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IPA Basics : Place of Articulation


The first of a three part series on how to read the consonant section of the IPA. Topics discussed: What is a consonant?, Place of Articulation, Active and Passive Articulators; Bilabial, Labiodental, Dental, Alveolar, Post-alveolar, Retroflex, Palatal, Velar, Uvular, Pharyngeal, Epi-glottal and Glottal Consonants. ►Discuss this episode on the subreddit: 🤍 ◄ ————— ► Artifexian on the Interweb: ◄ Podcast: 🤍 Youtube: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Blog: 🤍 ————— ►Links/Further Reading: ◄ IPA: 🤍 Interactive IPA Chart: 🤍 Consonant: 🤍 Place of Articulation: 🤍

Learn Phonetics (IPA) in under 5 minutes


Need help remembering the IPA? This workbook is your answer: Full 100 Page IPA Workbook & Audio Library: 🤍 A quick but thorough reference lesson to help you to learn phonetics (International Phonetic Alphabet) in under 5 minutes. = RELATED VIDEOS = Here are some related videos that you will find useful. - How to Remember the IPA: 🤍 - Learn the IPA (The longer version): 🤍 = IMPROVE YOUR ENGLISH = This channel provides you with over 500 free video lessons, and there are many more to come. However, if you would like to take your learning further, with more structure, my premium courses are rated 5-stars, click on the links for more info: 📧 Subscribe to my newsletter for free email lessons and offers 🤍 🇬🇧 British Pronunciation & English Language Courses: 🤍englishlikeanative.co.uk ☝️ Level up with my English Programme: 🤍 💼 My Business English course: 🤍 👄 Perfect your English pronunciation on my course: 🤍 👫 My Conversation club 🤍 📕 Download over 100 English language PDFs 🤍 Don't Forget to LIKE & SUBSCRIBE for a virtual Hi-Five! #Englishlikeanative For those of you who are new to this channel, my name is Anna English. I am British, therefore I teach British English, though you will find some videos here that look at the differences between British English and American English. The best way to make use of this channel is to go to the home page, click on the videos tab and browse through the hundreds of available lessons. If you would like to be notified when I broadcast live and release new videos then please turn on notifications by clicking on the bell icon. FREE TRIALS = If you haven't already, then I recommend taking advantage of the following free trials to aid your English learning. FREE MUSIC - 🤍amazon.co.uk/music/unlimited?&tag=e0069-21 FREE MOVIES - 🤍amazon.co.uk/tryprimefree?tag=e0069-21 FREE AUDIOBOOKS - 🤍 My Links = INSTAGRAM: 🤍instagram.com/britishenglishpro FACEBOOK: 🤍facebook.com/BritishEnglishLikeaNative TWITTER: 🤍twitter.com/1_like_a_native MY OTHER YOUTUBE CHANNELS 🤍youtube.com/user/verbalessons 🤍youtube.com/user/annatyrie 🤍youtube.com/c/BellaBeansTV Thanks for Watching Anna ❤ 🇬🇧 BUSINESS ENQUIRIES ONLY: englishlikeanative🤍gmail.com

Let's explore the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA)


The International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) is used by linguists, lexicographers and even actors! Exploring IPA with students a great way to improve encoding and decoding skills and build a better understanding of the relationship between sounds and letters. Plus it's lots of fun! • Buy merch at Redbubble: 🤍 • Check out our website: 🤍 • Follow us on Facebook: 🤍 • Find us on Twitter: 🤍 • Watch us on Instagram: 🤍 Theme music "Success Resolution Video Game Fanfare Sound Effect" by FunWithSound Licensed under Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0). 🤍 Colour Palette "Photoshop Swatches Library for Flat UI Design" by Alex Kolpikov 🤍 International Phonetic Alphabet 🤍 available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 3.0 Unported License. Copyright © 2018 International Phonetic Association. Recommended for Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, Year 6 and Year 7 students. Recommended for Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5, Grade 6 and Grade 7 students. Note: The examples provided below each IPA symbol represent some of the English spellings commonly associated with each sound. Examples may not apply to all English speakers due to regional accents and pronunciation. Some symbols may vary between IPA charts and dictionaries. This modified IPA chart uses symbols from the Cambridge Dictionary online. 🤍 See 🤍 for ideas on how differentiate this task for your students. #IPA​ #phoneticalphabet #teaching #spellinggames #characteranimator​ © 2021 by Teach Wonderful. All rights reserved.

How to Read IPA - Learn How Using IPA Can Improve Your Pronunciation


In this lesson, you can learn about using IPA. You’ll see how using IPA can improve your English pronunciation and help you to avoid pronunciation mistakes. IPA stands for ‘international phonetic alphabet’. It allows English to be read and written phonetically, so one symbol = one sound. Do you want more practice with IPA and your English pronunciation? One of our certified English teachers can help! Learn more: 🤍 Do you have any other tips for using IPA to improve your English pronunciation? Please let us know in the comments! See the lesson with a full script and quiz on our website: 🤍 Contents: Intro 00:00 - 03:42 Reading IPA - Consonants 03:42 - 05:50 Reading IPA - Vowels 05:50 - 10:37 Using IPA in Your English Studies 10:37 This lesson will help you: - Learn how to read and pronounce consonants in IPA. - Understand how you can read and pronounce vowels in IPA. - See what the marks in IPA writing mean and how you can use them to pronounce sounds in IPA correctly. - Get tools to further improve the way you use IPA to study English. - Learn methods to read IPA and use it in your studies in ways that benefit the way you learn and study English. How to Pronounce Vowel Sounds OOE Video Lesson: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 SUBSCRIBE to continue improving your English! 🤍 Become an OOE member to see our newest lessons before they're available to the public, and more! 🤍 See more free English lessons like this on our website: 🤍

Learn Phonetics - International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA)


Learning the International Phonetic Alphabet can transform your English learning experience. Knowing the phonetic symbols will mean that you can find the pronunciation of any word, as most dictionaries list the phonetic spellings. 👉 How To Remember the IPA: 🤍 👉 Learn Phonetics in 5 Minutes: 🤍 🇬🇧 WANT TO IMPROVE YOUR PRONUNCIATION? Take control of your voice and start speaking with confidence, with this fully comprehensive English pronunciation course: 🤍 You can even laser focus your pronunciation improvements with a personalised assessment: 🤍 OTHER RESOURCES 👉 100 Page IPA Workbook & Audio Library: 🤍 👉 Download your FREE GUIDE TO SOUNDING BRITISH: 🤍 👉 FREE audiobooks (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) - 🤍 👉 Join my FREE MINI PRONUNCIATION COURSE! 🤍 = RELATED VIDEOS = SPEAK WITH ME: HOBBIES - 🤍 MAKE PEOPLE LISTEN TO YOU - 🤍 NEVER SPEAK FAST - 🤍 PRONUNCIATION - 🤍 My Links = OTHER YOUTUBE CHANNELS 🤍youtube.com/user/verbalessons 🤍youtube.com/user/annatyrie 🤍youtube.com/c/BellaBeansTV MY SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS 🤍facebook.com/BritishEnglishLikeaNative 🤍instagram.com/britishenglishpro Thanks for Watching - Please SUBSCRIBE! Anna ❤ 🇬🇧 BUSINESS ENQUIRIES ONLY: englishlikeanative🤍gmail.com

The IPA and the IPA That Created It


Whoda thought a video about IPA would be my silliest, most comedic video yet!? Man, the audio in this video isn't very good. It keeps shifting around as I get closer and further away from my laptop. I should probably get a real microphone. Also, see that equation at 7:37? t = the amount of time you spend trying to learn linguistics without learning IPA k(t) = total knowledge acquired as a function of t It's been a while since I've studied calculus, so I'm not sure if that makes any sense. Intro song: 🤍 Outro song: 🤍

Ever Grain Verdosa IPA Beer Tasting with The Old Growler


Ever Grain Verdosa IPA Beer Tasting with The Old Growler FROM THE BREWERY WEBSITE: 🤍 There is no mention of Ever Grain Verdosa IPA on the Ever Grain Brewing Co. website as of the posting of this video. FROM THE REST OF THE WEB: The folks at UNTAPPD.com don’t have much to add regarding Ever Grain Verdosa IPA. Verdosa Ever Grain Brewing Co. IPA - American 6.8% ABV N/A IBU West Coast style IPA, hopped with Strata and Chinook from the talented growers at Indie Hops. Sticky resin and a complex fruity pine with a grapefruit finish. 🤍 BASIC STATS 6.8% ALCOHOL BY VOLUME N/A BITTERNESS UNITS Thanks to all of you that have watched this presentation. It would be great if you Subscribed, Shared, and gave us a "Thumbs Up"! I would sure appreciate it. Please leave any comments and suggestions in the "Comments" section. That would make my day. Let me know what you think of this video. Share, Subscribe, and a "Thumbs-Up" would be very appreciated. Cheers, Peter (The Old Growler) LaFrance Follow on - Homepage: 🤍 Follow on - YouTube: The Old Growler Follow on - Twitter: 🤍 Follow on - Facebook: 🤍 Follow on - LinkedIn: 🤍 Follow on - Instagram: 🤍 AFFILIATE EQUIPMENT: Thermometer: Thermapen ONE - 🤍 #specialtybeer #craftbeer #microbrewery #PeterLaFrance #MeetingExpectations #ratingbeer #ratingcraftbeers #craftbeertastings #TheOldGrowler

BASIC Phonetics | Understanding The International Phonetic Alphabet


🗣 The International Phonetic Alphabet does NOT need to be scary!! In this lesson I'm going to make it very easy for you to understand BASIC PHONETICS and understand phonetic transcription of words in dictionaries. 🎁 [30% DISCOUNT FOR YOU!!] 🎁 Are you currently stuck at the “Intermediate barrier”? In my DAILY QUICK FIX course, I personally give you daily lessons that will help you finally speak Advanced English. 🤍 (Use code YOUTUBE to get 30% OFF your first month inside!) ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: 🗣 🇬🇧 FULL BRITISH ENGLISH PRONUNCIATION PROGRAM » 🤍 ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: 🔥 ► 🇬🇧 DO YOU WANT TO BE MY STUDENT? 🇬🇧 ◀ ︎ 🔥 [MORE ONLINE COURSES AT 🤍] 🚀 [COURSE] ENGLISH QUICK FIX: HABLA INGLÉS AVANZADO EN 30 DíAS » 🤍 💻 [CONVERSATION CLASSES] MY BUSINESS: ONLINE LANGUAGE ACADEMY » 🤍 ►►► 🎁 MY FREE BOOKS FOR YOU 🙏 ◀ ︎ ◀ ︎ ◀ ︎ 📘 99% of students make these mistakes in English: » 🤍 📕 17 different ways to use GET in English » 🤍 ► Learning basic phonetics is an effective way to improve your english pronunciation. There are 44 British English sounds: 24 consonant sounds and 20 vowel sounds. In this lesson we look at the phonemes of all these sounds in the IPA (international phonetic alphabet) so you can start to understand the phonetic transcription of words when you look them up in your online dictionary. Learning how to read the international phonetic alphabet will help you know exactly how to pronounce words in English, without being confused by the often strange spellings of words. Here are some more videos that will help you improve your British English pronunciation: 🇬🇧⚡️ Fluency Tip... Join Words To Speak Quicker | Connected Speech 🤍 🇬🇧⚡️ 6 Steps To REALLY Improve Your English Pronunciation 🤍 🇬🇧⚡️10 Secrets to Speak FAST English Like a Native! | 10 English Reductions 🤍 🇬🇧⚡️Speak With a British Accent Using This Technique 🤍 ► CHAPTERS: BASIC PHONETICS 00:00 Introduction to Phonetics 1:06 Consonant Sounds in English 5:39 Vowels Sounds in English 6:46 Long Vowel Sounds in English 9:29 Diphthongs Sounds in English 12:14 Test: Phonetic Transcriptions of English Words ► Thanks, as always, for your LIKES, COMMENTS and SHARES!! 🙏 🔴 Remember to SUBSCRIBE to learn advanced English pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary. Your British English Pronunciation Teacher, ~ Greg 😀 #EnglishWithGreg #EnglishPronunciation #InternationalPhoneticAlphabet #BritishEnglish #Phonetics #Pronunciation

IPA Basics: Voicing


In which I discuss the third, and final, consonant feature: voicing. Topics discussed: Linguistics, Place of Articulation, Manner of Articulation, Voicing, How to Read the IPA, Icelandic nasal consonants, Iaai phonology, Breathy voice, Creaky voices, IPA Diacritic, Voice Onset Time: Negative Voice Onset Time, Zero Voice Onset Time, Positive Voice Onset Time; Aspiration, Fortis and Lenis consonants. ————— ► Discuss on Reddit: 🤍 ————— VIDEO LINKS: ►SUBSCRIBE: 🤍 ►Place of Articulation Video: 🤍 ►Manner of Articulation Video: 🤍 ►Previous Video: 🤍 ►Next video: TBA ►Podcast: 🤍 ————— ARTIFEXIAN ON THE INTERWEB: ►Podcast: 🤍 ►Youtube: 🤍 ►Facebook: 🤍 ►Twitter: 🤍 ►Blog: 🤍 ————— MORE LANGUAGE RELATED STUFF: ►CONLANG SUB REDDIT: 🤍 ►Linguistics Sub Reddit: 🤍 ►Voicing: 🤍 ►Interactive IPA: 🤍 ►Icelandic Phonology: 🤍 ►Iaai: 🤍 ►IPA Diacritics: 🤍 ►Fortis and Lenis: 🤍 ►Voice Onset Time: 🤍 ►►SURPRISE LINK: 🤍 PS. Have a most epic day! :D

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🔔 SUBSCRIBE: 🤍 Don’t miss new food videos! Don Chicken - Korean Fried Chicken - Eat & Travel Knead God Finding peace in the kitchen and warmth from the oven. My hugs come with carbs. 🙏🏽🥇🥖🥐🍞 Full Recipes: 🤍 —————————————————— 📱FOLLOW: Instagram, Pinterest & TikTok Follow 🤍kneadgod Instagram: 🤍 Pinterest: 🤍 TikTok: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 —————————————————— 👕Get t-shirts: 🤍 #kneadgod #corkandbarrelpub #lunch #sandwiches #ipa #foodie Basic Cooking Video Set-up 🤍

IPA Basics : Manner of Articulation


How to read the consonant section of the IPA. Last time I covered place of articulation. This time: manner of articulation! Topics discussed: The IPA, Consonants in the IPA, Manner of Articulation, Nasal Stops, Languages that lack Nasal Consonants, Plosive Consonants, Fricative Consonants, Approximant Consonants, Labialization, Taps or Flaps Consonant, Trill Consonants, Lateral Consonants, and the Voiceless Lateral Fricative. - ► Discuss on Reddit: 🤍 ————— ► ERIC LANGE Site: 🤍 Peanut: 🤍 - ► ARTIFEXIAN ON THE INTERWEB Podcast: 🤍 Youtube: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Blog: 🤍 ————— ► LINKS / FURTHER READING: IPA: 🤍 Consonant: 🤍 Manner of Articulation: 🤍

How to remember IPA phoneme symbols: my tricks!


Have you ever tried to read a pronunciation guide and been confused? Do you just skip those guides because you don’t understand the symbols? Memorising the symbols for each of the sounds in English is very difficult and takes time. In this lesson, however, I will teach you a shortcut to help you remember all the IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) symbols for the sounds in the English language. Learning these symbols takes time, practice, and patience, but it will greatly improve your overall pronunciation of English. Whether you are a beginner or advanced learner, you will surely find this a useful lesson for your pronunciation skills. Next, watch my other IPA lessons to master these important tools for your English pronunciation: 1. Introduction to the IPA and vowel sound training: 🤍 2. Accent training exercises: 🤍

Conlanging 101- Basics of the IPA


This video serves as an introduction to the International Phonetic Alphabet. It's important because it helps with language learning, and in the mind of world building, it's useful for creating languages. To all you Canadians out there- I apologize for the lack of representation. I love you all the same ❤. The purpose of this video is to help people familiarize themselves with the IPA- something that I personally think more people should do. This doesn't specifically pertain to world building, but hopefully this'll be super useful to anyone who wants to start conlanging. Join the Stoneworks World Building Discord for discussions, advice, memes, and more! 🤍

How to read the International Phonetic Alphabet | Complete Beginners Guide


The IPA is one of the first things you will likely learn in any Linguistics class, and it is essential to any discussion of pronunciation. In this 3 part video series, I give you all the information you need to know about the International Phonetic Alphabet. To see my Linguistics 101 Video series, click the links below: Phonetics: 🤍 Phonology: 🤍 0:00 The International Phonetic Alphabet 1:07 Why we need the IPA 3:46 Vowels in the IPA 7:09 Consonants in the IPA 15:00 IPA Practice Exercises Huge thanks to Hilary, Nathan, Mark, Taylor, Brendan, Ryan, Joltrast, Tobi, and Breanna for supporting my channel on Patreon! If you would like to support my channel and receive exclusive benefits, check out my Patreon here: 🤍Patreon.com/Fingtam Kaj egan dankon al Interkultura Novelo-Konkurso (INK) pro ilia subteno! Jen kelkaj informoj pri la konkurso: akademio-literatura.org/ink youtube.com/watch?v=QdKbUvnytys My new language learning book is available in English, Spanish, French, Thai, and Toki Pona. To view on Amazon, click here: 🤍 For more information, click here: 🤍 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• New to my channel? Welcome! I am an aspiring polyglot with a degree in Linguistics. I speak English, Spanish, French, and Esperanto, and I'm currently working on Thai. I make videos twice a week to talk about my methods of learning languages and to try to help others make language learning faster, easier, and more fun. •Twitter: 🤍 •Instagram: 🤍 •My Channel: 🤍 •Subscribe: 🤍

Learn 44 Phonetic symbols (IPA) | British Accent


Learn the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) in just 18 minutes with this video. For American Accent, Click here: 🤍

IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) CONSONANTS Part 1


English Program(s) That We Recommend: Rocket Languages: 🤍 More IPA videos at 🤍 国際音声記号 Bảng mẫu tự phiên âm quốc tế 國際音標 Alfabeto fonético internacional สัทอักษรสากล Alphabet phonétique international Алифбои Фонетикии Байналхалқӣ Uluslararası Fonetik Alfabesi 國際音標 Международная фонетическая транскрипция 国际音标 국제 소리 나는대로 알파벳

Learn 44 Phonetic symbols (IPA) | American Accent


Learn the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) | American Accent

Transcribing in IPA - Part 1 | English Phonology


Billie English - the YouTube channel to help you improve your English pronunciation, speaking and fluency! Billie is a certified CELTA English teacher trainer and has over 17 years of teaching experience. Learn more about English intonation in this introductory video. ★★ SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL HERE ★★ 🤍 ★★ TRY OUT ELSA SPEAK PRO ★★ Do you want to improve your pronunciation? Try out ELSA speak - the AI pronunciation coach app! Download the ELSA speak PRO app here: 🤍 💛 You will receive a 30% discount on the ELSA speak PRO 1-year pack, and an 80% discount on the ELSA speak PRO lifetime pack through my page 💛 Disclosure: This is an affiliate link and I may earn a commission at no cost to you. ★★ LINKS MENTIONED & POPULAR VIDEOS ★★ Keyboard with phonemic IPA symbols 🤍 Transcribing in IPA Part 2 🤍 . Video The Phonemic Chart 🤍 Video The Schwa Sound 🤍 Video Weak Forms 🤍 Video What is the IPA? 🤍 Stress-timed vs. syllable-timed languages 🤍 . Sentence Stress in English 🤍 . Connected Speech: Assimilation, Elision & Intrusion 🤍 . What is a syllable? 🤍 . What is word stress? Part 1 🤍 . Video on The Phonemic Chart (vowels, diphthongs & consonants): 🤍 The Vowel Chart 🤍 . Video on Diphthongs Introduction 🤍 ★★ CONNECT ★★ 🤍the.billieenglish ★★ Insta - 🤍 Facebook - 🤍 TikTok - 🤍 LinkTree - 🤍 Thank you for watching and following my channel ♥ ★★ WHAT THIS VIDEO IS ABOUT★★ In this video we are going to learn how to transcribe a short sentence using the sound symbols from the IPA. I will use the chart for British English. This is the one most coursebooks, websites and publishers use in Europe. First, we are going to transcribe the sentence word for word, sounding out each word and allocating the vowels and consonants on the chart. Next, we will see how to show syllable boundaries and word stress in a phonemic transcription. Then we are going to put the words together into a sentence and we will listen to the sentence said naturally so you can also identify weak forms and learn how to transcribe these as well. Finally, there is a little test for you! Scroll down to the end of this description to see the answer. ABOUT BILLIE ★★ Billie is a pronunciation coach and content creator based in Barcelona, Spain. Her main focus is English pronunciation, phonology and helping learners speak more fluently. Billie has a degree in Communication Research & Phonology, a PGCE in Primary Education, a Trinity College Cert & DiplomaTESOL and over 17 years of teaching experience. She also works as a CELTA teacher trainer, Cambridge examiner and educational advisor. Her videos have been featured in the Google funded AI app ELSA speak. Disclosure: This description contains affiliate links. I am provided with compensation for purchases made through the above links at no cost to you. All thoughts and opinions are my own and are not influenced by ELSA speak or other affiliates. My experience is my own, and your experience may be different. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Billie English possible! #phonemictranscription #ipa #phonology ★★ TEST ANSWER ★★ 'I have two cats and a dog.' /ɑɪv tu: kæts ənə dɒg/ - I've (contracted in natural speech) - and & a = weak forms linked together - stressed = two cats & dog

International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) | English Pronunciation


This lesson explains the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) and how it can help with English pronunciation. I start the lesson by defining the International Phonetic Alphabet and showing why it is so useful. The letters of a word don't help us in knowing how to pronounce it because the same letter can have lots of different sounds in different words. For example, the letter "c" has a very different sound in the word "car" compared to the letter "c" in the word "dice". Also the same phonetic sound can be produced by lots of different combinations of letters. The IPA is a system for representing each phonetic sound with a symbol and we use use these symbols to transcribe the correct pronunciation of a word. In the English language, there are 44 phonetic symbols and sounds made up of vowels (short and long), dipthongs and consonant sounds. In this video, I pronounce all of the 44 sounds (actually called phonemes) and show you the corresponding symbol. On top of these standard 44 sounds, American English has a few other specific sounds which I also pronounce and briefly explain. Among the consonant sounds, there is a set of 8 pairs of consonants - In each pair, there is a voiceless consonant (example "p") and its equivalent voiced consonant (example "b"). Each pair's sound (example both the "p" and "b" sound) is produced by exactly the same mouth and tongue position. The only difference is that the voiceless consonant sound (example "p") is produced only by the mouth whereas the voiced consonant sound (example "b") is produced by the vibrations of the vocal cords in the throat. I also present some IPA special characters which are used to represent the start and end of a phonetic transcription, the stressed syllable and the start of a new syllable. The accent in the video is a British English accent but I do try to pronounce the 3-4 American English sounds with an American accent :) IPA RESOURCES: Private English lessons & speaking practice: 🤍 Here is the link to the PDF reference file with all the IPA symbols and example words: 🤍 Free online dictionary with IPA as seen in the video: 🤍 Here are the playlists of my English lessons: Grammar lessons: 🤍 Listening exercises: 🤍 Vocabulary videos: 🤍 Andrew, Crown Academy of English 🤍 🤍 🤍 Photo credits: "All The Best Guys!" Image courtesy of stockimages | FreeDigitalPhotos.net "Sheep Staring" Image courtesy of papaija2008 | FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Vowel Pronunciation Tutorial • IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) Vowels


How can you master the pronunciation of any language? The International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) vowel chart is the key to acquiring a theoretical framework for understanding the pronunciation of vowels. In this video I will explain in detail how to understand and reproduce the majority of vowel sounds that exist in human languages, and how you can train yourself to master the phonology of any language or dialect or accent. Many thanks to my sponsor Lingopie, which uses TV and movies to teach modern languages; Lingopie offers a 7-day free trial and gives a 65% discount on the annual subscriptionsign up at this link: 🤍 ⬅️ 🦂 Sign up for my Latin Pronunciation & Conversation series on Patreon: 🤍 📚 Luke Ranieri Audiobooks: 🤍 🦂 Support my work on Patreon: 🤍 ☕️ Support my work with PayPal: 🤍 And if you like, do consider joining this channel: 🤍 🏛 Latin by the Ranieri-Dowling Method: 🤍 🏺Ancient Greek by the Ranieri-Dowling Method: 🤍 🏛 Ancient Greek in Action · Free Greek Lessons: 🤍 👨‍🏫 My Lingua Latina Per Se Illustrata playlist · Free Latin Lessons: 🤍 🦂 ScorpioMartianus (my channel *entirely* in Latin & Ancient Greek) 🤍 🎙 Hundreds of hours of Latin & Greek audio: 🤍 🌍 polýMATHY website: 🤍 🌅 polýMATHY on Instagram: 🤍 🦁 Legio XIII Latin Language Podcast: 🤍 👕 Merch: 🤍 🦂 🤍 🦅 🤍 📖 My book Ranieri Reverse Recall on Amazon: 🤍 Intro and outro music: Overture of Die Zauberflöte (The Magic Flute) by Mozart 00:00 What do these funny symbols mean? 00:20 Thanks to Lingopie for sponsoring this video. 01:40 Human Vocal Tract: Height, Backness, Roundedness 03:21 IPA: The International Phonetic Alphabet 04:00 High/Close Vowels [i y ɯ u] 07:00 Mid Front Vowels [e ɛ] 08:00 Low/Open Vowels [ä, ɑ, ɒ] 10:30 Near-High/Near-Close Front Vowels [ɪ ʏ] 11:24 Cot-Caught Merger 13:00 Phonemic vs Phonetic IPA Transcription 14:20 [a] vs [æ] 17:10 The Full IPA Vowel Chart 18:00 Mid Back Vowels [o ɔ] 21:00 True Mid Vowels [e̞ o̞] 26:00 [ə ʊ], Sonus Medius 28:25 Spanish Applied Ear Training 32:00 French Applied Ear Training 34:00 German Applied Ear Training 35:15 English & Italian Vowel Space & Conclusions

The Language Sounds That Could Exist, But Don't


The International Phonetic Alphabet: one sound for each symbol, and one symbol for each sound. Except for the sounds we can't make. Pull down the description for the references! MORE LANGUAGE FILES: 🤍 Written with Gretchen McCulloch and Molly Ruhl. Gretchen's new book, BECAUSE INTERNET, is available now: 🇺🇸 US: 🤍 🇨🇦 CA: 🤍 🇬🇧 UK: 🤍 (Those are affiliate links that give a commission to me or Gretchen, depending on country!) Gretchen can be found at 🤍 REFERENCES: Harbeck, J. (2009). Presented at the 30th annual Editors’ Association of Canada conference, Toronto, June 6, 2009. Algeo, J., & Pyles, T. (2004). The origins and development of the English language (5th ed.). Boston, Mass.: Thomson/Wadsworth. Nicolaidis, Katerina (2005). "Approval of new IPA sound: the labiodental flap". Journal of the International Phonetic Association. 35 (2): 261. I'm at 🤍 on Twitter at 🤍 on Facebook at 🤍 and on Instagram as tomscottgo

Every Style of Beer Explained | WIRED


Master Cicerone Pat Fahey is a certified expert in beer. So, who better than he to talk us through the history of all the different variations of beer that exist. Where did American lagers originate? Why are Belgian pale ales so hard to come by nowadays? 1:26 - Malty Lagers 13:57 - Hoppy Lagers 22:15 - Non-Roasty Malty Ales 30:25 - Roasty Dark Ales 39:35 - Hoppy Ales 51:06 - Fruity and/or Spicey Ales 57:37 - Tart and/or Funky Beers 1:03:56 - Smoked Beers 1:06:07 - Variations on styles Pat Fahey is a Master Cicerone and Content Director for the Cicerone® Certification Program Check him out on Instagram: 🤍 Cicerone Certification Program’s website 🤍 Still haven’t subscribed to WIRED on YouTube? ►► 🤍 Listen to the Get WIRED podcast ►► 🤍 Get more incredible stories on science and tech with our daily newsletter: 🤍 Also, check out the free WIRED channel on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Android TV. Here you can find your favorite WIRED shows and new episodes of our latest hit series Tradecraft. ABOUT WIRED WIRED is where tomorrow is realized. Through thought-provoking stories and videos, WIRED explores the future of business, innovation, and culture. Every Style of Beer Explained | WIRED

Learn Phonetics - International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA)


Do you want to learn phonetics; the symbols and sounds? The International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) is extremely useful if you are interested in accents or pronunciation. Download your free IPA flashcards and workbook sample to fast-track your learning. 🤍 Full 100 Page IPA Workbook & Audio Library: 🤍 Transcribe your sentences into phonetics: 🤍tophonetics.com Go through all the sounds of the IPA: 🤍 IMPROVE YOUR ENGLISH - This channel provides you with over 500 free video lessons, and there are many more to come. However, if you would like to take your learning further, with more structure, my premium courses are rated 5-stars, click on the links for more info: 📧 Subscribe to my newsletter for free email lessons and offers 🤍 🇬🇧 British Pronunciation & English Language Courses: 🤍englishlikeanative.co.uk ☝️ Level up with my English Programme: 🤍 💼 Improve your career with my Business English course: 🤍 👄 Perfect your English pronunciation on my course: 🤍 👫 Get affordable, English speaking practice in my conversation club 🤍 📕 Download over 100 English language PDFs 🤍 Don't Forget to LIKE & SUBSCRIBE for a virtual Hi-Five! #Englishlikeanative For those of you who are new to this channel, my name is Anna English. I am British, therefore I teach British English, though you will find some videos here that look at the differences between British English and American English. The best way to make use of this channel is to go to the home page, click on the videos tab and browse through the hundreds of available lessons. If you would like to be notified when I broadcast live and release new videos then please turn on notifications by clicking on the bell icon. FREE TRIALS = If you haven't already, then I recommend taking advantage of the following free trials to aid your English learning. FREE MUSIC - 🤍amazon.co.uk/music/unlimited?&tag=e0069-21 FREE MOVIES - 🤍amazon.co.uk/tryprimefree?tag=e0069-21 FREE AUDIOBOOKS - 🤍 = RELATED VIDEOS = Here are some other lessons you may be interested in, CONNECTED SPEECH - 🤍 PRONUNCIATION - 🤍 My Links = INSTAGRAM: 🤍instagram.com/britishenglishpro FACEBOOK: 🤍facebook.com/BritishEnglishLikeaNative TWITTER: 🤍twitter.com/1_like_a_native MY OTHER YOUTUBE CHANNELS 🤍youtube.com/user/verbalessons 🤍youtube.com/user/annatyrie 🤍youtube.com/c/BellaBeansTV Thanks for Watching Anna ❤ 🇬🇧 BUSINESS ENQUIRIES ONLY: englishlikeanative🤍gmail.com

International Phonetic Alphabet - IPA | English Pronunciation


In this video we are going to look at the IPA - the international phonetic alphabet. Yes, that’s right: the alphabet with many funny symbols, each representing a sound. /heləʊ ɑ: jə redi tə lʊkæt ðə ɑɪ pi: eɪ/ …. This was IPA ‘Hello, are you ready to look at the IPA?’ You are going to learn about the history of the IPA, the parts that make up the IPA - the 107 letters for sounds (consonants, vowels and diphthongs), 31 diacritics to show phonetic detail and 17 suprasegmentals (e.g. : - to show vowel length). You will learn what the IPA is used for and in which professions people use it. At the end we are also going to talk about the SAMPA and we will look at phonemic transcriptions of SAMPA and IPA side by side. Please note that this video gives you a general overview of the IPA, not just the phonemic chart for English. If you want to learn the IPA in detail to transcribe in English, check out my other videos on consonant sounds in IPA, vowel sounds in IPA and diphthongs in the playlists below - all for British English. Chapter: 0:00 What is the IPA? - INTRO 3:46 What does the IPA consist of? 8:42 A short history of the IPA - Why was it invented? 10:27 Who uses the IPA? - A summary 12:41 SAMPA 14:42 IPA & SAMPA-X examples 💛 Please like, share & subscribe! 💛 The Phonemic Chart (IPA - vowels, diphthongs & consonants): 🤍 . The Vowel IPA Chart 🤍 . Video on Diphthongs Introduction (IPA) 🤍 . Video on Consonants (IPA) 🤍 . Non-rhotic vs. Rhotic Speakers 🤍 . What is a syllable? 🤍 . Vowel reduction, weak forms & the schwa 🤍 . Connected Speech: Assimilation, Elision & Intrusion 🤍 . Dropped Consonants 🤍 . 👉 Would you like to improve your pronunciation? I have a recommendation for you! Now you can improve your English pronunciation with ELSA speak PRO, a clever pronunciation app using the latest artificial technology to help you become more fluent when speaking English. Only ten minutes a day can help make you a better communicator that people understand easily. To download ELSA speak PRO using my special discount, click here: 🤍 💛 You will receive a 20% discount on the ELSA speak PRO 1-year pack, and an 80% discount on the ELSA speak PRO lifetime pack through my page 💛 Watch my ELSA speak PRO app review here: 🤍 If you would like to try out the free version of ELSA first to have a look around, click here: 🤍 Disclosure: This description contains affiliate links. I am provided with compensation for purchases made through the above links at no cost to you. All thoughts and opinions are my own and are not influenced by ELSA speak or other affiliates. My experience is my own, and your experience may be different. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Billie English possible! #phonology #englishpronunciation Website: International Phonetic Association 🤍 #ipa #internationalphoneticalphabet #phonology

English Vowel Sounds Lesson With IPA - Practice Exercises For Great English Pronunciation


Practice each English vowel sound in words and see the IPA symbols (International Phonetic Alphabet) for each vowel. Record your own pronunciation of English vowels: 🤍 Short vowels, long vowels and diphthong vowels (or double vowels). This video lesson covers every vowel sound in English. You will revise and practice all English vowels out loud as you watch. Clearly see the correct mouth position and the IPA for English vowels.

How To Brew Hazy IPA


Hazy IPA with tropical notes of passion fruit and guava is the goal with this homebrew beer. And my goodness does it deliver. Berkeley Yeast: 🤍 RECIPE KITS: 🤍 CLAWHAMMER BREWING SYSTEM: 🤍 MERCH: 🤍 Follow Caleb on Instagram: 🤍psychdocbrewery RECIPE FOR 5 GALLONS: 7 lbs Pale Malt 2 lbs Carafoam 2 lbs Flaked Barley 2 lbs White Wheat Malt 8.0 oz Aromatic Malt 1.00 oz Calypso [13.00 %] - Boil 30.0 min 1.00 oz Calypso [13.00 %] - Steep/Whirlpool 20.0 min 1.00 oz Cascade [5.50 %] - Steep/Whirlpool 20.0 min 1.00 oz Galaxy [14.00 %] - Steep/Whirlpool 20.0 min 1.00 oz Calypso [13.00 %] - Dry Hop 1.00 oz Cascade [5.50 %] - Dry Hop 1.00 oz Galaxy Pellets [14.00 %] - Dry Hop Berkeley Yeast Tropics MY BREWING GEAR Glycol chiller: blichmannengineering.com/glycol-chiller.html Kegs: 🤍 pH meter: 🤍 Hydrometer: 🤍 Fermenter: 🤍 Grain mill: 🤍 Wireless hydrometer: 🤍 PBW for cleaning: 🤍 Starsan for sanitizing: 🤍 MY GLASSWARE Tulip: 🤍 Stemmed: 🤍 Pilsner: 🤍 Flight paddle: 🤍 MY VIDEO GEAR Main camera: 🤍 Second camera: 🤍 Main lens: 🤍 Second lens: 🤍 Microphone: 🤍 Lights: 🤍 MUSIC Where I get all my music (2 months free): 🤍 These are affiliate links. It does not cost you anything to use these links and helps support the channel. Thanks for watching! Created by: Martin Keen Business inquiries: mouseykins🤍gmail.com

American English Vowels | IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) vowel chart FREE DOWNLOAD


Watch my latest video: 5 pronunciation challenges for Japanese speakers 🤍 If you want to improve your pronunciation and clarity, start with American English vowels IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) chart. In this video, I’m taking you into my classroom to review all the vowel sounds of American English. We will go over the vowel chart, learn the IPA symbols (International Phonetic Alphabet) and hear the difference between the different vowels. Don’t forget to download my IPA vowel chart (with example words) to be able to know how to pronounce ANYTHING: 🤍 #ipa Confusing English Vowels overview 🤍 And here is a breakdown of the vowel sounds discussed: 0:00 Intro 2:17 i as in 'see' 2:44 ɪ as in 'sit' 02:44 relaxed ɪ 04:29 ɛ as in 'red' 05:28 æ as in 'cat' 06:23 'eɪ' as in 'day' 7:39 'aʊ' as in 'now' 8:53 ' aɪ' as in 'my' 10:13 shwa sound (ə) 10:48 ʌ as in 'cup' 11:48 ɜ as in 'stir' 13:12 tense u vs relaxed ʊ 16:03 oʊ as in 'go' 17:26 ɔ as in 'daughter' 20:25 ɔɪ as in 'toy' 21:06 Overview To learn more about each of the American English vowels go here: Sheep vs Ship: 🤍 Pool vs Pull: 🤍 /ow/ as in go: 🤍 Bed vs Bad: 🤍 /ei/ as in 'day': 🤍 /a/ as in 'father': 🤍 The Schwa: 🤍 Cap-Cup-Cop: 🤍 🔴SUBSCRIBE to my channel: 🤍 Listen to my Podcast 🎧: 🤍 Let’s connect on Instagram ♥️: 🤍 ✨Find me on TIKTOK 🤍 FREE stuff to give you the confidence and fluency boost you need: 🚀Join our community on Facebook and practice 🤍 🚀American Accent crash course: 🤍 🚀50 of the most mispronounced words in English 🤍 Free American Pronunciation Guides for: 🚀Spanish speakers: 🤍 🚀Hindi and Urdu speakers 🤍 🚀Brazilian Portuguese speakers: 🤍 🚀Russian speakers: 🤍 🚀Chinese speakers 🤍 🚀Korean speakers 🤍 🚀Arabic speakers 🤍 ⏱️Check out my SPRINTS - Effective Practice to boost your vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation: Sprint #1 🤍 Sprint #2 🤍 Sprint #3 🤍 Morning Pronunciation Routine 🤍 Let's Stay Connected:👇🏼 📢Website: 🤍 📷INSTAGRAM: 🤍 ♥️FACEBOOK: 🤍 🗄️Linkedin 🤍 📧EMAIL: hello🤍hadarshemesh.com Learn with me 🤝: 👉Become a Sprint Master (30 days of Sprints): 🤍 👉Get on the list to join my transformational program: 🤍 NEW HERE? 🔥Get started with those helpful lessons: #1 STRATEGY of how to become FLUENT in English 🤍 Want to improve your speaking vocabulary? STOP LEARNING NEW WORDS✋ 🤍 My pronunciation playlist: 🤍 How to improve your listening skills: 🤍 Sound like a native - the myth: 🤍 How to stop translating in your head: 5-steps to get stuck LESS and speak FASTER in English 🤍 How to stay MOTIVATED when learning ENGLISH 🤍 Do you change your voice when you speak English? Here’s why 🤍 American INTONATION - What They don't Teach You in School 🤍 10 ways to DESTROY your English Fluency 🤍 #AmericanAccent #CommunicationOverPerfection

A Beginner's Guide to IPA, Phones & Phonemes - Part 1


Geoff Lindsey's video on ejective consonants: 🤍 Geoff Lindsey's book, 'English After RP': 🤍 Parallel Worlds Magazine, to which Connor often contributes: 🤍

Beer Basics for Beginners/What is Pale Ale, IPA, XPA and Summer Ale/Let's Talk Drinks


In this video Gorge Camorra from Let's talk Drinks has Damien Kos-Beckwith as a guest explaining some beer basics for beginners, We taste and learn about Summer Ale, Pale Ale, IPA and XPA beers from Gage Roads Brewing

Easy IPA Recipe | Make Beer At Home


RECIPE KITS: 🤍 CLAWHAMMER BREWING SYSTEM: 🤍 Recipe for 5 gallons: 10 lbs - 2-row American Pale Malt 1 lbs - Caramel 40 (40.0 SRM) 1 lbs - Munich Malt - 10L (10.0 SRM) 2.00 oz - Centennial Pellets [10.40 %] - Boil 30.0 min 1.00 oz - Cascade Pellets [6.20 %] - Boil 5.0 min 1.00 oz - Amarillo Pellets [8.50 %] - Boil 0.0 min 2.0 pk - German Ale/Kolsch (White Labs #WLP029) 1.00 oz - Amarillo Pellets [8.50 %] - Dry Hop Mash - 152F Boil - 30 minutes OFFERS Where I get all my music (2 months free): 🤍 Tesla 1,000 free supercharger miles: 🤍 MY BREWING GEAR pH meter: 🤍 Hydrometer: 🤍 Fermenter: 🤍 Grain mill: 🤍 Wireless hydrometer: 🤍 PBW for cleaning: 🤍 Starsan for sanitizing: 🤍 MY GLASSWARE Tulip: 🤍 Stemmed: 🤍 Pilsner: 🤍 Flight paddle: 🤍 MY VIDEO GEAR Main camera: 🤍 Second camera: 🤍 Main lens: 🤍 Second lens: 🤍 Microphone: 🤍 Lights: 🤍 These are Amazon affiliate links. It does not cost you anything to use these links and helps support the channel. Thanks for watching! Join me on my Homebrew Challenge to brew all 99 BJCP beer styles: 🤍 Created by: Martin Keen Business inquiries: mouseykins🤍gmail.com

Pronunciation Tutorial 1: English Pronunciation and IPA: Voicing and Place


A video tutorial about the International Phonetic Alphabet and the English language. This is the first in a series of several videos that will help you understand English pronunciation so that you can learn another language's pronunciation. Here we cover consonants, specifically the concepts of voicing and place. Second Video (Consonants: Place): 🤍 Third Video (Vowels): 🤍 More Anki Deck Resources for learning pronunciation and English: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 [If you're interested in pronunciation or language learning, do check out my book, Fluent Forever: How to Learn Any Language and Never Forget It! 🤍 ]

American English Vowels - IPA - Pronunciation - International Phonetic Alphabet


ESL: International Phonetic Alphabet symbols for the vowels of American English. Get acquainted with the symbols! It helps as you study pronunciation. TRANSCRIPT: 🤍 Cải thiện nói tiếng Anh Mỹ / 음성 미국 영어를 향상 / 話されているアメリカ英語を向上させる / Улучшение говорил американский вариант английского языка / Meningkatkan berbicara bahasa Inggris Amerika / Melhorar a fala Inglês Americano / Mejorar el habla Inglés Americano / 提高口语的美式英语 / बात अमेरिकी अंग्रेजी में सुधार / تحسين يتحدث اللغة الإنجليزية الأميركية ...with Rachel's English! subscribe: 🤍 website: 🤍

Improve your accent: Introduction to the IPA and vowel sound training


Learn the English vowels: 🤍 I will teach you four phonemes from the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA). You will learn /e/ as in pet, schwa /ə/ as in to (unstressed), /ɜː/ as in bird, and /ɔː/ as in court. This lesson is for beginners who are unfamiliar with IPA (the individual sounds of English). Learn the IPA vowel symbols to greatly improve your pronunciation. This lesson is also for more advanced students who are already familiar with the sounds of English and their IPA phonetic symbols, and who wish to refresh their knowledge as a result of doing some practical pronunciation practice. Do these exercises for some time and you WILL hear a difference. Take the quiz on this lesson at 🤍 Join my Clear Accent course to improve your accent step-by-step: 🤍 TRANSCRIPT Hi, everyone. In this lesson I’m going to teach you four English vowels. Here are the vowels: “e”, “ɜ:”, “ə”, “ɔ:”. The reason to learn these four English vowels in IPA is that these are the actual sounds in English words; and if you know IPA, when you’re learning words, you can get the right pronunciation. The thing about it is these symbols are hard to learn. I know it took me a really, really long time to learn, and that’s because I learn sounds in a practical way. So, me just trying to memorize these sounds didn’t work for me, but doing practical exercises like this was how, after a lot… not… no. It took me a long, long, long time before I did practical exercises to remember these sounds. So I wish I did something like this at the beginning. So aren’t you lucky? Because I’m going to teach you the shortcut to remembering these vowels. What’s… What we should know about these vowels is that they are grouped together, because they are central vowels. The position that our tongue takes when we make these four vowels is central – it’s not high; it’s not low. And the difference between them is we move from a more forward position with our tongue to a more backward position. Now, another thing is that ɜ: and ə (schwa), the position is actually the same in the mouth; nothing changes, except the ɜ: sound is stressed and we can hear it very clearly and notice it; whereas the schwa sound: “uh”, “uh”, it’s hard to say by itself because it’s an unstressed sound, but we do it in exactly the same position. We don’t have to move our tongue for that one; it’s just a difference in the power of the sound. Let’s look at the lip position now. We start with the lips lightly spread. Okay? It’s not as much as “e” which is spread as wide as possible. “E” is not on here. It’s not as wide as “e”; it’s lightly spread: “e”, so a little bit less. “e”. And then the next two are the same position. This I would just call spread, so a little bit wider. “ɜ:”, “ə”, “ɔ:”. You can see the big difference between here, when I go to “ɔ:”. “ɜ:”, “ɔ:”. So, when I get to “ɔ:”, my lips are in the most rounded position. All right, let’s look at some contrasting words now so that we can get more used to these vowels in words. We’ll read like this, starting with: “pet” for “e”; “bird” for “ɜ:”. The way I always remember this symbol is to imagine a bird, flying, and that’s the most perfect word for me to remember that sound. Imagine a bird: “bird”. “Red”, “wa-…” This is “word”, “word”. “Word”. “Red”, “word”; “ten”, “murder”; “head”, “burden”; “said”, “curse”; “many”, “burn”. Now, what can be confusing about this is when we look at the spellings of these words and we think: “What’s going on here?” because if I say… If I say: “head”, and that’s the vowel, “e”, why is it spelt with an “a” in there? That’s just confusing, right? Well, that’s English spelling, unfortunately. Trying to learn too many spelling rules for the IPA isn’t that helpful. It’s helpful sometimes, but it only takes you so far. We can see a pattern in here, though. The “ɜ:” sound is often spelt with “r”. Often “ur” in a lot of words; “murder”, “burden”, “curse”, “burn”. Now let’s look at schwa. When I write schwa, I can write: “uh”. That’s the closest I can get to pronouncing schwa as an unstressed sound. Usually it’s resting in the middle of other sounds. And the way I remember it myself is that in English, a dog goes: “Woof. Woof, woof.” But in Turkish, a dog goes, like: “Uh, uh. Uh, uh.” That’s their sound for “woof”. But, basically, it’s a schwa sound. So it helps me; I don’t know if it helps you. But we’re going to go side to side, here. Schwa: “uh”, “aw”. “Uh”, “paw”; “problem”, “more”; “freedom”, “boring”; “album”, “sword”; “again”, “sure”; “parrot”, “lord”. Okay? What’s hard about schwa is that in these words we’ve got two syllables, so we have to… Which ones got the schwa in it? I don’t know which ones got the schwa in it. I’ve underlined where the schwa is in the word. And the annoying thing about schwa as well is that it sounds slightly different, depending on… […]

One of my viewers thinks "IPA is useless!"


Today we are going to look again at one of your comments about the international phonetic alphabet. Connect with The English Language Club 🙋 1 to 1 Classes with Colin Munro 🤍 🔴 The next 100 sign ups get my course for FREE!!! 🤍 🤗 Join the Club: 🤍🤍 📱 Get the App: 🤍 💻 Website: 🤍 🐦 Twitter: 🤍 📸 IG: 🤍 😆 Discord Server: 🤍 Bryan Zhang says: "IPA? That's useless and unnecessary." In a way Brian you are absolutely right. IPA is not necessary for learning English. Most native speakers don't know anything about it. It is just a tool for helping us to look specifically at pronunciation and it can be helpful if you are interested in breaking pronunciation down into its smaller parts or if you are having problems with a particular sound. But if you don't find it helpful don't waste any time on it. Sometimes I get students asking me very complicated questions about phonetics and I want to tell them that if they are studying English as a second language they don't need to go too deep into phonetics only the basics will be helpful. If they are staying Phonetics itself then they are watching the wrong videos because this channel and my website are about helping people learn English as a Second Language and for that you only need to use the international phonetic alphabet and phonetics as reference when you have problems. You dont need to study the whole subject in too much detail. So thanks Bryan. I can understand your frustration. I hope you found this video helpful or reassuring. If it was you should check out some of my other videos and subscribe to my youtube channel and mailing list via the website, to keep up to date with new videos and features from The English Language Club. It would also be really helpful to me and your friends if you “Like” and ‘share’ it with them on the social media. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time.

Why so many IPA phonetic symbols are UPSIDE DOWN


A short explanation looking back at the founding of the IPA in the 19th century How a Printing Press Works: Dr. James Poskett, University of Warwick 🤍 Movable type by Daniel Ullrich 🤍 Music by Brian Bolger 🤍 🤍 🤍

IPA vs Pale Ale - Was ist der Unterschied? || Craft Beer Bierstil BRAXATORES


IPA (India Pale Ale) vs. Pale Ale, BRAXATORES Craft Beer Bierstil erklärt den Unterschied zwischen den beiden englischen Bierstilen. 🍻 BRAXATORES Wir glauben die Welt ist viel zu groß um immer das gleiche India Pale Ale (IPA) zu trinken! – IPAs worth tasting! Auf BRAXATORES dreht sich alles um India Pale Ale und Craft Beer. Abonniere doch gerne unseren Kanal um keins unserer Videos zu verpassen. Jeden Dienstag und Donnerstag kommt ein Video! 📺 Kanal abonnieren: 🤍 📸 Folge mir auf Instagram: 🤍 📱Social Media: ▶ Facebook: 🤍 ▶ iTunes: 🤍 ▶ Snapchat: 🤍 ▶ Twitter: 🤍 ▶ Blog: 🤍 🔨 Equipment: ▶ Kamera*: 🤍 ▶ Objektiv*: 🤍 ▶ Funkstrecke*: 🤍 ▶ Mikrofon*: 🤍 ▶ Licht/Softboxen*: 🤍 ▶ Audio-Recorder*: 🤍 ▶ Actioncam*: 🤍 ▶ Drohne*: 🤍 🍺 Was ist Craft Beer? Ein Craft Beer ist das individuellste Bier, dass du finden wirst. Es ist eine Revolution gegen die Massenproduktion und für das handwerkliche (craft) Brauen mit hochwertigen Zutaten die mittlerweile Deutschland erreicht hat und dessen Craft Beer Szene wächst stetig. Jedes Craft Beer ist ein neues Erlebnis und schmeckt einzigartig. Das India Pale Ale (IPA) ist dabei eines der beliebtesten Craft Biere. Ein India Pale Ale ist ein stark hopfen-betontes Bier mit unglaublicher Aromen Vielfalt und einem höheren Alkoholgehalt. Die mit * gekennzeichneten Links sind sogenannte Affiliate-Links. Kommt über einen solchen Link ein Einkauf zustande, werde ich mit einer Provision beteiligt. Für dich entstehen dabei keine Mehrkosten. Wo, wann oder wie du ein Produkt kaufst, bleibt natürlich dir überlassen. #braxatores #weloveipas #hopfigbleiben

How to Brew the BEST New England IPA [Ultimate Hazy IPA Tips & Recipe]


New England IPA, NEIPA, or Hazy IPA. No matter what you call it, knowing how to brew your own has some challenges. Today I take a look at my top tips for you to brew the best NEIPA possible an a simple step by step way. I'll also share my Hazy IPA recipe at the end! Scott Janish Blog on Hops: 🤍 DISCORD: 🤍 Support the Channel: 🤍 Brewing Equipment ► 🤍 NOTE: Some links are affiliate links, for which I get a small kick back if you use when shopping! Recipe for 5.5 gals (20.8L): -7 gals (26.5L) Water -40% Maris Otter [~4lbs] -30% Pilsner [~3lbs] -20% Wheat Malt [~2lbs] -10% Flaked Oats [~1lb] - 1oz (~28g) Warrior 🤍30 min - 2oz (~52g) Motueka 🤍 Whirpool - 2oz (~52g) Simcoe 🤍 Whirpool -WLP 067 Coastal Haze Mash 🤍 154ºF (~67.8ºC) for about 45 mins Boil for about 30 mins Ferment around 67ºF (~19.4C) for 7 Days Original Gravity: 1.065 Final Gravity: 1.015 ABV: 6.5% IBUs: ~50 0:00 Intro 0:27 Brew Your Best Hazy 1:35 Grains 3:05 Water 4:14 Mash 4:30 Hops 6:50 Yeast 7:34 Oxidation 10:33 Other Things 11:48 Sample Recipe



The Hopshake IPA is a velvety IPA with loads of tropical fruit and citrus hop notes. The flaked grains and hops give this beer a NEIPA-like quality. The honey malt and lactose fill out the mouth feel adding a perception of sweetness. This is an IPA-lover's milkshake IPA. We are proud to use the Ales For ALS hop blend in this beer, and a percentage of the proceeds from the sale of this beer will be donated to the ALS Therapy Development Institute.

[Brewing Tip] Constructing a Modern Hazy IPA


Pinthouse’s Joe Mohrfeld digs into the elements of brewing a great hazy IPA—including biotransformation, hop compounds, and a protein-rich grist. He also addresses differences in whirlpool hop additions in the home brewery versus commercial equipment.

What is IPA?


What do you do when you need help pronouncing something? Phonetic respelling? Ask your friendly neighborhood dialect coach? If you're a professional voice user, the International Phonetic Alphabet is a great tool to have in your toolbox. #dialects #linguistics #vocalcoaching Video Editor: Casey Glaude

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