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FOREO MISTAKES THAT RUIN YOUR SKIN | everything you need to know before buying your device


Hey guys and welcome to today's skincare video :) In this video I am going to tell you all the reasons why your FOREO is ruining your skin instead of making it better. There are many guidelines you need to follow to actually get the benefits on this device and there are many things to take into consideration. You need to know what is your skin type and what are your skin needs and you need to have a good skincare routine in place to get the most out of your device. By the end of the video I believe that you will be able to decide whether you need a FOREO in your life or not. Thanks for watching and remember to like, comment and subscribe ❤️ Where you can find me: 📸: 🤍vivencs // 🤍 📸: 🤍skincarewithviv // 🤍 💌: katai.vivien🤍 📄: 🤍 💲 This video is not sponsored. Save 10% off with my Yesstyle code: VIVENCS00 🤍 I do get a small percentage if you use my code on YesStyle.

NuFace, Foreo Bear, and Ziip Dermatologist Review


NuFace, Foreo Bear, and Ziip - Are they worth the price tag? Microcurrent devices are all over social media lately, but do they meet the hype check? I review the science on microcurrent devices in this video (in painstaking detail). Let me know your experience with these devices in the comments! My final thoughts: We need double-blinded randomized controlled trials to evaluate these devices. Here's how it's done - Non-working devices are used on the control group and then real devices are used on the treatment group. Next, an INDEPENDENT reviewer that does not know which device was used evaluates the subjects. Unfortunately, when the person evaluating the results knows which subject was treated or which side of the face was treated, this leads to inherent bias and is a much weaker form of investigation! Shop my favorite products*: 🤍 🤍 *Affiliate links (Commission-based) help support the channel* Sources: 1. Kahn DM, et al. Overview of current thoughts on facial volume and aging. Facial Plast Surg. 2010 2. Cotofana S. et al. Anatomy of the Aging Face: A Review. Facial Plast Surg. 2016 3. Kavanagh S, Use of a neuromuscular stimulation device for facial muscle toning: a randomized, controlled trial. J Cosmet Dermatology 2012 4. Fujiya H, et al. Microcurrent electrical neuromuscular stimulation facilitates regeneration of injured skeletal muscle in mice. J Sports Sci Med. 2015 5. Lee RC, et al. A review of the biophysical basis for the clinical application of electric fields in soft-tissue repair. J Burn Care Rehabil. 1993 6. Alam M. Association of Facial Exercise With the Appearance of Aging. JAMA Dermatol. 2018 7. Ibrahim ZM, et al. Negative pressure wound therapy versus microcurrent electrical stimulation in wound healing in burns. J Wound Care. 2019 8. Kwon DR, et al. Short-term microcurrent electrical neuromuscular stimulation to improve muscle function in the elderly: A randomized, double-blinded, sham-controlled clinical trial. Medicine (Baltimore). 2017 9. Lee S, et al. A prospective examination of the efficacy of 2 noninvasive devices for treatment of the aging face. Arch Facial Plast Surg. 2006 10. Gosain AK, et al. A volumetric analysis of soft-tissue changes in the aging midface using high-resolution MRI: implications for facial rejuvenation. Plast Reconstr Surg. 2005

LUNA mini 2 by FOREO: How to use video


LUNA mini 2 facial cleansing massager delivers deep and effective cleansing of your face for gorgeous skin with a spa-like afterglow. In just 1 minute, LUNA mini 2 removes 99.5% of make-up residue, dry skin cells, oil and dirt. Perfect for all skin types, the extremely gentle silicone will leave the skin looking clean, bright and healthy. FOREO is a wildly creative Swedish beauty-tech brand created to provide every beauty lover in the world with products that actually work. So, if you’re the type to celebrate INTEGRITY in humans, businesses and technology, FOREO just might be for you. Everyone at FOREO shares one thing: commitment to innovation. Commitment to changing things for the better. Commitment to kindness and decency. You can shop for our beauty-tech hits here: 🤍 To watch our Shorts videos, click here: 🤍 Our Instagram page: 🤍 Our TikTok profile: 🤍

FOREO Luna Mini 3 review + hoe ik de elektrische gezichtsreiniger gebruik in mijn skin care routine


In deze video review ik de Foreo Luna Mini 3 elektrische gezichtsborstel. Ook toon ik hoe ik het gebruik in mijn skin care routine. Abonneren = lief! ↓ EXTRA INFO ↓ Foreo Luna Mini 3: 🤍 Kiehl's reiniger: 🤍 Kiehl's tonic: 🤍 Kiehl's serum: 🤍 Kruidvat dagcrème: 🤍 ★ Je kan mij hier ook volgen Blog 🤍 Instagram 🤍 Facebook 🤍 Twitter 🤍 Pinterest 🤍 Tiktok ellenismyname E-mail info🤍 ★ Samenwerkingen/contact/PR Je kan contact met mij opnemen door een mailtje te sturen naar info🤍 ★ FAQ Leeftijd: 24 jaar (29 november ’95) Camera: 🤍 Geluid: 🤍 Vlogcamera: 🤍 Edit programma: Adobe Premiere Pro Muziek: Elke woensdag en zondag een nieuwe video! Dit product ontving ik ter review.

Foreo Luna Fofo Before and After Review| Dr Dray


Before and after up close of my skin using the Foreo Luna Fofo from my summer fabfitfun box. You can sign up for #fabfitfun using the code BEACHBABE at 🤍 to get $10 off your box! 💜 Totoro mug 🤍 💜Simply Pure Cleansing lotion 🤍 💜Other face washes I like Vanicream gentle face cleanser 🤍 Hada labo hydrating cleanser 🤍 Hada labo hyaluronic acid cleansing foam 🤍 Neutrogena ultra gentle hydrating cleanser 🤍 Avene extremely gentle cleansing lotion 🤍 La roche posay toleriane face wash 🤍 Eucerin gentle hydrating cleanser 🤍 Cerave hydrating face wash 🤍 La Roche Posay (UK) 🤍 Avene (UK) 🤍 💜Discount codes/links: eBates: 🤍 Ibotta 🤍 Better help 🤍 Beauty dust 20% off 🤍 Airbnb: 🤍 iHerb: 🤍 NMNL Japanese Beauty BOX 🤍 Fabfitfun box! 🤍 Links may contain affiliates. This is not a sponsored post. 💜My videos Supergoop! Review 🤍 Tinted SPF 🤍 Hada Labo UV white review 🤍 AHAs 🤍 My skin care routine 🤍 Skin care routine for dark spots 🤍 Determine your skin type 🤍 Labels demystified 🤍 How to exfoliate 🤍 How to choose cleanser 🤍 Cleanser ingredients 🤍 How to fade dark spots: 🤍 Microdermabrasion 🤍 Accutane Q&A: 🤍 Hormonal acne Q&A: 🤍 Back acne Q&A 🤍 Ingrown hairs Q&A 🤍 Black heads Q&A 🤍 Retin-A Q&A: 🤍 Retin-A for anti-aging Q&A 🤍 Retin-A for acne 🤍 Retin-A for melasma/dark spots 🤍 Retinol for anti-aging/acne Q&A 🤍 How to moisturize the body: 🤍 How to moisturize the face: 🤍 Face moisturizer favorites: 🤍 Body moisturizer favorites: 🤍 Moisturizer Q&A 🤍 Deodorant Q&A 🤍 Niacinamide in skin care: 🤍 Keratosis pillars Q&A 🤍 Seborrheic dermatitis Q&A 🤍 Sunscreen Q&A 1 🤍 Sunscreen Q&A 2 🤍 Sunscreen Q&A 3 🤍 Sensitive skin care favorites 🤍 Cerave review 🤍 Sunscreen favorites 🤍 Differin Q&A 🤍 Differin tips 🤍 Skin allergy Q&A 🤍 Best Lip balms 🤍 Cleansing balm review 🤍 Cleansing oil review 🤍 Why I love beauty dust” 🤍 💜Subscribe! https://🤍 💜Social media Instagram 🤍drdrayzday Facebook 🤍DrDrayzDay Twitter: 🤍drdrayzday 📪Mail: PO Box 542234 Houston, TX 77254 Disclaimer: This video is not intended to provide diagnosis, treatment or medical advice. Content provided on this Youtube channel is for informational purposes only. Please consult with a physician or other healthcare professional regarding any medical or health related diagnosis or treatment options. Information on this Youtube channel should not be considered as a substitute for advice from a healthcare professional. The statements made about specific products throughout this video are not to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. 💜Subscribe! https://🤍 💜Social media Instagram 🤍drdrayzday Facebook 🤍DrDrayzDay Twitter: 🤍drdrayzday 📪Mail: PO Box 542234 Houston, TX 77254 Disclaimer: This video is not intended to provide diagnosis, treatment or medical advice. Content provided on this Youtube channel is for informational purposes only. Please consult with a physician or other healthcare professional regarding any medical or health related diagnosis or treatment options. Information on this Youtube channel should not be considered as a substitute for advice from a healthcare professional. The statements made about specific products throughout this video are not to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

I used FOREO for 7 DAYS and this is what happened…


Hi Smittens!! Evereyone seems to be talking about Foreo. Its where technology meets skincare and I tried it for 7 days and this is what happened…. ✦ Check out this curated list of my favorite products: 🤍 ✦Products used in this video: FOREO LUNA 2 Foreo Ufo Masks Link to products: 🤍 Burt's Bees Intense Hydration Cream Cleanser 🤍 Pixi by Petra Vitamin-C Lotion 🤍 My favorite brush set: 🤍 My favorite beauty sponges: 🤍 ✦Equipment: My camera: 🤍 Lens: 🤍 and 🤍 Tripod: 🤍 Ring light: 🤍 Editing software: 🤍 ✦ GET TO KNOW ME ✦ ✦ SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL HERE : 🤍 ✦Facebook: 🤍 ✦Instagram: 🤍 ✦For collaborations and partnerships (business emails only): sd🤍 🤍 ✦$$$ Discount Codes $$$✦ 🤍 (use sd25 at checkout) Blaq label lashes https (use smithaD at checkout here 🤍 ) 🤍 (use 5smitha at checkout) 🤍 (Use code smithad70 to get 70% OFF) ✦ DISCLAIMER ✦ This video is not sponsored. I assure you that I will never do a paid promotion on a product which I do not love! My videos are only intended for information and educational purposes only. Any information associated with this video should not be considered as a substitute for prescription suggested by health care professionals. Readers are subjected to use these information on their own discretion. This channel doesn’t take any responsibility for any harm, side-effects, illness or any health or skin care problems caused due to the use of our content or anything related to this. Always do a test patch first to see if your skin is allergic to any of the ingredients mentioned in my videos. Everyone's body and skin type are different, so result can vary from person to person. I post my experiences in the form of videos and can’t guarantee that all of the make-up and/or skincare products I recommend will suit you. Please discontinue use if your skin does not react well to the regimen. I love you all, and thanks so much for tuning in! Music provided by YouTube. ♡ ♡ Smitha Deepak ♡ ♡

Foreo Luna 4 Body Demo and Review | Keratosis Pilaris


Hi, In this video, I am sharing Foreo Luna 4 Body Demo and Review (🤍 I will also be sharing before and after of using Foreo Luna 4 body for a month for Keratosis Pilaris treatment. I really hope you find this review video helpful. #ad TIMESTAMPS : 0:00 - Introduction 1:20 - What is Foreo Luna 4 Body? 5:31 - Demo of using Foreo Luna 4 Body 7:57 - Before and After results of using Foreo Luna 4 Body for 1 month (Keratosis Pilaris) 8:47 - Final thoughts Purchasing Info : 🤍 #foreoluna4body #foreoluna #keratosispilaris Other products on my face: Danessa Myricks Lightworks 4 transcendence palette shade Zen on my eyes. Please check out my previous reels to see a tutorial for this look. Do click the link below to subscribe to my channel for more videos! 🤍 Let's connect on Social media! • Instagram: 🤍 • Facebook page: 🤍 For reference: Skin type: Oily to combination Skin tone: neutral (warm olive), Medium to Tan Foundation Shades Worn: MAC studio fix fluid foundation - NC38 + yellow adjuster MAC face and body - C5 Dior Face and body backstage - 4WO + 3WO Dior Forever 24H - 4WO + 3WO Danessa Myricks Vision cream cover - TY01+TO01 Pat McGrath skin fetish sublime perfection foundation - Medium 18 (Summer shade) + Medium 15 Bobbi Brown Skin longwear weightless foundation - Golden Natural + Golden Honey Smashbox studio skin 15 hr wear hydrating foundation - 3.02 +/- yellow adjuster Charlotte Tilbury airbrush flawless foundation - 8W Charlotte Tilbury hollywood flawless filter - 5 Tan Thank you so much for watching and for your support! I truly appreciate it! Here's how I save extra money while shopping online - It’s Free! Just need to sign up for it. 🤍 FTC Disclaimer: I was NOT sent most of these products. Products sent in PR as marked with an * next to them. I am NOT affiliated with the companies mentioned. All opinions are my own. I am NOT being sponsored to make this video. However, some of the links may be affiliate. It does NOT cost you any extra money but it makes me a few pence/pennies each time you click on an affiliate link and purchase any product. This in turn helps me with my channel and goes towards making reviews on new products. If you have used any of my affiliate links, a BIG THANK YOU! 😘

5 products for dewy, glowing SKIN | reviewing the Foreo Luna 4


MAKE YOUR SKIN GLOW this year with these Top 5 Skincare products. In this video I review & demonstrate the Foreo Luna 4, 2in1 cleansing & firming device. #foreo Shop the Foreo Luna 4 here: 🤍 BEAUTY LIGHT WAND SPOTLIGHT: 🤍 HOLLYWOOD CONTOUR WAND: 🤍 BEAUTY LIGHT WAND PINKGASM: 🤍 HOLLYWOOD FLAWLESS FILTER4 MEDIUM: 🤍 ............................................................................................................................................. Camera gear: 📸 - Camera Sony A7III: 🤍 - YouTube Lens - Sony 24mm 1.4 GM: 🤍 - Favourite daily all round lens - Sony 35mm 1.8: 🤍 - Medium telephoto - Sony 85mm 1.8: 🤍 ► Business Inquiries ONLY alananoellee🤍 Thanks for watching guys, Love, Alana x DISCLAIMER: Links included in this description might be affiliate links. If you purchase a product or service with the links that I provide I may receive a small commission. There is no additional charge to you! Thank you for supporting my channel!

FOREO BEAR 1 Week Results with Before and After Pictures! Wedding Glow Up!


In this video I share my Before and After Pictures after using the Foreo Bear for one week! I have embarked on a wedding glow up over the next couple months! I want to have clear glow skin and feel confident for all my photos so I have came up with a little ( kind of long) list of self care tasks to do! one of them being having a sculpted face and neck, I have always wanted to try a micro current device so I thought this would be the perfect time to give it a shot! I really haven't noticed any huge changes but I did want to share my results. what do you think? do you notice any changes? love you! timestamps 0:00 Intro 1:20 Before and After 2:39 Before and After SAME DAY 2:51 DAY 1 3:45 DAY 2 4:26 DAY 4 5:50 DAY 6 7:10 DAY 8 🤍Foreo LINKS TO PRODUCTS Foreo Bear 🤍 Foreo Luna 🤍 Gel from Amazon 🤍 connect with me. instagram: 🤍 website: 🤍 business email: jasminemireya1🤍 filming gear: Canon M50: 🤍 Joby Tripod: 🤍 Tripod: 🤍 Memory Card: 🤍 Edit on LumaFusion: 🤍 iPad: 🤍 hey friends :) My name is Jasmine, I am 27. I live in Arizona. I am recently married. I make videos sharing about my life, being a stay at home wife, homemaking, beauty, health, fitness and more. I recently rediscovered my faith in Christianity and I'm figuring out what that means to me and how it relates to my life. Consider subscribing and follow me on instagram 🤍jasminemireya FTC: This video is not sponsored. This video may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission for any purchases made through my links.

WATCH THIS BEFORE YOU BUY Foreo BEAR mini microcurrent | 6 Tips on Microcurrent on face


The Truth about Foreo, Foreo BEAR mini, microcurrent on face, Foreo BEAR mini review. Anti-aging with Foreo Micro Current device.  In this video I am sharing my experience with my Foreo BEAR mini.   Microcurrent works on muscle, not just the skin, when muscle tighten, it helps to pull and firm the skin therefore microcurrent works on sagging skin and importantly anti-aging. I won’t buy the Foreo serum serum serum $89 /30 ml , because it has a very sticky feeling on my face and have the rubbery residue left on my face. Alternatively, I like to use The Ordinary, Marine Hyaluronic when I use the Foreo BEAR mini device.  To see more effective and long-term results, its better to use it consecutively for 1-2 weeks, it's like doing exercise, one or two night is not going to give you any results. It’s a habit, that will show significant results.   I m also sharing my 6 useful Tips on using Foreo BEAR mini microcurrent device on face: 1. Put the serum partially on face, incase the serum all dry up. Only put serum on the part that i m working on. 2. Use The Ordinary Marine Hyaluronic serum instead of the Foreo serum serum serum. Because when using microcurrent face device, you will end up using a lot more serum than usually. 3. Take off all your jewellery. 4. Be consistent , treat it as an routine like an exercise rather than a miracle use it once and all beautiful and forget about it. 5. Have a look at muscle's position and shape 6. When using the Foreo for you app: using "starts massage" rather than "Treatment" if you already known what you want to improve. #foreobearmini #foreo #microcurrent Here are some of my thoughts on the Foreo BEAR mini: Pros:  1. Not painful  2. It works  3. Cheaper than a beauty salon treatment.   4. Easy to use    Cons:  1. Must register with the Foreo app first in order to use. ( if you are someone don’t like to use any app or just couldn’t be bothered, then this other brand: NuFace microcurrent is the alternative)   2. Must use water base serum/gel only.  (not oil) 3. Need to use a significant amount of serum to get a smooth gliding application( even I I have sectioned my face)     All items were purchased with my own money, not sponsored.   Here are some of the videos you might be interested: Foreo UFO mini 2 🤍 THE ORDINARY | W Skin Aqua Facial Device | Derma Roller HOW TO USE ? | Nuface micro current | dermawand radio frequency 🤍 9 BEAUTY TIPS in Budget | Homemade Flaxseed Hair Mask | Castor Oil mask | Micellar water on scalp 🤍 7 ways to instantly LOOK prettier: 🤍 Thank you for watching 😚 If you find this video is helpful please give it a “👍” and subscribe to this Channel and click the notification bell 🔔 so you will get notify when new videos uploaded. I upload new videos every week! Hope this channel will become one of your favorites to watch when you are free. 😊 Instagram: Follow the little chihuahua Romeo on Instagram 🤍rororomeo212 Or click the link below: 🤍 Picture reference: Essential Clinical Anatomy, Second edition by Keith L Moore, Anne M R Agur Music: As Leaves Fall Musician: 🤍iksonmusic

Вся правда о щётке Foreo: реальный тест (2020)


Целый месяц Наташа Кашенцева тестировала разрекламированную щетку для омолаживания лица Foreo Luna. Да не одна, а под наблюдением специалиста-дерматолога. Результат оказался вовсе не тем, какой прогнозирует производитель. Так стоит ли тратить почти 18 000 рублей на этот якобы чудо-девайс красоты? Подробности — в нашем видео. Щётка Foreo Luna3: 🤍 Еще интересные видео с Наташей и техникой: Проверяем 5 лайфхаков с микроволновкой: 🤍 Что на самом деле умеет ваш фен: 🤍 Битва китайской сушилки с сушильной машиной: 🤍 Подписка на канал: 🤍 В наших соцсетях много интересного (не только видео): ВК: 🤍 Одноклассники: 🤍 Инстаграм: 🤍 Яндекс Дзен: 🤍 Все выпуски и новые обзоры: 🤍 #foreo #кожа #лицо

skincare tools that are worth it | FOREO review


I've been paying a lot more attention to my skin lately because it gets soo sensitive in the winter! Thought it'd be useful to review these for you all :) ✰ T I M E L I N E ✰ 0:50 - Luna Mini 1:53 - Luna 3 5:50 - UFO 2 10:30 - BEAR ✰ C O N N E C T ✰ 📷 My Instagram: 🤍 💌 Email: beautiesfoodies🤍 ✰ P R O D U C T S ✰ LUNA 3 - 🤍 UFO 2 - 🤍 BEAR - 🤍 ✰ S H O P ✰ [ YesStyle ] Use code "BEAUFOO" to get a discount! [ Glossier ] 🤍 [ Merit Beauty ] 🤍 FTC: This is not sponsored and I'm not paid to show/use these products. Every item I talk about in my videos is purchased by me and if it was sent to me by a company, I will mention it! Some links may be affiliate links that you can use if you want to but you don't have to! It just helps my channel :)

FOREO Sweden presents the new LUNA™ 4 Collection | Official Launch Video


World’s 1st & best-selling soft silicone facial cleansing brush - the iconic & original FOREO LUNA™ - just became stronger, softer & smarter. Did you know that your skin accumulates 4 kg of dirt and dead skin cells yearly? But your hands won’t get rid of them. Neither will face wipes. Or that abrasive washcloth you’ve been using… Your skin deserves better. That’s why we invented the most advanced way to cleanse it — meet the new LUNA™ 4 Collection! Shop now: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Pinterest: 🤍 TikTok: 🤍 Subscribe! 🤍 Director: Rino Barbir DOP: Lazar Bogdanović Production: Komakino Komakino production crew: Tina Fras, Katarina Bobić, Marina Jurišić Editor: Marko Ferković Sound Design: Frano Homen Color: Yerlan Tanayev Postproduction: Poster Set Design: Dajana Jurman Osip Styling: Doris Fatur MUA: Dajana Pajkić Hair stylist: Ante Pažanin Makeup and Hair assistants: Anna Martinko, Ivana Zečić, Sara Rabotski Casting: NEXT Talent Agency, Casting Sisters, Komakino 1st AD: Nikola Barišić 2nd AD: Sabrina Herak Smoković Gaffer: Igor Pavlović Key grip: Luka Jelenić Gimbal operator: Marko Vukas Focus Puller: Tonći Gačina Camera rental: Tuna film Light & grip: MB Grip / LAV rasvjeta Props: Rekviziteri - Juraj Košpić, Borna Brezović, Petar Morić, Mateo Tomašević, Momir Borak SFX: Božo Galić Location manager: Šimun Kuliš Location manager assistant: Leo Donat Cast: Marija Olga Žišić Mogbolu, Bojan Ban, Ajda Ajeti, Mari Hayakawa FOREO Creative Lead: Valentina Batalić FOREO Marketing Director: Maja Čulig FOREO Product Marketing Manager: Anika Sekhri FOREO Marketing Specialist: Hana Agić

Mycie twarzy na bogato 💵 Kiedyś KIT teraz GIT! 😭 Test FOREO LUNA 3 z MishON


Modele, które możecie zobaczyć w filmie: • LUNA 3 🤍 • LUNA mini 2 🤍 • LUNA fofo 🤍 Razem z Mishon testujemy i recenzujemy szczoteczki do oczyszczania twarzy FOREO LUNA 3. Wcześniej nie sprawdzały się u mnie i podchodziłam do nich sceptycznie, ale to się mocno zmieniło! Kanał Oli Mishon: 🤍 Szczoteczki do testów otrzymaliśmy od marki Foreo. ❤️ YouTube • Subskrybuj mój kanał: 🤍 📷 Social media • Instagram: 🤍 • Facebook: 🤍 📚 Moje książki • Tajniki paznokci: 🤍 • Tajniki makijażu: 🤍 • Tajniki DIY: 🤍 🎵 Muzyka • w intro: Łukasz Palkiewicz 🤍 • w filmach: Epidemic Sound 🤍 🎬 Playlisty • Testy i recenzje: 🤍 • Tutoriale makijażowe: 🤍 • Zamienniki klasyki: 🤍 • Pod lupą: 🤍 • DIY zrób to sam(a): 🤍 • Wszystko o paznokciach: 🤍 • Wszystko o podkładach: 🤍 • Wszystko o korektorach: 🤍 • Wszystko o brwiach: 🤍 • Wszystko o ustach: 🤍 • Wszystko o rzęsach: 🤍 • Halloween: 🤍 • Piercing i tatuaż: 🤍 • Vlogi: 🤍



Hey y'all! I was sucked into the 21 days of beauty sale by Ulta and ended up purchasing the Foreo Luna Mini 2. I've been wanting this product for a while now. If you're like me and always have wanted to try it but never bought it yet. I hope this review helps you! I know the holidays are coming up soon, so watch out for any deals that you may be able to score to get this device. This is a non-sponsored video and 100% my honest opinion and review. Comment down below if you have any questions or if you've tried the luna mini 2 yourself! Instagram: 🤍simplyshellaby 💖 Enjoy! Hope you are all staying safe during these times! 💖Don't forget to subscribe & hit the notification bell! 🔔 NOT SPONSORED! Product Mentioned: Foreo Luna Mini 2 ((Pearl Pink)): 🤍 🤍 or 🤍 Glow Recipe Papaya Sorbet Smoothing Enzyme Cleansing Balm 🤍 Cosrx Good Morning Gel Cleanser: 🤍 Music: Solitude Musician: Rook1e #foreo #lunamini2 #ulta21daysofbeauty

Они омолодили весь инстаграм! | Foreo, Nuface, Gezatone


Подробнее про системы Rehau по ссылке: 🤍 Домашние микротоковые аппараты улучшают цвет лица, убирают отеки, разглаживают морщины и не уступают профессиональным процедурам в салонах красоты. Их расхваливают звезды и блогеры: от Иды Галич до Ким Кардашьян. Но в чем секрет этих гаджетов? Как они работают и что делают с кожей на самом деле? Расследуем в этом видео. Спасибо за комментарий! Елена Умнова, врач дерматолог, косметолог: 🤍 Сергей Поправкин, заместитель руководителя испытательной лаборатории по направлению электромагнитной совместимости. Испытательная лаборатория "Тестсертифико": 🤍 ИЩИ МЕНЯ ЗДЕСЬ: Мой личный ТГ канал #ПроектШмеля: 🤍 Мой телеграм канал с подборками вещей с Алиэкспресс: 🤍 Мой ТикТок: 🤍



♥ Zostaw łapkę w górę jeśli film Ci się podobał! ♥ Subskrybuj mój kanał i bądź na bieżąco z wszystkimi filmami. Które urządzenie FOREO wybrać? Jak używać FOREO LUNA 3, FOREO UFO, FOREO BEAR? Jak skutecznie oczyścić skórę soniczną szczoteczką FOREO oraz jakie efekty na skórze daje? Jak wykonać zabieg elektryczną maseczką Foreo UFO? Jak wykonać zabieg urządzeniem Foreo BEAR? I co najważniejsze - czy naprawdę warto te urządzenia kupić? Odpowiedzi na wszystkie pytania oraz moją szczerą opinię i wrażenia znajdziecie w filmiku! W filmie mówię o urządzeniach FOREO LUNA 3 FOREO UFO FOREO BEAR SOCIAL MEDIA: ♥ FACEBOOK 🤍 ♥ INSTAGRAM 🤍 —————— ✉ EMAIL: Współpraca/Business Enquiries: dominikagawlik🤍 —————— Masz jakieś pytanie? Napisz w komentarzu pod filmem! —————— Dziękuje za oglądanie ♥

Cum folosesc FOREO? (Chiar si dupa un an de utilizare)


Sper ca v-a fost de ajutor! See you next time, hugs! Ma gasiti: Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Produse folosite: Foreo: 🤍 Apa micelara Nivea: 🤍 Gel de curatare Bioten: 🤍 Toner Apidava: 🤍 Crema de noapte Distillery: 🤍 Apa termala Avene: 🤍

Valgono La Spesa?? Provo Foreo Luna 3 & UFO 2 Per Un Mese | Giulia Bencich


Provo per un mese tutti i giorni i dispositivi di Foreo Luna 3 & UFO 2. Vi parlo di tutte le caratteristiche svelandovi come usarli al meglio e vi dico se secondo me vale la pena acquistarli oppure no. Qui la lista di tutti gli sconti del black friday: 🤍 ACQUISTA FOREO QUI: Foreo sconti fino al 35% 🤍 Douglas sconti fino al 35% 🤍 Sephora fino al 35% 🤍 Look Fantastic 🤍 Amazon fino al 35% 🤍 LE MIE MASCHERE PREFERITE Acay Berry Glow Addict Make My Day Cannabis Seed Oil H2Overdose - PRODOTTI MENZIONATI Foreo Luna 3 🤍 Foreo UFO 2 🤍 - CODICI SCONTO Neve Cosmetics 10% su tutto (anche i prodotti in promo), codice "GIULIAB10" 🤍 MAQUIBEAUTY 10% con il codice "MAQUIGIULIA" 🤍 La Rosa Canina 15%, codice "GIU15%" 🤍 Piteraq 10% su tutto, codice "GIULIABE" 🤍 - SEGUIMI SU: Instagram 🤍 Blog 🤍 Facebook 🤍 Gruppo Facebook 🤍 Canale Vlog 🤍 - BUSINESS EMAIL giulia.bencich🤍 Questo video non è sponsorizzato | Alcuni dei link e codici sono affiliati. #ForeoLuna3 #ForeoUFO2 #ForeoBlackFriday #GiuliaBencich

JE TESTE FOREO (et il était temps...)


♡ Aujourd’hui: crashtest de la marque Foreo! Voici les produits utilisés en vidéo: LUNA 3 plus : 🤍 BEAR : 🤍 UFO 2 : 🤍 ♡ Ma marque de maquillage cruelty free Martine Cosmetics: 🤍 ♡ Mon webshop: 🤍 C O N T A C T : gaelle.garcia.diaz🤍 I N S T A G R A M : 🤍 T W I T T E R : 🤍

【超推薦!面會發光系列】【測試一周】 ft FOREO UFO 2 |90秒面膜|科技保養|家用美容儀|混合肌|有暗瘡又點?|Reviews【中字】豬事丁LORLOR


【超推薦,面會發光系列】【測試一周】 ft FOREO UFO 2 sweden 🇸🇪|90秒面膜|科技保養|家用美容儀|混合肌|有暗瘡又點?【中字】豬事丁LORLOR 本人肌膚:混合偏乾(冬),混合T油(夏) 今次因為實測一星期, 所以影片會較長哦~ 當時測試遇上出痘痘, 係好時機!!暗瘡肌都可以望下😂🤞🏻 * ‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧* Products in video: 1)Foreo UFO2 功能: -冷暖技術, 5 - 45度 -T-sonic 脈動技術 -高效面膜護理,只需2分鐘 -LED光波,各有不同功能 -APP 護理指導 -全機防水 You can purchase it directly from below link: 🤍 2) Foreo Make My Day Mask (Day1) 中度保濕 3) Foreo Green Tea Mask (Day2) 較為清爽,保濕一般 4) Foreo Call It A Night Mask (Day3) 保濕最好,較滋潤 5) Foreo Coconut Oil Mask (Day5) 中高保濕,較滋潤 6) Foreo Acai Berry Mask (Day6) 中高保濕,較滋潤 7) Foreo Bulgarian Rose Mask (Day7) 中高保濕 Foreo Mask 係經皮膚科醫生測試 + 無動物性測試,適合所有肌膚類型 每款面膜均不含:硫酸鹽月桂醇硫酸酯鈉(SLS)、月桂醇聚醚硫酸酯鈉 (SLES) 、對羥基苯甲酸鹽防腐劑、甲醛、甲醛釋放劑、鄰苯二甲酸 鹽、礦物油、視黃醇棕櫚酸酯、氧苯甲酮、煤焦油、對苯二酚、三氯 生和三氯卡班,合成香料含量小於1% 👍 希望透過YOUTUBE分享有趣東西 ~ * This is a sponsored video and I really recommend 👍 發自真心推薦! * ‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧* For any business inquiries, Welcome to email me directly loriskakaaaa🤍 My Instagram 🤍 * ‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧* ☺喜歡請按讚👍和SUBSCRIBE我吧:D 給我支持~! Thanks for watching:) If you like it please ''THUMB UP'' and Subscribe for any NEW Videos!:D Camera: Canon G7x Video Editing: Final Cut Pro BG Music: Bored by Lukrembo - 🤍

Foreo Espada & Foreo UFO 2 - Őszinte kozmetikus reagál | TP Makeup


Ha tetszett ez a videó, akkor kérlek ❣ iratkozz fel a csatornámra❣ és less rá a többi social media felületemre is❗⤵⤵⤵ TP MAKEUP Facebook oldal: 🤍 Facebook csoport: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 TikTok: 🤍TP Makeup Web: 🤍 ONLINE SMINKTANFOLYAM: 🤍 Bőrápolós videók: 🤍 Sminkes videók: 🤍 Színtípusok sorozat: 🤍 Testtípusok sorozat: 🤍



❤ SUBSKRYBUJ 🤍 aby nie ominąć nowych filmów ❤ ✔️ LINKI: : 🤍 Sprawdźcie, jakie rezultaty osiągnęłam po 7 dniach regularnego testowania sonicznej szczoteczki FOREO LUNA mini 3. Moja recenzja i kondycja skóry was zaskoczy! 🔎 ZNAJDŹ MNIE: sklep: 🤍 daily vlog: 🤍 fryzury: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 ✔️ POPRZEDNIE FILMY: FOREO KONTRA PODRÓBKA Z ALIEXPRESS 🤍 NIGHT SHOWER ROUTINE! 🚿ULUBIONE KOSMETYKI NA WIECZÓR 🤍 TEST: FOREO UFO!!! 😱 🤍 TEST NA ŻYWO: FOREO LUNA MINI 2 🤍 DEMAKIJAŻ! 💦MASECZKA, PIELĘGNACJA 💦 🤍 📱 Case na Twój telefon 🤍 💍 Moja kolekcja biżuterii 🤍 🎀 Kolekcja bluz i t-shirtów 🤍 💌 KONTAKT: e-mail stylizacje🤍 adres: StylizacjeTV WeWork, ul. Krucza 50 00-025 Warszawa #stylizacjeTV #pielegnacjacery #testnazywo

美容儀科學分析+試用!抗老回春變年輕? FOREO Bear mini/UFO/Luna 3+ Clarisonic Mia2 心得


觀望貴桑桑的美容儀,但覺得眼花撩亂不敢下手嗎? 讓我們來集科學的試用分析吧! 包含微電流按摩儀,面膜導入儀,洗臉機!離子型導入儀又是什麼? 影片商品: UFO 🤍 LUNA 3 🤍 BEAR mini 🤍 *台灣目前未上市 Clarisonic Mia: 拍完了卻發現廠商也關門大吉了lol 啊,根本一個時代的結束! 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 For commercial collaboration / 廠商合作與試用請洽:🤍



Ben Foreo ürünlerimi Sephora’dan almıştım , linki bırakıyorum: 🤍 UFO mini akıllı maske cihazını FOREO websitesinden incelemek isterseniz: 🤍 LUNA mini 3’ü FOREO websitesinden incelemek isterseniz: 🤍 Herkese selam! Cilt bakım rutinimi anlattığım bu videoda sivilce ve izlerinden kurtulmama yardım eden foreo luna mini 3 ve Ufo akıllı maske terapisini evde cilt bakımı kapsamında detaylıca inceleyip, gerçek yorumlarımı paylaştım. Muadil karşılaştırmasına da yer verdiğim videoda dediğim gibi, cildinize sürdüğünüz ürünlerin antibakteriyel olması en önemli özellik, lütfen buna dikkat ederek satın alın :) Haftada 1 yeni video yüklüyorum, yeni videolardan haberdar olmak için abone olmayı ve videolarımdan ilk siz haberdar olmak için zile 🔔 tıklamayı ve beğenmeyi unutmayın 👍 Benden çekmemi istediğiniz videoları ve yorumlarınızı aşağıya yazmayı unutmayın lütfen :) 🌐 Bana Ulaşın! Instagram'da Takip Edin! 👉🤍ozgeninsecimleri 🤍 ✉️ PR ve işbirlikleri için: ozgeninsecimleri🤍 İzlediğiniz için teşekkürler! Sevgiler Özge 🎥 İlginizi çekebilecek diğer videolarım 👉🏻: 15 DK’DA İŞ GÖRÜŞMESİNE HAZIRLANDIM! SAÇ & MAKYAJ & KIYAFET l İLK İŞ GÖRÜŞMEM 🤍 YENİ SEZON & İNDİRİMLİ DENEMELİ YAZ ALIŞVERİŞİM 2020 | Rahat ve Şık Kombinler & Öneriler 🤍 🤍 KARIN KASI VE GÖBEK ERİTME BESLENME PROGRAMIM | 7 CM İNCELTEN YEMEK VE SPOR RUTİNİM 🤍 2 HAFTADA KARIN KASI+GÖBEK ERİTME I Chloe Ting Abs Workout Challenge *SONUÇ İNANILMAZ* 🤍 biraz gerçekleri konuşalım 🤍 YENİ EV TURU! | 1+1 Öğrenci Evim🏡 | Koç Üniversitesi Yurt Alternatifi | 55 m2’lik Mutluluk🎉 🤍

【洗面機 買前必睇】確實有用嗎?使用技巧說明,香港有售型號推介|foreo 平貴型號有何分別?Philips Visapure Advanced 幼刷毛更好?敏感肌膚要留意|香港廣東話


洗面機大致可以分為兩類,一種係迴轉式,一種係震動式。迴轉式,因為佢係咁旋轉,令到洗面奶容易啲起泡就可以洗得乾淨啲,但係嗰啲刷毛用完之後要多啲時間等佢乾,乾得唔夠透,就好容易污糟,甚至會發霉。同埋因為佢不斷旋轉磨擦,好容易會耗損。如果唔想傷到自己皮膚,用完洗面機仲衰過用手洗面嘅話,建議就多啲換個刷頭。 震動式嘅洗面機呢就係用超音波嘅高速震動,清潔皮膚表面嘅污糟。係咪聽咗都唔知道乜嘢係超音波震動?其實簡單啲來講,就係佢嘅震動,可以清潔到皮膚更加深層嘅地方。因為多數佢嘅刷毛都係用矽膠,所以相對迴轉式嘅刷毛會柔和啲,冇咁容易刺激到皮膚之外,因為容易啲乾,所以都容易啲保養,冇咁容易污糟。 卒落塊面度嘅嘢,我諗冇人想佢嚡十十嘅⋯所以第二樣嘢係當然要留意刷毛嘅細緻程度,買之前最好摸一摸confirm下佢個觸感係唔係真係夠滑。盡量可以揀啲刷毛密集啲嘅,自然會柔軟少少。 ☛ 立即登記免費 anlander VIP 服務:🤍 ☛ 今次影片由「Anlander 好貨加」冠名贊助 智能家居系列:🤍 Android TV 教室:🤍 iPhone 教室:🤍 IP Camera 橫評系列:🤍 產品橫評:🤍 選購指南:🤍 追蹤 AD研究所 即時動態⬇︎ YouTube ☛ 🤍 Instagram ☛ 🤍 Facebook ☛ 🤍 我地橫評系列都係自費,連贊助產品都唔接受,所以橫評後產品都會賣出來幫補家計,入來望下睇下啦喂:🤍 主持:Aurora 撰稿:CLONG 拍攝:KAI 剪接:KAI #AD美容健康護理系列 #AD選購指南 #買前必看 #懶人包 #廣東話 #AD研究所 #洗面機

Upp till BEVIS och en tävling med FOREO!


I samarbete med FOREO: I min tidigare video med FOREO fick jag en kommentar om jag inte kunde visa skillnaden med att tvätta halva ansiktet med FOREO och halva ansiktet med enbart rengöring. Så här är videon när jag visar! Visste faktiskt inte själv att det skulle bli SÅ stor skillnad men detta är ännu ett bevis på varför jag verkligen älskar dessa produkter. Rabattkoden BIANCA20 ger 20% rabatt på hela FOREOs sortiment på, giltig 30/11-4/12. Här hittar ni erbjudandet: 🤍 Glöm inte heller julkalendern i hela december jag har nu har fått tjuvstarta den med en första lucka redan idag. Idag tävlar de ut tre stycken LUNA fofo! :) Mer information om tävlingen och för att tävla: 🤍

Care e treaba cu Foreo?


Astazi vorbim despre device-urile Foreo si de ce atata hype in jurul lor. Functioneaza sau nu? Sunt utile sau nu? Merita investitia? FOLLOW ME: Instagram: 🤍 Blog: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 * Unele linkuri pot fi linkuri de afiliere. Comentariile jignitoare atat la adresa autorului cat si la adresa persoanelor implicate in discutie in sectiunea de comentarii sunt moderate. * Este mentionat, acolo unde este cazul, daca videoclipul face parte dintr-un proiect de promovare al unui brand.

Microcorriente: 1 mes de usar diario el Foreo Bear. Fotos Before and After


Suscríbanse a mi canal, subo videos todos los Miércoles y Domingos ⬇️: 🤍  🤍Tanyts  Hago estos video del 🤍, porque me encanta todo el tema de belleza y bienestar, no gano absolutamente nada más que compartir mis experiencias y poder ayudar a alguien que esté en las mismas que yo! Microcorriente: 1 mes de usar diario el Foreo Bear. Fotos Before and After PRODUCTOS MENCIONADOS: ✅ Lifetrons: 🤍 ✅ Foreo Bear: (tiene el 30% de descuento ahorita) 🤍 ✅ Nuface: 🤍 Cualquier duda que tengan pueden contactarme en: Mail: tanytscamou🤍 instagram: tanyts Microcorriente: 1 mes de usar diario el Foreo Bear. Fotos Before and After

รีวิว เครื่องล้างหน้า FOREO LUNA 5 รุ่น


รีวิวเครื่องล้างหน้า FOREO LUNA 5 รุ่น - LUNA 3 PLUS ราคา 10,000 ฿ - LUNA 3 ราคา 8,900 ฿ - LUNA 2 ราคา 7,590 ฿ - LUNA mini 3 ราคา 5,800 ฿ - LUNA mini 3 ราคา 4,590 ฿ ใครสนใจสามารถซื้อได้ใน Link นี้เลยค่ะ 🤍 - ช่องทางการติดต่อ : E-mail:🤍 Instagram: nattha_beauty link Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: nattha x beauty link Facebook: 🤍

Review : FOREO UFO 2 | Treatment Dirumah Seperti Diklinik Kecantikan


Thank you for watching!! - FOREO UFO 2 Lazada : 🤍 Sephora : 🤍 FIND ME ON Instagram : 🤍danangwisnu Facebook : danang wisnu wardhana Email : Drgdanangwisnu🤍 Having oily acne prone skin. Large pore. Hiperpigmentation. Uneven skin tone Disclaimer Aku bukan dokter kulit, bukan skincare expert atau apapun yg bs mendiagnosa kulit km dgn ketepatan 100% Cuman cowok yg doyan nyobain skincare, dan kebetulan ada waktu buat belajar sedikit banyak ttg skincare, dan pengen sharing ama kamu. Info yg aku kasi di channel aku ini gak 100% error-free. Klo km nemu ada yg salah, atau pengen ngasi masukan, atau pengen diskusi, atau apapun itu, kolom komen terbuka lebar untukmu Thanx for your support Love, Pakdhe Danang ;)

FOREO LUNA 2 Review + Demo (bahasa) | suhaysalim


Thank you for watching! FIND ME ON: Instagram 🤍suhaysalim Email: suhaysalim12🤍 FOREO bisa dibeli di 🤍 See you!!

รีวิว FOREO UFO2 รุ่นใหม่ ต่างจากเดิมยังไง ใช้ดีมั้ย คุ้มมั้ย? | Kirari TV


รีวิว FOREO UFO2 รุ่นใหม่ล่าสุดมาแล้วจ้า ชิ้นนี้เห่อมาก ใช้ทุกวัน ปรับค่าได้เยอะ ช่วงเช้าจะใช้โหมด Cryo ลดหน้าบวม เวิร์คมาก! เย็นใช้โหมดมาสก์หน้า ใช้ทุกวันผิวเด้งจริง ซื้อมาก็ต้องใช้ให้คุ้มนะ รุ่นนี้ต่างจากเดิมยังไง ใช้ยังไง ดูรีวิวแบบละเอียด ได้ที่นี่เลย 📍พิกัด : Sephora ทุกสาขา และ Sephora Online จ้า #KirariGadget #FOREOufo #Foreo ♡ Blog : 🤍 ♡ Facebook : 🤍 ♡ Instagram : 🤍 ♡ Twitter : 🤍 ♡ Youtube : 🤍

Será que a foreo luna mini 2 funciona em maquiagem? 🤔🤔


Nesse vídeo testei a foreo em delineador #foreolunamini2

Curatarea si hidratarea tenului | Review FOREO LUNA mini 3


Descopera peria faciala FOREO LUNA mini 3: 🤍

花RM1,200敷个面膜?🙀 FOREO黑科技面膜仪值得买吗?FOREO UFO & UFO Mini Review 7天实测我来告诉你答案!| Sylvia Cing


花RM1,200敷个面膜?🙀 FOREO黑科技面膜仪值得买吗?7天实测我来告诉你答案!FOREO UFO & UFO Mini Review | Sylvia Cing 今天的影片来跟大家分享我使用这两台FOREO UFO和UFO Mini面膜仪的使用心得,心得分享纯属个人意见哦~ FOREO Sweden Lazada flagship store 🤍 『 𝐏𝐫𝐨𝐝𝐮𝐜𝐭𝐬 』 FOREO UFO RM1,251.00 🤍 FOREO UFO mini RM868.00 🤍 Resource 🤍 🤍 🤍 ☟ 𝐌𝐨𝐫𝐞 𝐒𝐲𝐥𝐯𝐢𝐚 ☟ Instagram ⇨ sylviacing_ 🤍 Facebook ⇨ 🤍 小红书 ⇨ SylviaCing 『 𝐅𝐀𝐐 』 ➭Camera: Canon EOS M50 🤍 ➭Lens: Canon EF-M 15-45mm ➭Vlog Camera: Canon PowerShot G7X Mark ii 🤍 ➭Editing: Final Cut Pro ➭Skin Type: Combination to oily 混油肌 『 𝐁𝐆𝐌 』 ✉ 𝐒𝐏𝐎𝐍𝐒𝐎𝐑𝐒𝐇𝐈𝐏/𝐂𝐎𝐋𝐋𝐀𝐁𝐎𝐑𝐀𝐓𝐈𝐎𝐍 ✉ If you are a company interested in collaborating with me or you have any products for me to try, please feel free to email me 🤍🤍 :) 𝘿𝙞𝙨𝙘𝙡𝙖𝙞𝙢𝙚𝙧 : The products are sponsored by FOREO Sweden, review is based on my own opinion. *Some links are affiliated, feel free to make purchase from the links if you feel comfortable as it does support maintaining my channel :) 这是一支和FOREO Sweden的合作影片 心得分享纯属个人意见 *有些网址是有回馈的但不影响购买价钱 如果你愿意可以从这些网址购买 有助于我维持这个频道哦 #FOREOSweden #FOREOUFO #FOREOUFOMini

Nova FOREO BEAR - a revolução fitness para o rosto!


FOREO BEAR é um dispositivo de tonificação facial completa, com microcorrente inteligente, que fortalece e dá firmeza, deixando a pele rejuvenescida e o rosto com contornos mais definidos. Vê mais em 🤍

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