a's, Akira, Hugh and De L' Autre Côté du Ciel...Seb's mission to repeat all 3 is a tricky one, and he must use all his experience and focus to work our a solution for each route Catch up with the latest episodes of the Vintage Rock Tour: 🤍 Check us out on instagram: 🤍epictvclimbing: 🤍 🤍sebouin: 🤍 Seb Takes On The Unrepeatable 9a's | Seb Bouin's Vintage Rock Tour Ep.4

Seb Takes On The Technical Masterpiece That Is Cimaï | Seb Bouin's Vintage Rock Tour Ep.6


Seb Bouin, one of the world's strongest climbers, gets a technical lesson when he visits Cimaï, a technical masterpiece of 8a and 8b routes, near to Toulon on the south coast of France. Pscyhed for Sport Climbing? Get down to the EpicTV Shop for All Your Latest Gear: 🤍 In the latest of the Vintage Rock Tour, Seb heads to Cimaï, a classic crag near to another classic crag at Buoux. Cimaï hosts a number of routes that are burned into the etches of french climbing history, specifically, Samizdat, which was the location for what is considered to be the world's first onsight of a 8a by Antoine Le Menestrel in 1987, and Lynn Hill's redpoint of Masse Critique, the first time a women had climbed an 8b+ . Seb is sure to find some challenges here... Fancy a pair of EB Climbing Shoes?: 🤍 Check us out on instagram: 🤍epictvclimbing: 🤍 🤍sebouin: 🤍 Seb Takes On The Technical Masterpiece That Is Cimaï | Seb Bouin's Vintage Rock Tour Ep.6

Seb Bouin's Epic Ascent Of Patanics, 9b, Rodellar


Get sport climbing with EpicTV: 🤍 Whilst on a Spain mega trip in October, Seb Bouin managed the first repeat of the Jorge Diaz Rullo route, Patanics in Rodellar spain. The route comprises a 60 m steep link up of three routes; Pata Negra 8c, the crux of No pain no gain 9a+ and the end of Botanics 8b+. Seb had to battle wet conditions, as well as a piece of piece of metal falling in his eye, which had to be removed in ER before finally figuring out the best Beta to climb this beat of a route... Shot, Produced and edited by 🤍rumblr. 🤍 Seb Bouin Climbs Patanics 9b, Rodellar

Seb Bouin Climbs HUGE Overhang - France's FIRST 8b (w/Ben Moon Cameo) | EpicTV Clips


Whilst filming for the Vintage Rock tour in Buoux, Seb Bouin managed to climb an the classic Les Mains Sales, France's First 8b climbed in 1985 by Marc Le Menestrel. He had asked Ben Moon to try and flash the route before but it didn't quite come off...never the less an incredible route, with a breathtaking overhang... Psyched for some sport climbing...gat all your gear at the EPICTV SHOP: 🤍 Watch the full episode here: 🤍 Check us out on instagram: 🤍epictvclimbing: 🤍 🤍sebouin: 🤍 Seb Bouin Climbs HUGE Overhang - France's FIRST 8b (w/Ben Moon Cameo) | EpicTV Clips

Black Diamond Presents: The Balkan Dream with Seb Bouin


BD Athlete Seb Bouin was looking for a new experience. “We usually go to places where the climbing is already developed,” he explained. So, Bouin, along with his mom and two dogs, got in the van and drove up the coast of France to reach Albania. There they found a plethora of undeveloped limestone ripe for the bolting, as well as an undone 9b king line bolted by none other than BD Athlete Adam Ondra. Check out this video of Seb Bouin living the Balkan Dream. Join the Black Diamond Community: 🤍

The Blue Wave Project - SEB BOUIN - Oliana 2019


On to the Blue Wave of Oliana for our last catalan winter trip. This video from Tchalo Production relate the winter/spring sends in Oliana with "Mamichula" 9b (First repetition after adam Ondra), "Pachamama" 9a+, and "Papichulo" 9a+. Rock climbing, sending hard, Spanish lifestyle, sharing the passion, what else? Featuring with Patxi Usobiaga, Alexander Megos, Margo Hayes.

Seb Bouin MOVE 9b/+ Uncut Footage


Move 9b/+ - 5.15b/c. Here an uncut video of the send of the hardest part in Move in Norway. ​ This is not the whole send of the route, but only the send of this hardest part.​ Move is the 6th hardest route in the world.​ It was a big Journey for me to send this route, find all the story on my channels Instagram and Facebook.

Seb Bouin - Interview - Retour sur l'année 2022, un cru exceptionnel !


🤍sebbouin1691, Ambassadeur 🤍altissimoconcept revient sur son année 2022. Année marquée par l'ascension du premier 9c français, DNA...mais aussi par un trip gargantuesque en Norvège et la libération du premier 9b+ aux États-Unis

Seb Bouin: histoire d’une first ascent (9a+) | Relais Vertical, Ep.87


- Visitez le shop d’escalade EpicTV Shop pour soutenir l’émission : 🤍 - Visionnaire ? Seb Bouin avait 16 ans lorsqu’il a ouvert cette voie. A l’époque il n’avait pas le niveau de la grimper, mais il n’a pas pu résister à l’envie d’équiper cette incroyable proue de 60m à La Ramirole (Verdon). Neuf ans après il revient pour l’enchaîner, et nous parler du processus de first ascent. Seb Bouin: histoire d’une first ascent (9a+) | Relais Vertical, Ep.87

How Does Seb Bouin Prepare For Climbing 9c? | Climbing Daily Ep.1877


When 9a is training you know you are in the presence of a pro. We spent time with Seb Bouin in Briançon as he prepares for his future projects….by trying a tricky 9a. Get some Black Diamond gear: 🤍 Follow 🤍epictvclimbing Instagram: 🤍 Tik Tok: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Twitch: 🤍

The Story Behind "The World's NEW Hardest Rock Climb"


Today, 🤍BeorOng digs deep into Seb Bouin's past, exploring the ascent of 'DNA' and why it received the grade of 9C/5.15d! 🚨 SUBSCRIBE For 2x Videos A Week 👉 🤍 WATCH MORE: Best Of Climbers Crag 👉 🤍 Our Videos with Alex Honnold & Tommy Caldwell 👉 🤍 Our Videos with Magnus Midtbo 👉 🤍 JOIN OUR COMMUNITY OF 412,000+ CLIMBERS Facebook Group - 🤍 Instagram - 🤍 Tik Tok - 🤍

Classic 9a+ Biographie Pushes Seb To His Limits | Seb Bouin's Vintage Rock Tour Ep.3


Céüse is the 3rd destination for the Vintage Rock Tour. A world classic crag with some of the best sport climbing in France, including the uber classic Chris Sharma route, Biographie 9a+. Featuring french climbing legends, Arnaud Petit, Laurent Girousse and Sylvain Millet, Seb takes on the classics of the crag and explores how the crag has become the iconic and mythic cliff of today. Psyched for climbing? Get geared up with the EpicTV Shop: 🤍 Miss Episode 2?? Watch it here: 🤍 Fancy a pair of EB Climbing Shoes?: 🤍 Check us out on instagram: 🤍epictvclimbing: 🤍 🤍sebouin: 🤍 Check out the classic 🤍bigup Productions Chris Sharma video: 🤍 Classic 9a+ Biographie Pushes Seb To His Limits | Seb Bouin's Vintage Rock Tour Ep.3

Seb Bouin Repeats France's First 8c, Agincourt At Buoux | Seb Bouin's Vintage Rock Tour Ep.1


Check out the EB Climbing Shoe Range At The EpicTV Shop: 🤍 On the first leg of his vintage rock tour Seb Bouin meets up with legendary climbers, Ben Moon and Antoine Le Menestrel to climb at the legendary crag that is Buoux. Home to some of France's hardest climbs in the 80's and 90's, Buoux is a finger pocket dreamland in the south of France, attracting the best climbers from around the world to come and try its particular style. Seb Bouin embarks on the Vintage Rock Tour, exploring the history of climbing in France through the crags that set the precedent for modern day climbers. Joined by a host of legendary names eb is on a mission to repeat as many of the hardest routes in Frances' climbing history. CHECK OUT EPISODE 2: 🤍 Check us out on instagram: 🤍epictvclimbing: 🤍 🤍sebouin: 🤍 Seb Bouin Repeats France's First 8c, Agincourt | Seb Bouin's Vintage Rock Tour Ep.1

Seb Bouin repeats Adam Ondra's Change (9b+) | The Ticklist


In this week's episode of The Ticklist, Rob Greenwood talks us through Seb Bouin's inevitable ascent of Adam Ondra's Change (9b+) in Flatanger, Norway, and updates us on Anna Taylor's latest challenge. Seb Bouin - Change: (00:00) Anna Taylor on the road again: (02:08) #SebBouin #AdamOndra #sportclimbing

Escalade : l'exploit du Montpelliérain Seb Bouin au Pic Saint-Loup !


Au Pic Saint-Loup, le Montpelliérain Seb Bouin crée l'exploit sur "l'une des voies les plus dures du monde". Rencontre et reportage pour

Will Bosi repeats Alphane and Seb Bouin climbs new 9b+ | The Ticklist


In this week's Ticklist, Rob Greenwood talks through Will Bosi's 3rd ascent of Alphane, including his thoughts on the big Font 9A grade, plus Seb Bouin's first ascent of the direct version of Jumbo Love. Will Bosi repeats Alphane: (00:00) Seb Bouin climbs new 9b+: (01:49) #bouldering #rockclimbing #sportclimbing

Uncut Footage Verdon Gorges - Les braves gens ne courent pas les rues 8b - Vintage Rock Tour


Uncut Footage of the historical route "Les braves gens ne courent pas les rues" 8b from JB Tribout. This route was an important piece of the Vintage Rock Tour step in the Verdon Gorges. The 3OO meters height from the ground add a special atmosphere !

Seb Bouin Climbs A Classic Verdon 8b+ | Vintage Rock Tour Clips


Seb climbs the classic 'Les Braves Gens Ne Courent Pas Les Rues' 8b+/8b, whilst on the Verdon leg of his Vintage Rock Tour. Click here for the full film: 🤍 Psyched for some sport and big wall? Get your gear at the EpicTV Shop: 🤍 Seb Bouin Climbs A Classic Verdon 8b+ | Vintage Rock Tour Clips

BD Athlete Seb Bouin: First Ascents in Turkey—Episode 3 Lily’s Eye


After making the first ascent of Lily’s Eye 8c+ (5.14c), BD Athlete Seb Bouin and his mom enjoy the Turkish lifestyle, and, of course, Seb bolts a futuristic extension to a route, ensuring that one day soon he’ll be back … Join the Black Diamond Community: 🤍

Seb Bouin propone il 9c!! - Parliamone - #BFCC


È arrivata la notizia del secondo presunto 9c al mondo! Sarà davvero così? Parliamone insieme! SEB: 🤍 🤍 SOSTIENICI! Con una piccola offerta puoi fare molto! 🤍 Per maggiori informazioni BOULDER FACTORY - sala di arrampicata venite a trovarci in: via pasquale pastorino 38/26 Genova Bolzaneto Mail: Boulderfactory🤍 IG: 🤍boulderfactory SEGUICI ANCHE SUI SOCIAL: IG: 🤍 FACEBOOK: 🤍 IG ZAC: 🤍 La nostra attrezzatura: Video: Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K: 🤍 Sigma 18 35: 🤍 Meike 12mm: 🤍 Rode ntg 2: 🤍 Montato in Davinci Resolve ┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅ Se volete collaborare col progetto del canale non esitate a contattarci!! #9c #hardroute #highlevel #climbing #climbinglessons #climbingschoolÈ arrivata la notizia del secondo presunto 9c al mondo! Sarà davvero così? Parliamone insieme! SOSTIENICI! Con una piccola offerta puoi fare molto! 🤍 Per maggiori informazioni BOULDER FACTORY - sala di arrampicata venite a trovarci in: via pasquale pastorino 38/26 Genova Bolzaneto Mail: Boulderfactory🤍 IG: 🤍boulderfactory SEGUICI ANCHE SUI SOCIAL: IG: 🤍 FACEBOOK: 🤍 IG ZAC: 🤍 La nostra attrezzatura: Video: Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K: 🤍 Sigma 18 35: 🤍 Meike 12mm: 🤍 Rode ntg 2: 🤍 Montato in Davinci Resolve ┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅ Se volete collaborare col progetto del canale non esitate a contattarci!! #9c #hardroute #highlevel #climbing #climbinglessons #climbingschool

9c-Kletterer Seb Bouin: «Ich hatte schlaflose Nächte» | Dubioses Uncut-Video | Petzl RocTrip 2022


In der zwanzigsten Ausgabe von BETA sprechen wir mit Sébastien Bouin über die zweite 9c-Sportkletterroute der Welt. Dem Franzosen gelang die Erstbegehung von DNA in der Verdonschlucht am 29. April 2022. Die Bewertung der Route fiel Bouin nicht leicht, wie er im Interview verrät. Weitere Themen dieser Sendung: Der Ukrainer Illya Bakhmet-Smolensky veröffentlichte vor wenigen Tagen ein Video, dass seine Begehung des ehemals mit 9a bewerteten Boulders No Kpote Only in Fontainebleau zeigt. Doch statt Bewunderung erntet der 17-jährige Kletterer Kritik | Vergangene Woche lud Petzl zum legendären RocTrip in Manikia, Griechenland. Wir waren mittendrin, statt nur dabei, sprachen mit den Profis und stellen euch eine neue Kletterperle am Mittelmeer vor. | Adam Ondra wird Vater - wir haben dazu in der Kletterszene rumgehört. Timecodes: 00:13 - Intro 02:06 - Das dubiose Video von Illya Bakhmet-Smolensky 04:35 - Adam Ondra wird Vater, das sagt die Klettercommunity 05:49 - Interview: Seb Bouin über die Begehung und Bewertung von DNA (9c) 09:58 - Eindrücke vom Petzl RocTrip im griechischen Manikia Credits: © Petzl Distribution 2022 | Bokeh Production 🔴 Abonniere unseren Kanal! ⬆️ Mehr über die Macher der Sendung BETA 🤍 🙏 Mit Unterstützung unserer Hauptsponsoren + Petzl 🤍 + Bächli Bergsport 🤍 + Etre-Fort 🤍 Folge uns 📸 Instagram: 🤍lacruxmagazin 🤍 👥 Facebook: 🤍lacruxmagazin 🤍 Weiterführende Links: + Illya Bakhmet-Smolensky wiederholt ursprünglichen 9a-Boulder No Kpote Only: 🤍 + Seb Bouin klettert DNA und schlägt als Bewertung 9c vor: 🤍 + Infos zum Petzl RocTrip: 🤍

Seb Bouin Is Unstoppable: 9b+ Change | Climbing Daily Ep. 2028


EpicTV Shop Camping Gear - 🤍 One of the world's hardest sport climbs, Change 9b+ has seen a repeat from French climber Seb Bouin. We give you all the latest bouldering news from Rocklands and a young gun is making strides in the climbing world... This week on the Arc'Teryx Academy Video - 🤍 00:32 Change 9b+ 02:15 Rocklands SENDS 03:46 9a round-UP 06:05 Kids crushing 07:02 Mont Blanc News 09:42 9b Counter 10:26 Shop Stuff 12:22 EpicTV Media Content 14:50 Comment of the week 16:05 European Championships updates - Tickets here - 🤍 Follow 🤍epictvclimbing Instagram: 🤍 Tik Tok: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Twitch: 🤍 Tribefy: 🤍

Seb's Journey To The Heart Of Sport Climbing's Evolution | Seb Bouin's Vintage Rock Tour Ep.5


Le Saussois, leg 5 of the Vintage Rock Tour and Seb Bouin heads to the crag where the evolution of french free climbing took place, and to meet the protagonists who created the pages in its history books. Jean Claude Droyer and Jean Pierre Bovier were two climbers who progressed the sport massively in the 70's and 80's and wrote the rulebooks as to how climbing is done today. Psyched for climbing so much you have to look at gear? Check this out: 🤍 or just check out Eb's climbing shoes: 🤍 Seb's Journey To The Heart Of Sport Climbing's Evolution | Seb Bouin's Vintage Rock Tour Ep.5

Ambassador Seb Bouin: The Silent Crusher


Black Diamond Ambassador Seb Bouin has climbed 5.15 regularly, often sending routes like Chilam Balam (5.15a/b) while on a short break from his job as a sports teacher in Paris. In this video, he’s trying his next-level project, La Rage d'Adam, at the Verdon Gorge. #liveclimbrepeat Video: Bernardo Gimenez Join the Black Diamond Community: 🤍

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